06 Dec


Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung



“Thanks, Yes!” said Yora after got off of my motorbike. Once again I offered myself to drop her by her hospital. Eventhough she engaged, eventhough she and her fiancé were my bestfriends, I just couldn’t help myself not to take care of her. Yora, Yora, Yora, why couldn’t I fell for other than you?


I hadn’t welcomed Yora for her thanking when this soft, angelic voice hit my ears. I turned my face, and I saw her. A girl, half-ran, came toward Yora with her waving hand.

“Shinae-ya, annyeong!” Yora greeted her friend back.

That girl smiled, “Annyeong!” she was now right before my eyes so I could examined her beauty better. Totally, a living work of art. Shoulder-length, straight, black hair along with porcelain-like skin, she was absolutely the Snow White who was out of the book to the real-life.

However, she must concern that a guy like me was looking at her, so she turned her face and greeted me too, “Ah, annyeonghaseyo…”

I nodded my head, smiling. Yora seemed to be surprise of me who was still there.

“What?” I asked her.

“I thought you were leaving.” Yora’s voice sounded a little bit irritated. Haah~ I could tell that she already smelled something fishy from the way I look at her friend. Girls and their intuition. But still, she was a girl with manners, so… “Ah, Shinae-ya, this is mine and Siwon’s bestfriend, Kim Jongwoon or we call him Yesung. Yes, this is Han Shinae, my college bestfriend, also a doctor here.”

“Annyeonghaseyo…” she bowed to me.


Yora crossed her hands, looking at me with a ‘satisfied enough?’ look. I stared her back, feeling offended. “Are you trying to shoo me?”

“Yes, Yes! Ka (go)!” she pressed my motorbike’s start button and start it for me. I was stunned. Really… Since when my super-girly bestfriend knew how to start a motorbike? I gotta tell Siwon about this.



Han Shinae…

Was this what everybody called love at first sight? But with Yora too, I liked her as soon as I saw her in my 1st grade classroom back then in our high school days. Then what was the different?

Both were beautiful in their own way. Shinae with her shoulder-length, straight, black hair, while Yora was loyal with her long, wavy, dark-brown hair since high school—she just periodically changed the style. That was why, if I’d said that Shinae was Snow White, with her own physical traits and behavior, Yora more looked like Sleeping Beauty to me. Hey, how did I know so many princess names? Gosh, Yora really influenced me badly…

“I won’t give Han Shinae to you, so forget her.” Yora answered strictly when I asked her to match-make me with Shinae.

“W-Wae? Aish, Yora~ Do you want me to stuck on you for the rest of my life?”

I could feel Siwon, who was in the kitchen, quickly glared at me. Yora seemed to feel it to, so…

“Y-Ya! Of course I don’t. What are you thinking, babo? Aish~”

Once again I shocked, Yora never called anybody—especially me—with ‘babo’ before. She was an ultra-well-mannered girl!

“Siwon-ah~! Yora called me ‘babo’, what happened to her??”

“Ah, it was me.” Siwon walked from the kitchen while drinking a glass of water. “I taught her, there are sometimes a girl should be strict to some people, right? Especially guys, guy like you, for example.” He exchanged smile to Yora with hand around her shoulders. Bad influence, he stained my Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), noooo!!—jamkkanman, I even knew Sleeping Beauty’s real name? IGE MWOYA??

“What about the motorbike-starting-thing I’ve told you?”

“Ah, ne, I haven’t asked her too. Jagi-ya, you ride motorbike?”

“Ne? Ani, mollayo~ Jinjja molla. You know I can’t drive, neither motorbike nor car. Those are you guys’ job, aniji?” she answered softly, back to the normal Yora. Oh, yeah, Siwon and I urged her to always count on us to take her anywhere, it usually Siwon handled the car and I motorbike, though both of us knew how to drive both.

“But you started my motorbike last week, after introduced me to Shinae, at the hospital. Remember? How could you?”

“Aah~ That thing…” she started to remember. “I have eyes, Yes. I witness you start your motorbike almost everyday. So cut it out.” She continued strictly while walking toward Siwon’s room. “Ah, one more thing: stay-away-from-Han Shinae-full stop.” She added before closing Siwon’s room to take a nap like she always did here every weekend. One more thing of why I considered Yora as Sleeping Beauty: she always spared her time taking a nap, it was good for your skin, she said.



In the end, I kept managing to know Shinae myself, and she responded! Slowly but sure, our friendship was getting deeper and deeper. A sweet girl, not as girlie as Yora, but still I liked her. I’d told her that Yora was very negative about us, so we decided to keep it a secret. Until we finally officially in a relationship.

“Jagi-ya!” she called me as soon as I walked into the café where we planned to meet. I smiled to her. We had always like this, separately came, because we want nobody found out about us, especially our dear bestfriend, Yora. Were we bad for doing this? Well, she herself never told me why I should stay away from Shinae, so I wasn’t that wrong, right?

“How’s your day?” I asked while we were waiting for our meals.

She answered while playing with her straw, stirring it in her drink. Gosh, even this small thing made her look this cute! “I helped a woman gave birth. That was the first time for me, and it was very… wow. Before, I just knew that giving birth is a mom’s struggle between life and death, but I never really know what that really means. But now… I will just nod, yeah, moms rock!” she chuckled. I cuddled her lovingly. “How about you?”

“Me? Not too different from the other days, ticketing people, yeah, what do you expect from only a traffic policeman?” I laughed. She laughed too. “Now here they are, let’s eat first.” I said when our meals came.

We ate in a really beautiful ambience, as if we were the only people lived in this world. Not ‘this world’ where all of us lived, more like we had our own world where there were just us two. Was this what ‘dating’ felt? For nearly 6 years I decided to guard Yora—though she never asked me to—I’d forgot how it felt dating. I never got in a relationship with any girls within this time. Shinae was the first girl I fell for after Yora, but to it ironic fate, this time Yora forbid us got along. But I’d decided not to care, I tried so hard not to care, because it was for her goodness too, I couldn’t burden her with my feelings no more, when her wedding bell nearly rang like now.

“Here we are.” I stopped my motorbike in front of her house, dropping her back home. She got off and returned me the helmet. I would only go after I witnessed her entered her house safely, but to my surprise, instead of turned her back and walked into her house, she just stand still in front of it, with her face down. I touched her cheek, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Umm… wanna come in? No one’s home, actually…” she asked shyly. I was puzzled at first, but then I chuckled. Yeah yeah, looked like my good girl gone bad this time. And to her bad (or good?) fortune, she was asking a correct person for I had always been a bad boy for my entire life, well, before Yora stepped into it.

And… everything always started from kissing, everybody knew that. And as for us, it already started as soon as I locked her house’s door behind me. Small, cherry-flavored lips yet it didn’t stop her kissing mine. I let her lead, it was her house, anyways. We kept ‘playing’ behind the door, in a standing position, until her hands slowly but sure unbuttoned my uniform shirt. Well, standing would be very inconvenient, right?

“And where’s your room?” I whispered on her ear, in the middle of my tongue-service on it.

“Just take me… wherever…”

I smiled before carrying her—not bridal style, but like carrying a toddler, just like in one of the scene in the movie The Notebook starring Ryan Gosling (and now I knew a melodrama like this? Even along with the actor?? Oh my, this was Yora too, I swear), when he and the leading female role reunited their love with a passionate kissing scene in the middle of the rain. And now we were exactly like that, full of French-kisses, until we reached the nearest bedroom. I kicked the door, we were too absorbed in our own pleasure that we didn’t even care that we weren’t using any protection, or that we were doing it in the master bedroom, her parents’. Or that it was—as Yora and Siwon always said—a sin (sin? What sin! They were just too old-fashioned! *author: may God bless you, Yes :p*). And as for me, though I might not have any actual experience in this due to my absence from man-woman relationship since six years ago, but that didn’t mean I was also that clueless. Well, at the very least, for this kind of thingy men had this so called ‘instinct’, right?




“Shinae-ya, Shinae-ya, what’s wrong with you? Ya, ya, aish~” I saw Yora locked her cellphone and threw it to the sofa uneasily after phonecalled her bestfriend.

“What happened?” I took a place beside her on the sofa in mine and Siwon’s house.

She locked her pink BlackBerry Onyx first before answering, “Shinae, she hung up my phonecall just like that only after I said that I am now waiting for Siwon in your house, and you are with me. She’s been acting strange too these couple of weeks, everyday she would ask me how I go to work. And everytime I said it was you dropped me by, she would straightly leave me and not wanting to talk to me again for the whole day. She never acted like that before…” she got up from her seat hurriedly, heading to the kitchen. As always when she was feeling mad, she would do cooking. Very the-super-girlie-Yora.

She started collecting every ingredient she could find in our fridge. Her favorite broccolis, tomatoes, well, actually all veggies were her favorite, though. Eggs, kimchi… but suddenly she stopped, still holding the opened fridge’s door.

“Wait, you didn’t do anything to her, right?” She spoke and turned around. “Because I think she hates you, that’s why everytime I bring out a topic of you, she doesn’t seem to like it. Yeah, Yes, she hates you.” Yora came to a conclusion. She nodded her head, like very satisfied of what she said herself. “But hey, why would she?”

“She doesn’t hate me, bestfriend. She can’t be.” I chuckled. “How could she hate me when last night we even still made out—woops!” I closed my mouth quickly because of my stupidity for spilling about my backstreet relationship to Yora.

Oh gosh, she glared sooo scarily.

“You guys WHAT? Made out? That passionate-physical-contact MADE OUT?” she was now approaching me after closed the fridge’s door harshly. “Soljikhi malhaebwa (Tell me the truth), Yes. You’re in a relationship with her??”

I really couldn’t hide anything from my doctor bestfriend.

“Now the mists are clear. She is now avoiding me because of you. Oh God, Yes, I’ve told you to stay away from her, I didn’t do it for no reason. I knew everything would turn out like this. Oh God…”

“What is it actually about, Yora? Geez, you always told me to back off but never gave a proper explanation. Didn’t you know about the reverse law? The more people are told to avoid something, the more likely they would do the thing.”

She sighed, “Shinae is overprotective, to everything. Though she really is a good girl, but she wouldn’t let anyone touching her favorite stuffs, even only her small mirror. And a boyfriend is more than a ‘favorite stuff’, right? She could be very insane, I’m telling you, eventhough—once again—she really is a good girl. That’s why I don’t want her to hate me just because you are close to me. I love you guys so much, I don’t want any of you to leave me…”

“But Yora, I love her. I love her, she is the first girl I am able to love after these six years I have loved you for nothing!”

She looked very shocked hearing my words, “You didn’t love me for nothing, Yes. Nado neol saranghajanha (I love you too, you know it)…”

I chuckled and murmured, “As a friend, yeah.”

“Nan eottokhae (what should I do)? She is also my first girl, Yes… You know I never really had a girl friend since high school, right? She is the first and only one I have…” she started to sob.

I looked at her crying with memories that were slowly flowing in my brain about our high school. During the time, indeed there wasn’t any girl so close to her. Almost all said that they were hesitate because Yora always had me around since 1st grade, that Yora looked so ‘exclusive’ with me claimed to be her ‘bodyguard’, in addition of her ‘queen’ attitude and intelligence. All of them gotten worse when she and Siwon became a couple, how that much girls that at first adore her suddenly became antis, yet Yora never showed her sadness of her lacking in what so called ‘girl friend’. I thought everything was just fine, I never thought that for a girl, the presence of a girl friend was this important

“Here, come here.” I finally embraced her. “Ssshh, everything will be just fine, I’ll find a way for it. I’ll definitely do, dear bestfriend…”

I really should talk and clear this problem with Shinae soon.




Night on the same day, Shinae’s house,

“I bet your parents really love travelling, don’t they? That they never realize that it is so dangerous for a young lady like their daughter to be left alone so often…” I whispered to her who were sitting next to me in this living room. I could hear her chuckling before she decided to give a slight kiss on my cheek.

“Well, isn’t it an advantage for you? Don’t deny it, Mr. Policeman.” She answered me with a whisper too, so playful. I messed her hair up, realizing how cute she was (and how true were her words hahaha). She was still chuckling there, seemed to really enjoy my compassion. Ah… we were always so full of love just like now. Never in our about 3 months history there was even a single fight. But… ah right, wasn’t there something I want to talk to her, the reason I came over today? Yeah, about her and Yora. How could I forget?

“Hey, I heard from Yora that you’re avoid—“

“Stop talking about her, oppa!” she suddenly raised her voice while getting up from the sofa. “Admit it that you’re still in love with her, right? AM I RIGHT?”

I really couldn’t believe her sudden reaction, the sudden change in the way she talked. Where was the earlier sweet Shinae, my girlfriend I was talking to not more than 2 minutes ago?? “What do you mean? I haven’t even said anything, Jagi!”

“You’re mine, you’re mine! Oppa is mine!” she was now screaming hysterically. “I won’t let even my bestfriend steal you from me! Yora is not even worth to be called bestfriend for she still can’t even understand me and keep clinging around you!”

“It’s not her clinging around me—it’s me clinging around her!!” I quickly yelled back at my hysteric girl that time. She suddenly stopped with a very painful expression upon hearing it, like she never expected that answer from me. I, too, just realized what I had said—just a slip of tongue!, and what was the impact for this girl that love me the most. But due to my pride… in the end I just muttered, “…and I’m not just one of your stuffs. You don’t own me.”

A quick silence, until she finally said, “Then… it’s right, isn’t it? You just admit yourself that YOU STILL LOVE HER!!”

Up to this time, I never knew that just a slip of tongue from a guy combined with an overprotective girl, were able to change their whole sweet relationship into a fatal war in no more than 5 minutes.



Korea University Hospital, a week after

Shinae coincidentally bumped into Yora at the hospital while they were doing their job as intern doctors. At first, considering their ‘cold war’ for the last one week, Yora just passed her by calmly like they were two strangers. Yeah, instead of reconciling their friendship or forgiving each other, after the revelation of truth about the reason Shinae avoided Yora all this time (which is because of Yesung), their bond turned out worsen. Yora did apologize, but Shinae seemed to not care. Her relationship with Yesung had already shattered, and in her mind, this girl was the sole reason.

And as for Yora, no matter how kind or how patient of a girl she was, when someone just keep ignoring you without even a single word of ‘why’ for all-week-long, you wouldn’t ever stand. She finally gave up, she was very hurt and disappointed at how Shinae acted so childishly regarding this matter, at how Shinae could even easily abandon her, her very own bestfriend for years since college, just for a guy she’d only been knowing for not more than half-a-year! Yesung himself always managed to get away everytime Yora asked about the current state of his relationship with Shinae. However, since he still acted casually toward her just like the usual Yesung, Yora didn’t really mind about any other thing. At the very least, one of her bestfriends still able in keeping his head working, not just his ego.

But out of the sudden, Shinae stopped just right after Yora passed her in that hospital’s lobby. It had been a week, and there was no other way for her relationship with Yesung to be resolved. And those all, were mainly, only, because of this woman. “I hate you.” She said in a cold manner, without even felt the need to turn back and facing Yora.

The other girl also quickly stopped walking upon hearing the words. She was shock at first, but maybe due to her huge disappointment in her own bestfriend, unsure, she finally decided to reply without turning back too, “So do I.”

Yesung that was just arrived at the hospital’s lobby to find Shinae and resolve all matters that-needed-to-be-resolved between him, her, and their bestfriend—Yora—after a long time of thinking suddenly stopped too when he saw those girls. Oh no, he said to himself, I am late. Didn’t matter about what Shinae said, because Yesung knew exactly how bubbly she was, Shinae was a type of girl that would easily say everything that came to her mind without much thought, that really didn’t matter. Instead, this was about Yora… She was just the opposite to Shinae. So when he now heard her so coldly said she hated someone, moreover her own bestfriend, that was just… bad. A war between two bestfriends had just begun… and that was all because of him??




Ok, what a weird story -.- I don’t even know whether I will continue this or not (eventhough the storyline itself really told that I should make one hahaha :p) Anyways, just enjoy. And oh, it was written in English because I have made this a loooong time ago when I was still active in an SJ’s international forum, but unfortunately, just able to be finished now -.-


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  1. lolita309

    December 6, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    lagi-lagi karya yang gantung dan ga jelas juntrungannya ya… hyahahaha maaf kan saya ><
    oia, dan menistakan satu orang lagi *lirik kanan-kiri* untung ga ada tokoh asli buat shinae… kkkk :p

  2. ms.o

    December 8, 2011 at 2:10 am

    annyeong eonni….^^
    beneran deh, tak kirain ini cerita bakalan jadi cerita yang hepi end, Yes yang akhirnya dapet pasangan, g stuck on Yora,,eehh, ternyata…
    malah Yes yang jadi penyebab 2 cewek yang tadinya bestfriend, jadi enemy banget…
    Shinae segitu over nya ya? padahal juga tau kalo Yora n Yes itu BESTFRIEND,,,aneh itu cewek satu…

    trus akhirnya, jadi nggak Yes sama Shinae? apa malah jadi ngegantung?

    • lolita309

      December 8, 2011 at 8:34 am


      hehehe, begitulah… saya sepertinya suka bikin cerita2 geje ya? -.-
      ho-oh shinae emang segitunya, mungkin insting cewek juga kali ya, buktinya bener kan ternyata yesung masih ada rasa sama Yora… tp tenang aja, nanti akhirnya mereka bakal bareng2 kok, biarpun aku juga belum kepikiran gimana prosesnya hahaha :p

      tapi kalo disini, selama seminggu abis ribut itu, ceritanya Yesung sama Shinae emang gantung kayak vakum, makanya Shinae tambah benci sama Yora. dan begitu yesung mau nyelesain, eh udah telat, keburu musuhan itu cewek dua -.-

      makasi sayaang uda baca 😀

  3. oepieck

    December 11, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    yesung… gitu”in anak orang… o.O
    ah, tapi shinae-nya juga yg mancing”

    baru nyadar betapa jlebnya mencintai selama 6 tahun tapi gak dibales”, pas ketemu yang lain malah dilarang. Sekarang tu 2 cwe malah berantem. Oh tidak.

    semoga mereka mendapatkan apa yang mreka mau msing”

    eonni… gimana naskah”nya? (yg dikirimin k pnrbit) 😀

    • lolita309

      December 14, 2011 at 8:19 pm

      buhahaha, itu hanya bumbu, jangan dijadikan highlight cerita ya kkkkk :p

      yup, jleb banget kayanya jadi yesung, lebih jleb lagi karena teteeep aja uda punya cewe tapi masih ga bisa lepas dari bayangan cinta lama -.-

      amiiiinnn, btw emang masing2 maunya apa ya? hahaha #PLAK

      masih nunggu, sayang… belum ada kabar. doain aja ya 🙂

      • oepieck

        December 15, 2011 at 7:21 pm

        hehehe…. iya tu yesung
        tapi kayaknya dia cocok banget meranin orang yang cintanya bertepuk sebelah tangan, kkk~

        sip eonni, pasti aku do’ain 🙂
        oh iya, aku promosi blog ini ama temenku loh… 😀


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