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Caution: Contains religion-related theme. Please consider that you’ve been warned with this first before making hurtful comments (if in the end you’re not on the same idea as mine). But still, constructive critics are very welcome… and enjoy! Just enjoy! 😀


Written by Lolita Choi aka Park Yora

Starring: Choi Siwon

What does God create differences for?

Siwon closed his Bible after he read it—as usual before went to work—and put it in the shelf where a picture of smiling Yora, his fiancé was there also. He kissed that picture and smiled too. The more he read his Bible, the more he praised his God for creating every single thing in his thankful life. Because as for him, he believed that God creates differences so that everybody could learn how to appreciate that differences and live together in peace…

Ah! He got to go now, a training had him to Busan for a week. As a junior police officer, he should be proud because only two of his level were assigned to this special training. This should get him a promotion which he needed soon indeed to acquire more money for his wedding. Of course as an heir of his father’s company, he might not need to be afraid of getting money, but his pride always told him to finance his own needs rather than asked for his father’s. And that was what happened until now, and he hope, forever.

“Ya, Yesung-ah! Take care of the house while I’m not here!” he shouted to Yesung who was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

Yesung turned his face, “Yeah, of course! Ka (Go)!”

Siwon smiled to his enemy-friend. Hoped that he still could find this house when he was back. He then took his car’s key and went.




Yora softly kissed her father’s right hand as usual after they both finished their afternoon prayer. Today, her father intentionally came to Korea University Hospital to see her performance for the first time as an intern doctor. He spared his time visiting his littlest daughter from his busy days as a cardio specialist in Seoul General Hospital, and of course he didn’t forget to lead Yora too when the afternoon-pray time came. As for Yora, living as minority wasn’t too hard here in the South Korea (except the fact that you even had to go 12 km by car just to reach a mosque inside the Malaysian Embassy for a prayer, a.k.a there would be no space called ‘praying room’ in common public places), especially when your father was a respectable, well-known doctor of the city. Moreover, she herself thought that God creates differences such as minority and majority to make people mingle, blend, and share, not to make war or other bad things among them…

“Then good luck for the rest of today. Hwaiting!” Yora’s father gave his last support before back to his own workplace. Yora waved until his father’s car far enough and straightly back to the clinic where she should help today. She just passed the emergency unit when her resident doctor, dr. Shin, pulled her arm while running from the opposite direction.

“W-Whoa, what happened, Doc?” she asked with her body still dragged into the emergency unit.

“Here.” dr. Shin released her in front of the bed of a pregnant woman in the ER. “Lee Sojin, 35, 38-39 months pregnant, amnion breaking about two hours ago, but she insists not to give birth until her husband come. Meanwhile, her husband…” he whispered something to Yora’s ear.

“EHHH??” she screamed straightly after dr. Shin finished his talking. “You’re sure, Doc? That famous singer, Han Geng? But he’s single!” Yora said with a whispery voice too. “…and this woman is so much older.” She added, more to herself.

dr. Shin nodded, “That’s why he couldn’t come here now. Look, beside her is his manager. Nobody knew about his marriage with this patient except him, and now, us!”

“Us? You mean… us?? Us two?? Why did you tell me this? I actually am a fan of him, before…” she pouted.

“Geez! I just need your psychology skill. You’re my only intern who took and finished the psychology classes in college, you know that our psychologist is still on her maternity leave, right? Then come on, persuade her with your skill. Shoo, shoo~” he pushed Yora back to that patient again.

Yora hesitantly walked toward that patient and sat on the edge of her bed. She asked for a man beside that patient—whom dr. Shin said as Han Geng’s manager—to leave them alone, just the two of Yora and her pregnant patient.

She calmed herself first before decided to smile to her. “Lee Sojin-ssi?” she called. Lee Sojin turned her face to Yora. “Didn’t you feel the pain?”

“No, I don’t care. Just go, I only need my husband now, unless, I won’t give birth to this baby. I know that everyone only cared about my baby and not even me.” she answered strictly. Baby blue, Yora thought.

“Nope, I don’t really care about your baby either, like, it’s yours, you’re the one who has the right whether to give it birth or not,” Yora quickly interrupted. “What I concerned is yourself, that’s why the first thing I asked you was if you’re in pain or not, right?”

“You must think that I’m a selfish mom.”

“No, no, I don’t really have any right to judge a patient here, truly. Once again, it’s your right whether to give the baby birth or not. But if you were to do it—which I’m not asking you to—but, if you were to give… the baby birth, it’s not just for the baby’s sake. It’s for your husband’s, for yours… as well, right? Think about it, how happy you and your husband were when you found out about your pregnancy…”

She started to cry. Yora caressed her patient’s hair. “It’s not that everybody cared only to your baby, but they knew that your happiness, your husband’s happiness, will all depend on a cute thing inside this very belly,” Yora touched the patient’s big stomach, smiling. Lee Sojin smiled too. “…am I right?”

That patient nodded, smiling calmly. “Tell them that I want to give it birth, and please, will you tell my husband too that now he doesn’t have to come? I am fully understood of his job, and umm…” she took a glance on Yora’s nametag. “…dr. Park, are you… a mom? Because eventhough you are still so young, you seem to understood of mom’s feelings…”

Yora stopped and smiled, “Well…”



“You don’t even look like a married woman to me.” Siwon said after hearing Yora’s story, giggling while looking at her face intensely. He just got back from his training yesterday, and now they were sitting down on the sofa in Siwon and Yesung’s house’s living room. They indeed often shared their experiences like this, especially after they hadn’t met for sometimes, like they were recently…

Yora covered her fiance’s face with one of her palm, “Geurohke bojima (Don’t look at me like that).” She said before laughing. “But good then. It was so awkward back then, you don’t know how I quickly rushed to find a mirror and have a good 1-minute look of my face: no matter how success I am in understanding her position, this very young face… how could she mistake me for a mom??” she shook her head comedically.

Siwon really had a good laugh that afternoon. Yora laughed too, she stretched her hand to have an embrace of Siwon who sat right beside her. Siwon smiled while having her head leaning on his shoulder too. He said, “Hey, but you know? I’ll take your patient’s words as a prayer for us.”

Yora raised her eyebrows, “Oh, really? But I think just a prayer won’t do, Mr. Policeman. We’ll need an action, anyways.” She said, just kidding. Siwon looked at her with the same playful look like saying: Are-you-sure-saying-that? The girl quickly grinned, “No, no, no, no. Sallyeojusi eobseoseo, Jeonha… (Please spare me, Your Highness… *collosal drama accent*) There’re still many things I want to do as a common, ‘untied’ young woman. Let us just be like this, jigeumcheoreom (like now), for at least some more years.” She said which Siwon straightly gave nods like a real King. Yora laughed again, “Now you, tell me about the training.”

Siwon smiled, “Still remember I told you about me wondering why they had chosen me for this training?” Yora nodded. “Now I know why.”

“Because you’re a good freshman?” Yora asked innocently. Siwon stared at her, smiling. God, how he really loved her aegyo.

“Nope, well… yes, maybe that was one factor. But,” he hung his words. “I merely thought, that was because the training was about juvenile delinquency. So, they chose the young officers too to get the training.”

Yora nodded her head, understood. Siwon caressed her hair while continued his story, “Shop-lifting, school-skipping, gang fight, drugs, and the most serious are free sex and abortion. Those are the things that surround us, South Korea’s teenagers and young adults, in everyday life. In the training, we were given many presentations about how to precede those delinquents, because of course it may not be the same as we precede common criminals.” Siwon stopped a while, took a little look to the listening-so-well Yora.

“But the interesting part was,” he continued. “Most of my officer friends in the training, apparently have already done, or even might still do the free sex—eventhough not many of them did the abortion too, but still there are some. I was like, really, even the officers too are delinquents, that means that this thing—free sex whatsoever—has been like a common thing to do in our Eastern-culture-country, right?”

Yora nodded slowly, “Yeah, to tell the truth, actually—considering our getting-deeper-relationship—if we wanted, we could also be that delinquent, couldn’t we?” she looked at her dearest fiancé. Siwon gave her a what-are-you-trying-to-say-jagi look.

Yora smiled, “But thanks to your maturity, our logical thinking, this ring,” She looked at a platinum ring with words ‘True Love Waits’ engraved on it on her left ring finger, their engagement ring. “…our faith, your religion,”

“Your religion too,” Siwon added, he smiled, already know where she would taken them to. “…our very good Eastern culture, and everything which prevent us from doing the same mistake couples do nowadays… am I right?” Siwon continued her while kissed her forehead. “Hey, have us mentioned our parents who brought us in our own good ways?—aigoo, don’t you feel like we are receiving an award mentioning so many things like this keke~”

They both laughed. Yora held Siwon’s hand tightly, “Umm. Both of our ways are good. Therefore, eventhough we’re indeed different, but those things, will always keep us one.”




2 years ago,

“I’m a Muslim.” Yora confessed to Siwon on their first anniversary of relationship.

“I know.” Siwon answered calmly.

Yora seemed to be surprised, “Eh??”

“Well, the well known, brilliant Yora, I think it’s a public secret, isn’t it?” he smiled sincerely. “Moreover you don’t drink, and when we were in high school, there were a period when you didn’t eat at school. That was because you were fasting, right? For so long I’ve waited for you to tell me in person like this, jagi. What’s the shame for keeping your own faith from me?”

“Sorry.” Yora put her face down. “Then… should we break-up? I know that you are a devoted Christian too—“

“We’ll work this out.” Siwon cut her.

“No, we won’t.” Yora quickly defended. “We never will. This isn’t thing we could work out just like that, it’s about… faith. Again and again. I really can’t find any wrong in our relationship other than this, but eventhough it is alone, this is too major…”

Secretly, Siwon clenched his fists under the cafe table where they met. Yeah, he knew that. He always knew that. He said that they’ll surely able to work things out, but deep inside, he had to admit that there were sometimes he just couldn’t even resist to feel: how good it is if they share the same belief… Then when they are marrried, with the kids also, they can go to the church together… And every night, they will send the kids to bed by reading them the Holy Bible, put them into Sunday School…

Oh God… But if those were the things, what’s with this ring in his pocket? Why would he even bother, for the past 2 months, thinking about proposing her today??

“A ring? This fast? Oppa really love eonni, I supposed.” Jiwon smiled while still busy but happily choosing one ring among hundreds displayed at this jewelry store as his brother requested. She tried them one by one, raised her hand, and looked at it from every angle, as if the ring was actually for herself.

Siwon turned to his beloved dongseng and grinned, “Is it really that shown?”

“Clearly written on your forehead.”

He now laughed, “Well, you can tell. I love her so much I wouldn’t want to change even a hair from her.”

“Even that we are ‘different’?”

“‘We are’?” Siwon quickly noticed. “Ah, that thing. Do you mind because she holds different faith from us?”

Jiwon straightly shook her head, “Not at all. Neither do eomma and appa. We love good people, and eonni’s more than good, that is all matters. I thought the problem would be in you. You’re the most devoted out of us, anyway.” She laughed.

Siwon messed her hair lovingly, “If that’s the case, then for your question, I’d like to say: yes, even that we are different.”


“Do you think this is wrong? Because I don’t, Park Yora.” Siwon countered her, right after he remembered his answer to all this. The answer he gave to Jiwon too, last time. Because actually, this has been his long term thinking too, ever since he knew that his highschool crush didn’t hold the same belief as the majority of Korean people. As his. And now that it was brought up, he just want to tell her that he has made his decision. Once and for all. “Do you?”

Yora hesitantly shook her head, “Well, no… I always believe that differences are made so people can learn how to relate with each other, to mingle, to share…” nobody knows the meaning of differences better than minorities, Yora added, but only to herself.

“Then it’s your parents? Your family?”

“N-No… Not either… They love you, eomma even love you more than myself.” Yora muttered, which was very cute to Siwon! He wasn’t even able keeping his laugh, and straightly laugh all the way.

Yora pinched his (muscular) arm, “Choi Siwon!”

“Sorry, sorry!” He still laughed although gradually lowered the sound into just a small giggle. Yora set her eyes on him. “So do you still think it’s wrong?”

“What about your family?”

“They’re cool.”


Siwon stretched his arm to raise Yora’s chin softly, “There’s still something bothers you, am I right…?”

“There’ll be talks among people… Your church… My community… It’s true that both of us, our families, are cool… but—”

Siwon smiled, this was exactly what had been through his mind all along, before he finally found the answer. “All this time, have you ever intended to change my faith?”

Startled, Yora quickly answered, “O-Of course I haven’t!”

“Neither have I.” Siwon also added. “And I never will. We don’t cause each other ‘harm’. Don’t you think that’s the thing they fear the most?”

Yora nodded. Siwon and his ability to read her mind. And ‘harm’… means the fear of either one of them might leave his/her original belief and join the other one’s, as the effect of the relationship…

“You said… that you’ve actually known all along? My faith?” Yora asked carefully. It was really awkward talking about something really personal like faith! Siwon nodded. “Then all these times…”


“One-shot, one-shot, one-shot!” Everybody shouted for Yora to drink a glass full of beer that was already served in front of her. That was the night of her highschool graduation party, and she and most of her class including Siwon, decided to celebrate it at one popular club for youngsters in Hongdae. However, since she lost when they all played poker, the punishment was she had to drink a glass of beer, something she never even touched before.

Yora frowned in worries. This wouldn’t be right… she thought. She didn’t drink—she couldn’t drink. Because—

“Well, Yora’s not drinking, everyone.” Suddenly Siwon said while putting the beer away. Yora quickly turned to him. He smiled, before turning back to their disappointed friends. “Hey, we all know she don’t drink.”

“Then it’s time to start!” One of them shouted which straightly followed by many heads’ nods and arguments.

While Yora, (burdened by her friends’ demand) slowly reached out her hand to touch the glass, Siwon insisted on shooking his head, “No, she don’t drink. You don’t drink, Jagi.” He said while putting Yora’s hand away from the glass. “But instead I’ll drink. Double, okay? Just don’t burden her again.”


“Hey, let’s go eat. The cafeteria. You don’t bring lunchbox, do you?” Siwon asked comfortably at their class, 3-A, when the ‘jeomshim shigan’ or lunch time came.

Yora awkwardly smiled, “I… am fasting.”

Normally, people hearing that would probably said, “Ah, you’re dieting.” or “Really? What for?” But instead, Siwon just “Oh.”-ing and nodded.

And for the next full month, he never asked Yora for a luncheon or hang-out during afternoon again. They’d have candle light dinner or midnight shopping, instead.


“Respect?” Siwon made sure for Yora’s unfinished sentence before finally smiled, “You always respect me too, how can I not do the same? You never ask to go out on Sundays in order for me to be able to attend church, you never fail reminding me to read my Bible despite my busy days. You’ve supported me all the way, I think it’s just a common sense that I give that all back.”

“Then are you saying that we actually have lived that so-called harmony in differences, respectful, supportive life—things that each and every religion always pursue?” had her own thought for a moment, Yora almost chuckled while saying those. Silly, then what was she even worrying for so long? They’d proven that there really was that kind of life, when people with differences could also mingle and had beautiful relationship…

Siwon chuckled too, raising his thick eyebrows, “Well, all I need to say is that we’ll just have to continue living like that.”

“Because both of our ways are good.” Yora added while nodding slowly. “Yeah, that’s right. Even basically, every religion—”

“So will you take this ring?” Siwon suddenly asked, a bit shaky (of course), that he even unintentionally cut Yora’s sentence while pulling something from inside his jacket’s pocket. Awkward moment when he quickly grasped the situation, “Oh, did I cut you? Sorry, sorry. I—“

“No, no, no.” While Yora who suddenly stopped, straightly fell into the awkward moment too. W-Wait, she misheared, right..? Siwon won’t— “What… did you say?”

“Will you take this ring?” that I’ve meant to you for so long, after a long breath, Siwon decided to repeat (and add the rest to himself), the exact same sentence which Yora thought she misheared. Mouths opened, the girl successfully loss at words. “Oneulgwa gat-i mameuro, jigeum-ui yaksok giokhalke (With the same feelings as today, I will remember the promise we made just now *taken from Marry U by SJ*)… Would you be my fiance?”




Siwon opened his eyes and blinked several times when he saw the sunlight striking from behind his curtain. He frowned, before finally found his girl leaned on his shoulder sleeping. Ah, then after chatting then, they unintentionally fell asleep—nap? Smiling, Siwon softly—not wanting to wake her up—touched Yora’s nose, then is she dreaming the same dream as I had? he thought. It wasn’t that so special of a day (because in the end, their families insisted that there must be an engagement party for them, and currently it was that date that became their official engagement date), but it was the day that marked the base for their transparent commitment, their promise to keep supportive and respectful to each other as always.

He was now looking at the window behind the sofa where he sat, where he first saw the sunlight that had waken him up. Then it is still noon… he thought. Yesung hasn’t home also… Tto jalkka (Should I sleep again)?

He chuckled at the thought after seeing the sleeping Yora again. Chu! He kissed her baby cheek, before finally came to agreement with his inner thought: he should sleep again. And while closing his eyes, he remembered one comment from the reckless Ryeoru, Yora’s eonni, regarding the same matter (because she was for a long time had been in a relationship with also a Christian guy—Park Jungsoo aka Leeteuk), “We are different, indeed. But is that a sin? Isn’t the God—whether it’s yours or mine—who created that Himself? I always believe that there must be a reason behind every creation, and now that I met (Leeteuk) oppa, I realized that the reason for differences is for them to mingle. Oppa and I. You and Yora. Our families. Me and you.”




to tell the truth….At first i’m not that sure whether to post it or not… it’s such a super-sensitive theme, but to think that it’s already done, it’ll be just a waste not to post it kkkkk~ ah, anyway, don’t take it too serious, though! 😀

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