26 Jun


Suddenly someone knocked on Kangin’s car door harshly. Kangin quickly turned back, who the hell was it dare enough ruining his mood?? So he opened the window with anger that was ready to burst. The rumor about his bad temper really came to truth right now.

And it was Teuki.

“Sorry to disturb, but I want to pick my wife up. Yes, that lady, she’s married. To me.”


(Part 1; Part 2)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Hyukjae

“Aaargghh Hyung you’re making me crazy…!!” I messed my own hair up after we all arrived at his house, with Donghae already waiting there after work for a sudden family meeting (again). “Why couldn’t you just let him? Just a sweet little kiss, Hyung… And our lives would be in peace forever. But you ruined everything.”

“YA! If I were him I would just do the same, Monkey.” Saera patted my head with my sister’s magazine she found in the living room.

“Mwoya? Why did you follow your brothers calling me monkey??”

“You should thank God that you have Saera here, Lee Hyukjae. Otherwise I already slapped your stupid mouth!!!” Teuki Hyung suddenly exploded.

Silence. We, I, had never ever heard our Park Jungsoo raised his tone this high. Even Donghae who still knew nothing quickly left for the kitchen, pretending to have a drink in order to get away from a more severe problem.

My hyungnim still looked at me intensely. I didn’t know where did I find the strength for it, but I looked at him back, in the eyes, no fear. Saera pulled the edge of my jacket several times to stop me from making him angrier, but I ignored her. I knew that I might looked so arrogant and egoistic right now, but those were the real me. I was egoist, and this kind of situation just worsen it all.

“Geumanhaja, yeobo-ya. You’ve scared them. I’m okay, it’s okay.” Suddenly my noona said while hugging his husband to calm him.

“Just so you know that you nearly destroyed our marriage back then, Lee Hyukjae.” Teuki Hyung still coldly said to me.

I giggled, “I know you won’t leave my sister easily like that, Park Jungsoo.”

“Hyuk-ah, stop.” My sister tried to stop me.

But I kept on, “…and neither will noona, she won’t easily leave you just because a guy like him. I’m praising you here, though.”

“HYUK-AH!” She finally shouted. “Yeobo, let’s take a walk for a while. Let them solve their own problem here. And Saera, make sure your boyfriend cold up his head when we got home.”

They then walked together, hand-in-hand toward the door. Saera straightly scolded me for my bad attitude toward my own in-law, but I didn’t listen that much. At that time, my sister and her husband were nearly leave the house when suddenly Teuki hyung turned with a confused look,

“Jamkkan… Why is it we that have to leave? This is my house, anyways…”

Both Saera and I quickly stopped debating. We both exchanged looks, then… “HAHAHA!”

“Yaa, oppa!” Saera pulled the edge of my jacket again—maybe afraid that this laughter would worsen the situation. I nodded, trying so hard to control. Although in the end… again laughter bursted out just like that. I swear, his look was so stupid! Really, at first, considering our tense atmosphere back then, I decided to resist this funny feeling inside me, but in fact my mouth couldn’t even compromise!

“YAA!” He now shouted, I think he just found out that actually I laughed at him. Babo. #plak

I giggled, “Oops, sorry hyung! It’s just no matter how hard you’ve tried to be serious… oh God, with this comedian level of foolishness, I wonder how your company can be as big as now.” I shook my head, kidding.

And I think he understood because in just a matter of seconds he already chuckled thinking of it himself, and finally couldn’t stand not to laugh with us too. Laughter was contagious, no? “Hahaha, you think you’re not a comedian too, Lee Hyukjae? Hah, jinjja. I never thought that scolding on people could be this hard. No wonder my employees, including you, always make fun of me everytime. Jeongmal, my pride as the Sajang-nim…” He muttered.

“Okay, geuman, geuman. Now everything’s over, right? Hyukie, apologize to your hyungnim, and yeobo, forgive him.” Ryeoru noona pulled our hands while smiled. Giggling, I finally put down my ego and asked for his forgiveness first. Teuki hyung smiled while pulled my hand and hugged me brotherly. Everybody sighed of happiness. Really, that was really the first time in our family’s history to have such a cheerful Park Jungsoo that mad. And once was enough, I swore I wouldn’t dare make him made again, he was scary, really.

“And now, what should we do after all the mess you’ve created, hyung?” I asked when we all had sat together again.

He quickly scolded me, “Don’t start again, Hyukie.”

Drrt~ Drrrtt~

“Wait, wait.” Suddenly Saera spoke while opening the flip of her cellphone. “Kangin oppa.”

Sudden silence.

“Answer it.” Teuki hyung instructed her coldly.

“But hyung—”

“Be gentle, Hyukie. Against him face to face, as a man. You can’t forever hide and make your siblings suffer one by one.” He looked at me right in the eyes.

I could only put my face down.

“Go for it, Saera.” My hyung told her again. She nodded slowly.

“Yeobo… seyo?” She greeted her older brother unsurely. “W-What?? Wait, oppa, wait! Wait—” she said before pulled her cellphone away from her ear with a shocked expression.

“What? What happened? Did he hang up?” We quickly stared at Saera for more explanation.

“Yeah… And he… wants to meet you guys three ASAP… for a fight just like the old days.”

Oh… crap.


Jjajan~ And here we were, on a large open basketball court beside the Kims’ residence, making two lines of siblings facing each other’s side, ready to confront. My triplets was in full formation (Sungmin especially ran from his dorm without his trainer knowing as soon as I told him that Kim VS Lee war was about to begin again), and plus we had an hostage here, beautiful hostage who voluntarily hostaging herself: my Saera. While on the other side, there were four grown-up men in total in front us now: the Heechul one, Kangin, and a pair of very unidentical twins, Kibum and Ryeowook.

But… four? Weren’t there 5 Kim boys—

“YA, Yesung-ah, what’re you doing there?? Ollun iriwa!! (Come here fast!!)”

Until I finally realized that the missing one was Yesung, and he was standing up just outside the court line, exactly between the two formations like announcing his neutrality without even had to say anything. His brothers kept barking nonstop for him to come and help them, but Yesung insisted on shaking his (big) head.

“Very sorry guys, I can’t! Sorry, SOOOO SORRY! I am neutral, but I promise I’ll still be here until the end to watch you guys… MIAN~!”


“Good, oppa! Yesung oppa I love you~!”

Hearing that, Kangin quickly turned to Saera who was just cheering for his neutral oppa and shouted, “Neo do, KIM SAERA!! What are you doing there?? COME. BACK!”

Saera hugged my arm tightly, “NO! I’m on this side, I’m on my oppa’s side!!”




Really, for just about seconds, the thought to just cover my ears really came to me. I never thought that I’d be this weak—well, I didn’t know whether it could be considered ‘weak’ or not, but I just happened to not actually happy to see Saera insisted on staying beside me but on the other side had to against her own biological brothers. All this time, I never really notice that their relationship would be at stake just because of this past, childish problem, but to witness it all myself right now… I began to question my actions: should I continue this headstrong of mine? My pride to keep not wanting to apologize first, which in the end might have Saera hated her own brothers? But what about my triplets…?

“Wookie, yesterday Eunhyuk oppa have bought you the newest Happycall Pan just as you wish, right? Then why are you still there?” Saera started targeting each and every brother of hers that we eventually had ‘bribed’ in the past week.

Ryeowook just grinned awkwardly, which quickly changed when he saw Kangin’s scary face right before his eyes. “Kim Ryeowook…!”

“AAAAA~ Joisonghamnida, hyung! I’ll quickly returned the pan, really! Really!”

“Kibumie oppa do,” but Saera kept moving. “Haven’t we talked about this? You said you love me, but why don’t you support me? Heechul oppa do—“

“Stop threatening your brothers, Kim Saera!”

“I HATE YOU, Kangin oppa!!” for so long Saera had kept this emotion to her own self, indeed.  And now she screamed, I thought my tough Saera just already reached her limit, finally. Right away, it was a sudden silence for everybody. “It is all your own personal problem, right? But you insisted on having all my oppas on your side. It’s just you who are so egoistic from the beginning!! Heechul oppa, you’re the actual substitute for eomma and appa in our family, right? Whether I am allowed to be with Eunhyuk oppa, it’s all—“

“If I’m egoist, then what is that monkey??” Kangin cut his dongsaeng harshly. “Ask your super dearly boyfriend of what he did to me, he even sacrificed his own married sister just for his own sake! If that wasn’t egoistic then what is that???”

Saera almost bursted in tears, she squeezed the edge of my long sleeve without even realizing. Oh God, I just couldn’t stand any longer… Donghae-ya, Sungmin-ah, mian! “Sor—“


Before I could even finish my apology, a loud voice of something dropped suddenly came from my left side. I straightly turned, and there I found Donghae already knelt down with his head facing the Kims. He clenched his two fists tight, “Sorry.” He said with a loud yet husky voice, like it was very hard for him to actually speak. “That was all my fault. I am the one who suggested to use Ryeoru noona to fool you.”

“Donghae-ya, what’re you doing? Get up, geureojima (don’t be like that!)” I quickly grabbed his hand to have him get up. No, this is my problem. Don’t put your pride down just for me!

Instead he pushed me and kept talking to Kangin, “In fact, I am also the one, the only one that started the confrontation with you back in our 8th grade’s time, right? Geureonikka… yongseohaejwo (That’s why… please forgive me).” He said. “I’m sorry. Everything was just all about me, so please spare my brother. Let Eunhyuk be with your sister—“ he hung his words while clenching a tight fist again, “I… beg. I’m begging you. On bended knees.”

Quick silence. Everybody wondered, What is he doing? Is he—

“Does that mean you are surrending?” Kangin asked unsurely, raising his eyebrows.

Very hardly… Donghae nodded, “Yes. Hereby, I—“

“Hmph, ha—hahaha!”

Before suddenly a very intimidating laugh—evil laugh—was heared from the side of the Kims which caused Donghae to stop talking. All of us quickly looked at the source… the Kim’s eldest, Kim Heechul.

Soon, he stopped his laugh too when realizing that now, all eyes were on him—well, maybe except Sungmin who was now starting to giggle watching all of us. Heechul quickly changed his expression into pouting, “YA, Lee Sungmin, don’t just giggling over there, isn’t it your fault that you haven’t tell your brothers?”

Sungmin laughed, “Haha, sorry, sorry. I was just too busy these days, I couldn’t even make a single call to my mom!” He said, which Heechul straightly responded by shooking his head out of a playful disappointment. Sungmin giggled again, “Hey, it doesn’t look like you have tell your brothers either, Hyung.”


The pretty guy shrugged his shoulders,”I’ve told Kibum.”

Ha? What exactly were they— “H-Hey, jamkkan… What… exactly are you guys talking about, by the way…?” I finally asked out of curiosity. Everybody except Kibum quickly nodded as a form of agreement, including Donghae who was still kneeling.

Heechul stretched his arm toward Sungmin to let him explain. My older triplet nodded, fully understand. “Well, I think I’ve told you that I have plan to meet Heechul and talk to him, eldest-to-eldest?” He said while looking at us. Both Donghae and I nodded.

He smiled before turning to the Kims again. “And it turned out to be satisfactory. We have reached mutual understanding that it is very unwise of them to just ban Saera and Hyukie to be together just because of our problem. Precisely at that time, Heechul as the representative of the Kims gave his bless to them. We apparently have a lot of similar interests, right Hyung?^^”


“Y-YA, YA, Kim Heechul, what are you doing without even a single word from me??” Kangin quickly bursted in anger toward his own brother. “And you, Kim Kibum! So you’re dare backing out against me??”

While Kibum still seemed as calm as he usually was eventhough his brother yelled at him, Heechul slowly looked at Kangin with a very innocent look, “Well… apparently as Saera said, isn’t it ME who is the actual substitute of our parents while they’re away? You don’t have ANY rights in ANY thing, Youngwoon dear… Anyway you can still hate them, even shoo Hyukie away when I’m not home, but wouldn’t it be a little childish that you still do that eventhough Donghae has apologized? Fufufu,” he said casually, which quickly resulted in Kangin’s embarassment. His face gradually turned red, which I didn’t know whether it was because of the embarassment or his anger that had reached the very top of his head. Even I myself, still didn’t know how to react to all of these surprises! Had it really… over? Just like this…?

“Ah, geurae, Saera-honey, you may go with your boyriend now! Quick quick, have fun!” Heechul spoke again—shouted—while waving his hand (well, a bit dancing actually) to our side.

A big smile quickly formed on my girl’s beautiful face, “Jinjja-ya? Oh my God, I love you, oppa! Oppadeul, uri ppalli kaja, Eunhyuk oppa, kaja! We’ve been blessed!”

While Saera straightly dragged me too (“Just leave the rest to Heechul oppa!” She said when I hesitated after seeing the even-angrier-face of Kangin), Sungmin slowly made his steps toward our maknae who was still kneeling with his head down. He tapped Donghae’s shoulder, “Donghae-ya, get up. Get up, everything’s over now.”

Creepily, Donghae turned his head with a comical sad face, “Then actually… I shouldn’t have knelt AND begged, for it to be over…?”


2 days later,

“I began to wonder: is it actually okay if it ended like this?”

I ttakbam-ed Saera’s forehead, “Okay? Is Donghae’s having mental breakdown look okay to you?” I pointed at my gloomy brother on the sofa in our home’s living room. He was hugging—and sometimes even biting—a sofa pillow as a form of stress. It had been 2 days since the war between Lee VS Kim could be called ‘over’, yet he still muttering: “What did I do? I even knelt… Oh, why should I do that?? This is all because Sungmin! Oh my pride…”

Like that. Over and over again.

Eventhough I wasn’t completely agree that those all Sungmin’s fault—because he was right by saying that he was just too busy, what could you expect from an idol trainee?—but to see my own maknae, the roommate I even shared one bed with being this gloom, I just couldn’t help not to empathize. Poor him…

…But to think again, no one ever asked him to do so, to put down his pride and do as Kangin wish. He voluntarily did that, so… “It’s okay, let him be.” I finally said after (a short) thinking, while messing up my girlfriend’s bangs. Ooh, she was just so sweet today with her hair braided like that a la country girl!

“Ha?” She blankly responded, not care at all about her messy bangs I created. I remembered how Yora would even bite if there was someone dare enough touching her well-treated hair -.-

Ah, back to Saera again. I looked at her now compassionately, “Forget about Donghae, instead now it’s me who want to ask you: what’s the situation in your house now?” Kangin? I added, only to myself.

She quickly smiled hearing my question, and in no time the warmth of her hands had spread through every fingers of my right hand. She grabbed it tightly, yet softly. “I’ve told you that leaving the rest to Heechul oppa is the best decision to do. And it really is. I heared that even when Kangin oppa went nuts and threw every thing in the house as soon as they reached home that day, Heechul oppa seemed not to care. Even until now, when I can still hear BUG-BUG sound from his room–well, he’s a boxer, anyway. He’ll do boxing whenever he’s mad to express his anger –and making noise day and night, Heechul oppa keep acting like he’s deaf. Although it’s a bit uncomfortable, but yeah… all four of the younger kids including me still managed to live, anyway.”

I nodded while we continued walking outside the house (still in garden, by the way), “Well… whatever the side effects are, I think right now, the fact that we can still be together without any more resistance from anyone, that’s the important thing. Right?”


Saera hadn’t been able to respond me when again, Donghae’s sobbing voice was heared from inside the house, now even louder. And he even started to sing it in Why Have I Fallen For You melody from Tohoshinki!

“Eung… geulsse (maybe)…?” which resulted in again, an unsure answer from my girl regarding my last question. I glared. “Hehe, no, no, I mean: yes, that’s the most important thing.” She quickly corrected. I nodded twice, good girl… I said in my mind while caressing her silky hair, with a very big smile. These two days had been the happiest days in my life!

“Hey, but do you really think it’ll be okay if he continue like that? Directly or not, there’s our part in making him that depressed, right?”

I just laughed when circling my hands around her shoulders to brush off her worry, “Ssshh, gwaenchana. Sometimes someone should experience what mental breakdown is to be able to be stronger. He’ll cure in no time.”

…Right, Donghae-ya…?^^



Finally it ends…….!!!!! 😀

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  1. hwangminmi

    July 8, 2012 at 8:52 pm


    Yak, akhir yg menyedihkan utk donghae *pukpuk donghae* sama kangin ya *poke kangin* *ditinju* #eh

    Dan… kibum lewat .____.
    Gimana dong eonni, aku gasuka kibum lg~ (╥_╥) #ditabok

    Tapi ending ‘bahasa langit’ masih ditunggu ya eonni :3 *poke lolita eonni*



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