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Suddenly someone knocked on Kangin’s car door harshly. Kangin quickly turned back, who the hell was it dare enough ruining his mood?? So he opened the window with anger that was ready to burst. The rumor about his bad temper really came to truth right now.

And it was Teuki.

“Sorry to disturb, but I want to pick my wife up. Yes, that lady, she’s married. To me.”


(Part 1; Part 2)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Hyukjae

“Aaargghh Hyung you’re making me crazy…!!” I messed my own hair up after we all arrived at his house, with Donghae already waiting there after work for a sudden family meeting (again). “Why couldn’t you just let him? Just a sweet little kiss, Hyung… And our lives would be in peace forever. But you ruined everything.”

“YA! If I were him I would just do the same, Monkey.” Saera patted my head with my sister’s magazine she found in the living room.

“Mwoya? Why did you follow your brothers calling me monkey??”

“You should thank God that you have Saera here, Lee Hyukjae. Otherwise I already slapped your stupid mouth!!!” Teuki Hyung suddenly exploded.

Silence. We, I, had never ever heard our Park Jungsoo raised his tone this high. Even Donghae who still knew nothing quickly left for the kitchen, pretending to have a drink in order to get away from a more severe problem.

My hyungnim still looked at me intensely. I didn’t know where did I find the strength for it, but I looked at him back, in the eyes, no fear. Saera pulled the edge of my jacket several times to stop me from making him angrier, but I ignored her. I knew that I might looked so arrogant and egoistic right now, but those were the real me. I was egoist, and this kind of situation just worsen it all.

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Caution: Contains religion-related theme. Please consider that you’ve been warned with this first before making hurtful comments (if in the end you’re not on the same idea as mine). But still, constructive critics are very welcome… and enjoy! Just enjoy! 😀


Written by Lolita Choi aka Park Yora

Starring: Choi Siwon

What does God create differences for?

Siwon closed his Bible after he read it—as usual before went to work—and put it in the shelf where a picture of smiling Yora, his fiancé was there also. He kissed that picture and smiled too. The more he read his Bible, the more he praised his God for creating every single thing in his thankful life. Because as for him, he believed that God creates differences so that everybody could learn how to appreciate that differences and live together in peace…

Ah! He got to go now, a training had him to Busan for a week. As a junior police officer, he should be proud because only two of his level were assigned to this special training. This should get him a promotion which he needed soon indeed to acquire more money for his wedding. Of course as an heir of his father’s company, he might not need to be afraid of getting money, but his pride always told him to finance his own needs rather than asked for his father’s. And that was what happened until now, and he hope, forever.

“Ya, Yesung-ah! Take care of the house while I’m not here!” he shouted to Yesung who was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

Yesung turned his face, “Yeah, of course! Ka (Go)!”

Siwon smiled to his enemy-friend. Hoped that he still could find this house when he was back. He then took his car’s key and went.



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“Because trust is the most important part of any relationship.”



Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: SJ’s Siwon


As a hidden girlfriend of an idol, an extra patience was needed when it comes to handle our smart netizens. Even just a small mistake wasn’t allowed to be made, well, if you didn’t want to be forced into a living hell. Really, I wasn’t exaggerating. Because later I would experience it myself, a total living hell created by just a ‘slight mistake’ I unintentionally made.

Today, my smartphone didn’t stop vibrating. I frowned, moreover when I saw that the only things came to my phone were only the twitter notifications. Curious, I quickly click the blue bird icon and what I read were just making me shock. To death.


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Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung



“Thanks, Yes!” said Yora after got off of my motorbike. Once again I offered myself to drop her by her hospital. Eventhough she engaged, eventhough she and her fiancé were my bestfriends, I just couldn’t help myself not to take care of her. Yora, Yora, Yora, why couldn’t I fell for other than you?


I hadn’t welcomed Yora for her thanking when this soft, angelic voice hit my ears. I turned my face, and I saw her. A girl, half-ran, came toward Yora with her waving hand.

“Shinae-ya, annyeong!” Yora greeted her friend back.

That girl smiled, “Annyeong!” she was now right before my eyes so I could examined her beauty better. Totally, a living work of art. Shoulder-length, straight, black hair along with porcelain-like skin, she was absolutely the Snow White who was out of the book to the real-life.

However, she must concern that a guy like me was looking at her, so she turned her face and greeted me too, “Ah, annyeonghaseyo…”

I nodded my head, smiling. Yora seemed to be surprise of me who was still there.

“What?” I asked her.

“I thought you were leaving.” Yora’s voice sounded a little bit irritated. Haah~ I could tell that she already smelled something fishy from the way I look at her friend. Girls and their intuition. But still, she was a girl with manners, so… “Ah, Shinae-ya, this is mine and Siwon’s bestfriend, Kim Jongwoon or we call him Yesung. Yes, this is Han Shinae, my college bestfriend, also a doctor here.”

“Annyeonghaseyo…” she bowed to me.


Yora crossed her hands, looking at me with a ‘satisfied enough?’ look. I stared her back, feeling offended. “Are you trying to shoo me?”

“Yes, Yes! Ka (go)!” she pressed my motorbike’s start button and start it for me. I was stunned. Really… Since when my super-girly bestfriend knew how to start a motorbike? I gotta tell Siwon about this.



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(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: SJ’s Siwon and Donghae


“Hmph, hihihi…” I really couldn’t stand not to chuckle upon reading my twitter’s timeline. It was a chaos, a funny chaos caused by only a ‘confessing tweet’. I, myself, just happened to be able to look up the twitter after these 2 hours when my timeline already flooded like this due to my work. Therefore at first I was clueless, before I finally found the ‘master tweet’ behind it all.


@eunsoosoo: See? I’ve told you SiHae is REAL. Cc: @HeA309 :p


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GOOD PERSON (song-fic)

Written by Lolita Choi

Starring: Kim Ryeowook


I saw her wet eyes today. Did you just cry? What happened? Did he hurt your heart? So many questions came up to my mind, but as always, I would never able to ask those to her. Nor even told her my feelings, eventhough I really couldn’t stand watching her painful expression just now.

“Here.” I handed her a cup of coffee I just bought from the nearest vending-machine, a cup of coffee which also filled with feelings I had been hiding. She always loved coffee, so I thought that it might able to help in cheered her up.

She raised her head, “Gomawo (Thanks),” she said while held the coffee cup with both her hands. “You’re a really good person, oppa.” She added with a smile.

I could only force a smile too at those words. Good person. Yeah, forever I could only be a good person to you. But nevermind, since as for me, you were the most precious person in the world…

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[THE SERIES/ENG] Lee Triplets VS Kim Boys – Part 2


(Part 1; Bahasa version)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Hyukjae


It’d been almost half a year we’d been in a relationship, me and Saera. We met in one musical project that handled by Ryeoru noona and Teuki Hyung’s event organizer company, in which I was the choreographer. She was a student of Sungmin (Sungmin once a music teacher before he was scouted to be a trainee from an artists agency) that was having an internship there. Actually I knew that at first she didn’t have any feelings for me, because her heart was all for her guitar teacher. Yeah, Sungmin. It was very obvious; her eyes, her attitude toward him, everybody can tell. Everybody, except Sungmin himself. Maybe I could be counted cheating on my own brother, but I was too in love with Saera that I finally used that unawareness of Sungmin to confess to Saera. As expected, she, at first, refused, but I also refused to give up until she finally accepted me. I was sure I would be able to make her forgot Sungmin and just love me instead. And, oh, she really had no idea that I knew about her feelings toward Sungmin.

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