[THE SERIES/ENG] Lee Triplets VS Kim Boys – Part 2

17 Feb


(Part 1; Bahasa version)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Hyukjae


It’d been almost half a year we’d been in a relationship, me and Saera. We met in one musical project that handled by Ryeoru noona and Teuki Hyung’s event organizer company, in which I was the choreographer. She was a student of Sungmin (Sungmin once a music teacher before he was scouted to be a trainee from an artists agency) that was having an internship there. Actually I knew that at first she didn’t have any feelings for me, because her heart was all for her guitar teacher. Yeah, Sungmin. It was very obvious; her eyes, her attitude toward him, everybody can tell. Everybody, except Sungmin himself. Maybe I could be counted cheating on my own brother, but I was too in love with Saera that I finally used that unawareness of Sungmin to confess to Saera. As expected, she, at first, refused, but I also refused to give up until she finally accepted me. I was sure I would be able to make her forgot Sungmin and just love me instead. And, oh, she really had no idea that I knew about her feelings toward Sungmin.

And I was right, slowly but sure, she opened her heart for me. But when we started building a very good love-life, there came another obstacle for us. I’d been dropping her by her house after we had our date last month when she said that she wanted to introduce me to her brothers. I was happy that time—just like guys, when a girl wants to introduce you to her family, that means she also serious about the relationship, right? That was why, without any hesitation, I agreed, because I too really serious about her. But jjajan~ as soon as Kangin saw me, I straightly got a painful punch on the stomach.

I could actually punch him back, really, but as soon as I saw Saera’s face… she looked really shocked, I bet she didn’t know a thing about her brothers’ and our quarrel. So I held myself and straightly left like her brothers wanted me to, trying to find any ways to solve things out.

But even until now… I still unable to find that. I even unable to tell my siblings about it, about my meeting with our past enemies, because I didn’t want to start again our childhood quarrel! And now, eventually, one of our enemy siblings was my sister’s bestfriend? What kind of fate was it??

“So who’ll explain to me now: what happened between you guys before, huh?” Yora asked us—me and Yesung—after she had forced us to sit in the dining room with her fresh-baked cookies on the table as our snack.


“No one? Oppa?” she looked at me. I threw my face around. “Yes?” she turned to that boy now. ‘Yes’? From ‘Yesung’, she meant? Tsk, disgusting. But he looked like he couldn’t even refuse everything my sister wants, and slowly but sure, as expected, he started to surrender. Ha, definitely, positively, clearly he liked our Yora!

“He is enemy, Yora. They are enemies.” He said straightly. “We’ve been in a bad relationship since junior high. That’s it. Geumanhaja, jigeum (let’s stop talking about this, okay), just knowing that they are your brothers made me sick already. I think I’ll just ask Siwon home before not only this monkey I would be meeting.” He threw another disgusted look me. Gosh, this kid… Grrrr~

“Geurae, just get outta this house as soon as you can, BIG HEAD, it would’ve been better if you never come back here again. Go, now, shoo, shoo~ Don’t make me forced to shoo you harshly like your brother did to me.”

Instead of feeling offended, he laughed, “Ha, then you’ve met my brother? Nuguya? Kangin?” He looked down on me. Yeah, unlike Saera’s other siblings, Yesung didn’t live in the same house as them indeed, he rented a house with his bestfriend who was also Yora’s dear fiance, Siwon. That was why he never knew about me before we met here.

I still froze, which gave him more opportunities to keep his joke on me, “And what exactly is your purpose visiting my house, huh? Monkey?”

I glared, “That was none of your business!!”

“Enough!” Shouted Yora. “You two, sit.” She ordered us just like we were a couple of puppies, but what made it more stupid was that we were listening and straightly sit back! “Yes, wait for Siwon until he’s done, don’t you feel sorry for your bestfriend that he never been able to do his hobby due to his tons of job lately?” Yesung just nodded. Now Yora turned to me, “And oppa, I don’t know AND care about what was happened with you guys back in Japan, but this is Korea. And that was the past. And oppa is older, so can you just forgive and forget everything just like a hyung to his own dongsaeng? Jebal?” At first, it was so hard on me to just nod, but I’ve told you that Yora always made it easy for people to just grant her every wish. That was why I, in the end, nodded.

Yora smiled, “Now shake hands.” She pulled our hands just like that. We then (unwillingly) shook hands without looking at each other.

“Geurae, geureohke. Haah~ jeongmal haengbokhada (Yup, just like that. Haah~ how happy).” Said Yora while looking at us with a super-bright smile. “Geureom, meokjayo (then let’s eat)!! Here, while the cookies still warm, meogeo, meogeo (eat, eat). Ah oppa, how’s Saera? You guys just met-up, right? It’s been quite long she never visited here again.”

Yesung quickly reacted hearing Yora’s question, “Saera—nugu?”

“Saera, Hyukie oppa’s girlfriend. Ah geujyo, you have a yeodongsaeng named Saera too, right? Uwa~ what a coincidence! Or maybe they are merely a same person? Hihihi, how cute if that’s the truth.” *this girl really, really not realized she might start the World War III -__-*

Yesung glared on me deeply. While me, what I could do was just put my face down, really didn’t have the courage to look at him. Until…

“Yesung-ah, let’s home!” A deep voice of a man suddenly called him. All the three of us quickly turned to the door, and there we found Yora’s soon-to-be husband, Choi Siwon, entered the house with a smile. Yora straightly got up from her seat and gave him a hug.

“‘Home’, you said, huh?” She muttered while still hugging his waist. “Eversince you came today you were always in the basement with Teuki oppa and Sungmin oppa, and now you simply wanted to go home?”

Siwon laughed, “Mi. An. Hae.” He spelled. “But yes, I will straightly go home.” He pinched my sister’s nose. Yora pouted even more. “Hahaha, and when I said home, that means it requires you too, of course, to go with us, Jagi.”

“Ya, ya, ya, you guys haven’t even married yet and yet too, you always took my sister to your home, Siwon-ah.” Sungmin suddenly spoke as soon as he entered the house with our brother-in-law, Park Jungsoo or we always called him Teuki Hyung.

But the moment he took steps closer to where I was at, deja vu suddenly bursted. Just like what I did just then, he also shouted,

“Kim the third???!!”

Yesung could only sigh having his two enemies alone.

“Alright, alright, alright, I admit that I, at this age, have also thought that our quarrel in the past was just a kidsplay. Okay?” Yesung raised his two hands, like surrending in front of all of us.

“Okay, then you are our side now, right?” Donghae who just got back from his date with his girlfriend (or girlfriends?) about 10 minutes ago quickly responded with a grin.

Yesung glared at him. “Ya! I’ve told you I don’t do side! Having me neutral like this already difficult, don’t get me into anymore difficulties!” He shouted. Being scolded like that, Donghae’s sight just wandered, pretending not to hear anything. -___-

“So, so, what are your suggestions to solve this problem? Should we bribe your brothers or just against them men to men?” I demanded. Oh God, I was curious to death on how this former enemy would suggest what was best for us!

“Men to men… I don’t think so. Except you just want to win regardless of Saera…” He raised his shoulders. I definitely shook my head. Saera was my priority, even if I might choose, I would say that I didn’t even care about my siblings’ win/lose. He nodded. “Then bribing… Let’s see. You already got me neutral. About the twins… Ryeowook loves to cook, so maybe you and Saera could take him shopping and buy him everything he needs–”

Hearing that, I suddenly took my wallet and opened it. Oh my, T.T

“…about Kibum, he is so quiet that I don’t even know what is it that he likes. But as long as I live with him, he is the closest family member to Saera. You know, Saera loves talking while Kibum loves to listen, match.” He said. We just nodded.

“Then we should just ask Saera to talk to him personally. Deshou? (Right?)” I concluded.

“Sore. (That’s it.)” Yesung pointed me.

“Geureom, what about Hyukie’s biggest obstacles: Kangin and Heechul?” Sungmin asked.

It really took times for Yesung to think, “About Kangin and Heechul…”


“About Kangin and Heechul… Heechul hyung actually is very compassionate, he just like the substitute for our mom while she isn’t around,”

“Just like me…” Sungmin whispered, more to himself.

“…geuraeseo, maybe if you just show him your true intention for your relationship with our sister, SINCERELY, he might bless you right away. Just get him moved.” Yesung continued.

“But how? I mean, what can I do to make him moved?” I asked desperately. God, this is gonna be hard!

Yesung just shrugged his shoulders, “Molla~”

“Maybe I can help,” Sungmin raised his voice. “We, I mean Heechul and I, have the same role in being the substitute for our parents so maybe we also share the same feelings that could make us closer. We’ll talk about this later, Hyuk, along with Saera too. Yesung, please continue with Kangin.”

Both of me and Yesung nodded, “Then Kangin hyung… Well, this is hard. You guys know it too, right? His pride to always win…”

Sungmin, Donghae, and I exchanged looks, then nodded together. Yeah, we all knew it best.

“…demo, omaetachi dake ni tsutaeru (but, I will only tell you guys this thing),” He spoke in Japanese so that only three of us might understand. And fortunately Yora had successfully forced her fiance and Teuki Hyung to keep busy eating her cookies that they didn’t pay much attention to Yesung’s sudden language-changing. Realizing that, Yesung didn’t feel it was necessary to keep speaking Japanese, so he switched to Korean again.

“…Kangin’s only weakness, is a woman he really loves so much. And that woman, baro Park Ryeoru-ya (merely Park Ryeoru).”

All in the sudden, all the three people behind us turned with the same shocked looks.


“Baro na-ya???!!” My older sister screamed which made the entire office wanted to peek inside her work room.

“Ssstt, oh my, Noona! Can’t you low your voice a bit?” Geez, my sister and her stereo voice -___-.

“Okay!” She, now, whispered. “I mean, why me? I don’t even know him!”

“His brother said that this Kangin guy was your college hoobae, and he started to like you eversince.” Teuki Hyung took the explaining job, with stressing on the words ‘this Kangin guy’. Jealousy alert. -__-

“Sports Department.” I added.

“Kangin? Kangin… Kangin…” She took a remembrance. “Kangin… Ah, you mean, Kim Young… woon? That hoobae from Sports Department?”

“Ya! I’ve told you about that just then!” I exploded. Grrr~ this noona was really…

“Have you remembered yeobo?” Teuki hyung sounded a bit worry over his ‘opponent’.

“He once confessed to me, yeah…”

“And your answer was…” Teuki hyung asked.

She looked to his husband strangely, “What do you think? Of course I rejected him, babo-ya!”

“Alright, alright.” I stopped them before any worse marriage-couple war might happen. “Then will you do me a favor? I also want to ask for your permission here, hyung.”

Puppy eyes. Puppy eyes. Puppy eyes. I blinked cutely several times just to make sure they would say ‘yes’. Come on, come on… Doesn’t my aegyo look cute? *blinked blinked blinked* (Author: yaiks -__-)

They exchanged looks, and when Teuki hyung nodded (oh, my aegyo rocks! | Teuki: (¬_¬)), my sister answered, “Malhaebwa.”


Sunday morning. Bright, sunny day, a perfect day for a date! I was with Saera today, in a very beautiful cafe. But no, we weren’t dating. Instead, we were spying on other people’s date. Yeah, my sister Ryeoru, and her brother Kangin.

“Ya! Change the narration.” Teuki hyung suddenly showed up between us and joined on our spying. “As for me, it should be like:

Sunday morning. Bright, sunny day, a perfect day for a date! But why did I end up spying on my own wife’s date??”

Both me and Saera looked at him strangely (¬_¬).

“Geez, please be quiet, hyung. We can’t hear what they are talking!” I scolded him.

Saera quickly zipped our lips with her hands, “Ssstt~ you guys! I am listening now…”


Kangin and Ryeoru’s scene

“So, sunbae, what is it that you suddenly call me —after all this time—for a meet-up like this?” Kangin smiled to a pretty woman who sat in front of him while cutting his steak. Eunhyuk shocked, he was never, ever, seeing Kangin smiled. Furthermore, that sweet and compassionate ways! Girls’ impacts for guys really are jjang… -__-

Ryeoru giggled, “Ya, I am no longer your sunbae, just call me Ryeoru.” She corrected. Kangin kept smiling while looking at her. “Ani, museun il do anigo (no, nothing). It’s just yesterday, I just happened to know that your brother, Yesung, is my sister’s bestfriend since high school.”

“He is?” Kangin looked interested. Wow, Yesung, big thanks to you! he thought.

“Um.” Ryeoru responded. “Geureom, how are you?”

“Fine.” He answered. “Just got back from the military service. How about you?”

“Military service? Wow, no wonder you do look so steady.” She praised. Kangin blushed. Eunhyuk disgusted. Teuki felt like ruin their ‘date’ (?) But Saera held him. “About me? I’m fine too, thanks.”

Awkward. Ryeoru actually didn’t speak much, indeed, very unlike her husband. -.-

“Emm… How’s the food?” Kangin asked, breaking the silence.

“Oh? Yeah, good.” Ryeoru said while taking her juice glass.

Silence again. Ryeoru really didn’t know how to transfer that intention of Hyukie to Kangin, about his willingness to get Kangin’s bless in his relationship. Eunhyuk said that what she got to do was just tell him that his sister’s boyfriend, one of the Lee triplets, was her little brother, and he was a good guy, guaranteed. That’s it. But truthfully, Ryeoru really didn’t know how to start that topic. Really, really had no idea. Aarrghh~ Hyukie, you really made it hard for me…! Ryeoru thought.

Noticing the awkward situation that bursted between them again, Kangin then had an idea. “Movie. What about movie after this?”

Ryeoru was surprised, “Hm? Ah, oh, okay…”


“MWOYA?? They want to go to the theather too?? Aish Hyukie I really, really can’t handle it any longer. Let me screw—”

“HYUNG…” I qiuckly pulled his arm in order to prevent him from ruining that beautiful ambience between my sister and Kangin. No, not before her mission, my wish, is accomplished. *evil :p*

Teuki hyung put my hands off of him harshly, he looked really pissed. Saera looked at him, feeling sorry, but she really couldn’t do anything… I guessed what she thought as priority for now was only getting Kangin’s bless, just that. And I did feel the same.


Back to Kangin-Ryeoru’s scene

“Please.” Kangin opened his car’s door for Ryeoru while smiling to her. Ryeoru looked at him, feeling surprised.

No, no, your husband always do the same, right, Ryeoru? Don’t get too mesmerized with his actions! You can’t, you can’t! Ryeoru finally shook her head continously.

“Wae?” Kangin asked.

Ryeoru stopped, “Eung? Ani, ani.” She then straightly got in the car. Kangin closed the door, then half-ran toward the other door.

Drrrrt~ Drrrrtt~

Suddenly, Ryeoru’s cellphone vibrated. She quickly opened it. Text message, ‘Yeobo’?

Ya, married woman, don’t forget your true mission. Quickly execute that and go home!!

Giggling, Ryeoru replied,

Jealous, huh, ahjussi? Btw where r u?

She threw her sight around, and found Teuki’s white Audi right behind Kangin’s car, with Hyukie in the driver’s seat. Wow, they even follow us until here, Ryeoru thought.

Drrrt~ Drrrtt~

Ryeoru opened her cellphone again.

Found me? Well, I’ll make sure that you pay me tonight for making me jealous, creative division leader.

“Hmmph, hahaha~” Ryeoru finally couldn’t hold her laughter no more.

Kangin curiousedly looked at her, “What’s up?”

“No, nothing, just text.” She smiled to cover it.

Your will is my command, Sajang-nim. 😉 C u at home. xoxo

Ryeoru then inhaled and exhaled her breath several times before she ready to execute her true mission just like what his husband was reminding just then. To be honest, she was kind of ‘afraid’ of this manly man beside her. When they were in college, Kim Youngwoon was well-known for his temper. Actually that was also the other reason why she rejected his confession years ago. And now that little kid (read: Eunhyuk) wanted her to get involved with their bad relationship? NOOO~

“Ehm.” Ryeoru cleared her throat. Kangin turned his face just for a while because he was still concentrate in driving. “Youngwoon-ssi, I heard that you and Yesung also have a yeodongsaeng, right?”

“Geureom.” Kangin smiled while answering. Their one and only talented yeodongsaeng they always proud of (Saera mastered both flute and piano, and she could also play drum and guitar). “Kim Saera-rago. Waeyo? (Her name is Kim Saera. Why?)”

“Ani, geunyang (no, just), I also happened to know her. Such a little miss sunshine. Every place shall turn so brightly whenever she is around. Right?”

“Geurae, geurae.” Kangin supported. “Geundae, Ryeoru-ssi neun, Saera-ya eottohke arasseo? (But, how did you know Saera?)”

“We’ve met several times, she often come to my parents’ house, indeed.” She swallowed her saliva before continued, “…well, she’s my namdongsaeng’s girlfriend.”


Kangin stepped on his brake all in the sudden.

“Mwo-mworago?? That monkey—Lee Eunhyuk, I mean—is your brother??”

Ryeoru wasn’t even able to see his partner’s face. She just nodded slowly, “Well, all the triplets, actually. No need to ask why—I know you were wondering about our different surnames, right? Just… Eunhyuk, I just want to tell you that my brother is a good guy and I can guarantee that. He loves your sister so much and so does her, so why can’t you just let them? Ottaeyo?”

Kangin was drowned on his own thinking for some while. Actually, he still couldn’t like the idea of her sister pick his own enemy as her boyfriend. He meant, how could he accept that?? Their one AND only yeodongsaeng they’d always protected (though actually she didn’t need to be protected since she also learned martial art, Muaythai/kickboxing) was ‘stolen’ by an hyperactive-babo-monkey like him? IGE MWOYA??

But finally Kangin sighed. He already chose.

“Fine.” He said to Ryeoru. “Fine. In one condition,”

Ryeoru started to be frightened. She definitely, had a bad feeling about this. Bad, bad feeling. She didn’t even dare to ask what the condition is, afraid of her own fearness becoming true.

“…be my girl, Park Ryeoru. It’s been 3 years since we were collegemates, yet I still love you. Until now. Even until now.” He looked Ryeoru in the eyes.

There. Her feeling was right. Huwaaa~ eottohke hajyo?

Silence. Ryeoru really couldn’t speak a bit. Lee Hyukjae, I’ll definitely kill you, I’ll kill you~!

“Hahaha, I was kidding, Ryeoru-ssi.” Kangin finally laughed while messed Ryeoru’s hair up. “But about my feelings for you, that’s true. And my great desire to be with you, that’s also true. I love you so much I can’t… get you off…” Kangin started to pulled his face closer to Ryeoru’s, willing to taste his beloved girl’s pink lips. Ryeoru just sat still, really didn’t know what to do. She really wanted to refuse, but what if he got mad and canceled his decision to bless Hyukie and Saera?? More importantly, what if he got mad and did something even worse to her?? (In the end it’s all about her own sake, though -___-) “…of my mind–”


Suddenly someone knocked on Kangin’s car door harshly. Kangin quickly turned back, who the hell was it dare enough ruining his mood?? So he opened the window with anger that was ready to burst. The rumor about his bad temper really came to truth right now.

And it was Teuki.

“Sorry to disturb, but I want to pick my wife up. Yes, that lady, she’s married. To me.”




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16 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] Lee Triplets VS Kim Boys – Part 2

  1. hwangminmi

    January 7, 2011 at 1:05 pm

    akhirnya yang ini lanjut jg >.<
    kibum nya cuma numpang lewat doank , hiks hiks T^T
    nasib dah ~

    • lolita309

      January 7, 2011 at 1:22 pm

      hahaha iyaaa say maap yaa :p

      disini emang bukan ceritanya kibum~ masi lama itu, aku juga belum kepikiran sama sekali^^

      selamaat~ pertamax! 😀

    • hwangminmi

      January 8, 2011 at 12:03 pm

      haha iyaaa >.<

  2. Oepieck

    January 8, 2011 at 12:28 pm

    Onnie, akhirnya keluar juga, ye!!
    Eunhyuj vs Yesung dgn penengah Yora. Lucu juga, mereka manut banget ama yora. *ngakak pas eunhyuk ngatain yesung big head, huruf.a gedhe amat, wakakaka~* Alhamdulillah akhirnya mereka damai.
    Ryeowook jadi kayak disogok y? Kkkkk~
    hwa, penasaran ama yg kangin & heechul.
    Dtunggu lanjutannya! ^^

    • lolita309

      January 8, 2011 at 4:50 pm

      Hahaha, abis si yesung kan emang kepalanya gede, beda bgt ama tangannya *ditimpuk yesung shipper* :p
      Hehe, sebenernya aku blm puas sama part ini, soalnya cuma ngejar pgn posting ><
      InsyaAllah part berikutnya lebih panjang dan oke! Amin! Thanks sayang uda baca+komen 🙂

      • oepieck

        January 8, 2011 at 10:02 pm

        iya, aku jga kaget waktu tahu tangannya yesung kecil amat, *peace ya yesung!
        uke”. masama onn! ^^

  3. babyhae

    January 8, 2011 at 3:20 pm

    aah,,,keluar juga akhirnya^^

    udah penasaran nih,,,dan kaget juga Sungmin bereaksi sampe segitunya. ketenangannya langsung pecah begitu liat Yesung wkwkwkwk….seneng deh Sungmin berubah *dikit* hehehehe

    Bentar, Donghae with his girlfriend or girlfriendS ??? bwakakakakaka..beneran deh Lola-ssi…ngakak aku. di tengah-tengah suasana tegang, itu kalimat beneran bikin ngakak.

    Yesung pula langsung nyerah *2 vs 1* jelas dia kalah telak wkwkwk…suka sama yang ini

    expect the next chapter then^^ curious about Heechul and Kangin,,,the one who had punched Hyuk, unexpectedly at the first family meeting >.<

    ah, sorry for this long comment ^^;

    • lolita309

      January 8, 2011 at 4:54 pm

      Huaa gomawo~ lagi2 saya dikasih review, seneng deh 😀
      Hehe sebenernya masih blm puas sama part ini, makanya maaf yaa kalo hasilnya kurang memuaskan T.T
      Mudah2an part berikutnya bs lebih panjang dan oke, (amin)
      Gomawo lagi udah baca+komen^^

  4. wiehj

    January 10, 2011 at 11:04 pm

    sungmin bisa nerima klu saera jdian am hyukie??wahh,good hyung.. 🙂
    kug ga dicrtain cara hyukie deketin saera sh thor??kan seruu th liad hyukie ditolak saera trus dy nya ttep kekeuh (?) ngejar2 saera..hahahah XD
    kangin am heenim jdi yg paling susah ditaklukkan yah??ayoooo hyukie berjuang!!pasti bsa dpetin restu dr oppa2 nya saera..
    hati saera ajah bisa didptin , masa masalah yg ud lwad am kimboys ga bsa??ahahhaahah
    kug jdi kayak aq yg nentuin crta yah??wkwkwkwk.. mian yahh authorr -_-
    ditunggu lanjutannya !! dan yg ver indo nya byar lebi ngerti..hehheeh 😀

    • lolita309

      January 11, 2011 at 9:06 am

      hahaha, nanti deh diceritain yaa perjuangannya si kunyuk wkwkw~ ;p

      sipp, ini lagi proses translating~ setres saya padahal nulis-nulis sendiri… =.=

      doain aja yaa biar bisa cepet keluar lanjutan/versi indonya 🙂

  5. Azilaquiter

    February 21, 2011 at 2:31 pm

    OMO~ Wah, gak nyadar nih kalo ada update-annya. Maap maap

    HWa~ tu orang semua kalo udah gabung, rencananya gila semua.
    Haduh, kasian ryeoru onnie dijadiin tumbal. Kalo saya mah udah deg deg ser. mau dicium segala lagi.
    Ya ampun, di sini teukie gentle banget. tapi gimana nasibnya mereka???
    Lola onnie, penasaran!!!!

    *maap labil, stress ngerjain habis PRA UN b. indo

  6. Oepieck

    February 21, 2011 at 2:34 pm

    OMO~ Wah, gak nyadar nih kalo ada update-annya. Maap maap

    HWa~ tu orang semua kalo udah gabung, rencananya gila semua.
    Haduh, kasian ryeoru onnie dijadiin tumbal. Kalo saya mah udah deg deg ser. mau dicium segala lagi.
    Ya ampun, di sini teukie gentle banget. tapi gimana nasibnya mereka???
    Lola onnie, penasaran!!!!

    *maap labil, stress ngerjain habis PRA UN b. indo

    • lolita309

      February 21, 2011 at 3:31 pm

      hahaha, kapan lagi ya lanjutnya? saya juga ga yakin -.-

      doain aja ya sayang, makasi uda baca^^

      • oepieck

        February 21, 2011 at 5:33 pm

        masama onn, ^^


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