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Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Super Junior’s Choi Siwon

It was near to his (fake) birthday. Yeah, my ex, the super-famous, super-busy, Super Junior Choi Siwon. I bet you guys had known why I called it fake. Yup, he was actually born on April 7, 1986, ten months behind his registered birthday, February 10, 1987. I still had no idea of why his parents acted so, or maybe it was a common thing in Korea since I heard that JYJ’s Junsu also been registered months after he had been born (I was raised in Japan so I just barely know Korea). But for sure, I used to dislike this fact. The fact that he corrupted almost a year of his age just a bit too much for me, no offense. But now, it seemed different. I didn’t dislike the day as much as before, because I kind of missed him. I missed him on this birthday, in addition to my sorrow after I brainlessly broke our relationship up just a week ago because of the ‘damn kissing fanservice’. Brainless, because only stupid girl would break up an-almost-perfect guy like Choi Siwon. But I was too hurt that I just couldn’t help myself to keep ignoring him though he poured so much sorries, gifts, etc. And this wasn’t only a problem of that kissing drama, this was the accummulation of every scandal I always beared during this past two years we’d been together.

Direct Message:

@heedictator: @HeA309, still mad at me?

I looked at my cellphone for a while before deciding to press the R button to reply.

@HeA309: @heedictator no, oppa. I don’t even have the right to mad at you. I am nobody, unlike you and him.

The Space Big Star, ignorant Kim Heechul himself even put down his self-esteem, apologized to me. Why was I still this cold?



“How is it, hyung?” I quickly came to him after had opened the 12th floor’s dorm door.

“Negative.” He answered lazily while still busy texting on the sofa. “Aaah, your ex really has no fun, how could she break you up just because a kiss?”

“She’s STILL my girlfriend, hyung. NOT ex. I still disagree of her decision.” I quickly corrected. He just nodded unsincerely, you know, a Kim Heechul. “Oh, and it’s not merely a kiss, hyung. It’s a guy-to-guy kiss! And it’s not even ‘a’, it’s ‘kisses’, we’ve done that twice, right? And on stage! Gosh, I’ve told you we shouldn’t do that again!”

“Ssssshhh!” He finally got up and pushed my back toward the door. “Teuki and Shindong are not around, so there’s no love guru up here. Go downstairs, look for Eunhyuk. Only you guys four who currently having a relationship, right? Shoo, shoo.”

“Aaargh, hyung, hyung! You have to responsi—” BRAKK!! The door closed. “—ble. Aaargh, aish! That hyung is really…”

Rushing, I ran down the stairs toward the 11th floor’s dorm to find Eunhyuk just like what Heechul hyung had said.


I pressed the bell in front of the 11th floor’s dorm uneasily. Unlike the upstairs’ dorm which residents were all messy and careless that they wouldn’t pay any attention to small details such as locking door, this floor’s members were the opposite. They were so tidy and well organized since they got Ryeowook, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin in a package. That was why, even I, needed to press the bell first before coming in.

“Nuguseyo? Ah, Siwon-ah!” Sungmin in the intercom greeted me before opening the door. “What’s up?” He said while letting me in.

“Eunhyukie, I need Lee Hyukjae right now!”

“Me? What for?” Eunhyuk suddenly came in from the bathroom’s direction, with a small towel still attached on his wet hair.

“Master, I need your help!”



“Neon baboya??” Again and again, Eunsoo, my bestfriend, scolded me for being too headstrong over my own feelings. I missed him, but I had decided not to make it up with him again. For his sake, and for my own… I couldn’t burden him any longer with our relationship. Celebrities weren’t meant for commoners… I did believe that now.

“Eunsoo, please… I don’t need you scolding me! Having the netizens are now trying to find my background after a sudden twitter following from all Super Junior members already difficult for me…” I said in the middle of my crying. Yeah, crying. A thing for him I could only do in front of Eunsoo, the only person that knew about us.

“But… Oh my, Hea! Until when you’ll keep this up?? You miss him, go forgive him! Keeping this up will not only hurting him, but yourself as well, don’t you understand?”

I didn’t answer yet kept looking to my cellphone, at his first response for my one-sided relationship-breaking via Twitter over a week ago. A Direct Message:

@siwon407: @HeA309 what happened?? We ARE NOT breaking up. I’ll call you when I got back in Korea.

As expected of a thoughtful man like him, he wouldn’t carelessly just reply my tweet and caused a breaking news. He just wouldn’t do that, though sometimes I wished that he would become like any other guy, a common guy that could introduce his girlfriend properly to everyone. But I realized that it was just a dream… It just wouldn’t happen, for good.

“Until when? I don’t know…” I finally answered, half-conscious. “Maybe until he is brave enough to mention me on twitter…”


“Mention her on Twitter.”


“You heard me right, mention her on twitter. You see Shindong hyung right? Although seldom, but he manages to reply Nari’s tweet. That’s how relationship works nowadays… Keep you guys in touch.” Eunhyuk explained carefreely.

“Err… Then I ask you now, have you ever mention your girlfriend on twitter?” I gave him an intimidating look. He started to sweat, not knowing what to answer. I finally chuckled,  “It’s you who always told us to keep our girlfriend out of the media, my only-days-older hyung…”

“Geujyo.” Sungmin nodded while handed me a glass of water. “But thanks to uri Heechul Hyung, now everybody knows—well, at least they are now speculating—that uri Eunhyukie has taken.” He said, refering to the Christmas Special episode of ‘100 out of 100’ where Heechul hyung brought out the topic of Hyukie punched a mirror because of something (girlfriend, actually).

“I think that was all his own fault.” I argued.

“Yaaa~” he quickly interrupted.

“What? Why did you have to punch the mirror and bruised your fist just because of a small fight? Trying to act cool? You know uri Heechul Hyung can never keep a secret in a show. Babo.”

“I imitated you, Horse! Everytime you feel unsatisfied with anything, you always punch the wall, right? That looks so cool to me!” He defended.

“Then it was your fault, Siwon-ah. Admit it.” Sungmin tapped my shoulder.

I shook my head, “No, it was Heechul Hyung’s.”

Eunhyuk finally exploded, “YA! You just said that it wasn’t his fault but mine, now when everybody pointed you out, you simply said it was his fault??”

“Aah, by the way,” Sungmin spoke while covered Hyukie’s mouth with his palm, preventing him from making any more noise that could make this dorm get sued by their neighbors. “I’ve never seen you so desperately talking about a girl before, Siwon-ah.”

“That’s because nobody ever breaking up on him before. It’s always him who decide.” Hyukie that finally managed to get out of Sungmin’s hands answered for me.

“HAAH~ you, shut up.” Now it was my turn keeping his mouth shut. “I love Hea so much, you know?”

Suddenly Ryeowook came out of his bedroom with a messy hair, looked like he was just up from his nap. “Hm? Siwonnie Hyung? What time is it? Don’t you have a filming schedule?” Ryeowook was a disguised manager, because he knew every schedule of all members.

I quickly realized, “Omo! My Athena!!” And rushing over to catch my schedule. Aaargh, as expected, I wouldn’t ever get a worthy advice from a bunch of comedian like my members!


February 10, 2011

“Happy birthday.” I whispered while put a package wrapped up in a green gift paper, just like the green color of Christmas in front of his home, on the top of other gifts that starting to pile up from his fans. I finally came up with this decision, back to what I used to be, only one out of his many fans who could only watch him from afar. About the reason why did I pick this color? I didn’t know, I just thought that maybe since he loved his faith so much, he’d like everything about the Holy days too, such as Christmas.

Suddenly, I felt someone tapping my shoulder. I stood up and turned around. It was Eunsoo.

“You know what? I feel like accompanying you to a funeral. The differences are just you put a gift, not flowers, and you put it in front of his home instead of on the grave.” She started to complain again.

I didn’t answer (because no need to answer, actually), and instead wandered my eyes to a bunch of girls who were doing the same thing as I was, putting on gifts. I smiled, realizing how much love was there from these girls (or so called Siwonest) to him, to my beloved one. Just knowing it made me happy already. He shouldn’t need my love again, what was the meaning of my single love compared to these many girls’?

“Come on home.” I pulled Eunsoo’s arm back to her car, when suddenly her cellphone was ringing. She stopped and gave a gesture to pick it up first. I nodded.


“Eunsoo-ya! Jebal, tell me Hea’s new contact…”

“Nugu?” I asked.

“Donghae oppa.” She whispered. Donghae knew Eunsoo indeed, because I once introduced them, based on her request, actually. Eunsoo was a big fan of Donghae.

I quickly shook my head. She nodded. “Oppa, how many times should I tell you, leave her alone… And tell Siwon oppa that this is final. Okay? Please…”

“But this is urgent, Eunsoo-ya! Siwon collapse! You already know that he’s a workaholic, right? But this time, he worked even harder just to forget his problem with Hea… And the result? Seoul International Hospital. And he hasn’t even healed completely yet he insists to go filming again. So please, only Hea that able to stop him, butakhalkke (I’m begging you)… I am very worry of his health…”

“Okay, okay, arasseoyo. I’ll bring her there. No, it’s me who have to say thanks, actually I am so sick of her behavior too. Okay, see you there, oppa. Annyeong.”

“What ‘I am so sick of her behavior too’? Were you guys badmouthing me just then?” I glared to her, but she just pulled my hand and pushed me to get in her car hurrily. “Yaa! Where are we going?”

“Fasten your seatbelt.” She said, which wasn’t even the answer for my question. And… WUSHH! She drove her car like crazy.

“Uwaaa~ Eunsoo-ya, stop!”


“Oppa, eodiseyo?” Eunsoo quickly called someone after we arrived at… umm… where was it? A hospital? Who was sick? But then again… we quickly came here after a call from Donghae oppa, right? And they were talking about me, so… Omo, omo, I didn’t want to speculate no more!

“Eunsoo-ya, don’t tell me that…”

“Come on!” She pulled my arm for a run along the escalator.

“Woo, woo, what is it? Han Eunsoo, you’re really freaking me out right now. We got elevator for the God’s sake!”

“We don’t want any media to see us, Hea darling…” She said while sloweren her steps. Media? I followed her taking some slow steps, into the VVIP area. And there we found… Donghae and his BFF, Eunhyuk.

“Oppadeul.” Eunsoo greeted them.

“Who’s sick?” Was my first question when I saw them. They didn’t answer, and just threw a look to the door behind them. And I saw the patient’s name on it… Mr. Choi Siwon.

All in a sudden, I didn’t really care about our status no more. I threw away my pride, what pride? Screw pride! And quickly ran into the room. I saw Kibum there, looked like he were trying to block someone on the bed from running away. They were having a small fight, with the guy on the bed, with his weak voice insisted on going. Was that Siwon? I took some steps closer… and suddenly stopped, with tears flowed from eyes.

Yes, it was him… Siwon, my Siwon, but with super-pale face, dry lips, and skinny body. I couldn’t even move a bit and kept crying, until they finally realized my presence.

“Hea?” He called my name. “No Hea, is that you?”

“Hea-ya! Yes, it’s her, hyung! Hea, you came!” Kibum quickly pulled me closer to Siwon’s bed. He tapped my shoulder twice, and quickly left the room for only me and Siwon.

I was still crying. Okay, I admitted that I was also a cry baby, a duplicate of Donghae in a girl body.

“Ya, why cry? Hey, hey, uljima…” He raised my chin and smiled to calm me down.

“Huaaaa~” but that only made me even more crying.

“Yaa~” he started to lose his mind in making me stop crying, and suddenly… CHU! A light kiss successfully landed on my lips.

I shocked, therefore my tears suddenly stopped flowing too. He proudly smiled after pulled his lips back from mine, “A kiss, huh? Then you may cry oftenly, I would love to stop it everytime.” He joked.

I pinched his muscular arm playfully, wanting to laugh but it turned that I couldn’t, because of my finding, “W-Where’s all your meats? Your muscles? It’s bone, these are bones! Hadn’t you eat regularly these past two weeks? Isn’t your manager control your meal? Oppa, answer me!”

CHU! Again, a sweet kiss stopped my whining. “I’m okay, geokjeonghajima.” He smiled while pinched my nose. “Just a little more busy than before, you know, my Athena, and I took some variety shows too. But it’s okay, I’m going to go filming again this afternoon while media still hasn’t know my condition.”

“No, it’s not even okay.” I shook my head. “Rest, now.”

“I’m fine, believe me…”

“Rest, or I’ll go.”

“No, no. Please.” He held my hand. “Never, leave me, again.”

I stopped (ready to cry again, actually). I never wanted to leave him, but I just couldn’t help it anymore…

“Will you? Hea, please…”

“I’m sor—”

“Aish, jinjja! I really couldn’t stand it any longer! Oppa, watch.” Suddenly Eunsoo broke into the room and gave Siwon her netbook.

A video was played there, with me in front of my notebook, reading an entertainment news site.

“‘Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is now in Thailand for a CF filming’… Haha, still reading every news about him, no?” The voice of Eunsoo. Okay, I remembered this, this was about 3 days after we broke up, then she recorded me all this time?

Me in the video quickly closed the the notebook and turned, “Ya~ I just randomly click a news and it appears…”

“‘Randomly click’, huh? Yeah, yeah… Hahaha~”

Then the set changed, it was my house’s living room, with me watching Athena so seriously.

“Ooh~ Siwon oppa, meosisseo…” Eunsoo again.

“Geurae… Neomu joh-a… Eh? Ani, ani!” That was me, stuttering. Then Eunsoo’s laughter was heard again… -_-

The set changed again. Now it was my bedroom, nobody spoke, just a video of me crying while looking at my cellphone, No Other MV (strange, no? A happy song like No Other, but I cried. That was because I missed how Siwon treats me just the same as how gently he treat that girl model…).

The fourth set, Eunsoo’s bedroom, sharing session with me crying (again).

“You still love him, right?”

“It isn’t that I don’t love him, Han Eunsoo. I do love him, never doubt me about that. Just… I just had enough of his duty to always please fans… I’m selfish, right? I know I am… That’s why I just don’t want to burden him with my feelings anymore… The urge to always take care of my feelings while working, I just don’t want him to be called unprofessional just because of it…”

Okay, I still so stunned. When did she record all of these??

Eunsoo push a button on her netbook, “See oppa? Actually I want to give this CD as your birthday gift, but suddenly Donghae oppa called when this morning Hea and I went to your house to deliver our gifts along with your other fans. So I just pick it up again, in case Hea still so stubborn about you guys’ relationship, exactly like this.”

“Eunsoo-ya!” I finally exploded.

But Siwon, confusedly asked, “Birthday? Gift?”

“It’s your birthday, Wonnie oppa…” I answered, in the end. He gave me a puzzled look with his very beautiful eyes. And eyebrows. And face. (Okay, everything on him was beautiful, actually). I stared at him back. “Wae? It’s today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… But I thought… that you never liked my ‘fake birthday’.”

I finally laughed, “Well, I do always wonder why your parents had to register your birth certificate ten months after your actual born date—it was considered a corruption, you know—ah, let’s just say that I just happened to have some money in excess to buy you a gift.”

“You don’t even use your money, Hea dear…”

“What did she give me?”

Eunsoo quickly answered, “A goodluck charm. Every bead is full of tears of missing you. Full a week, days and nights, busy connecting beads—”

“Okay, let’s say that I just happened to have some spare time…”

“And much love.” Eunsoo added. I blushed, really didn’t have the courage to raise my head and face him!

Siwon looked at us surprisedly, “Really? Jagi-ya, really? You still love me, right?”

“Admit that, Hea-ya…” Oh my, if I had a seal tape right now, I would love to seal Eunsoo’s mouth right away! Aaaa~ eottokhae?

“If that’s the case, then I really should be home a very right now! Kibum-ah…!” Siwon suddenly got up from his bed, looking for Kibum.

“Jam-Jamkkan,” I stopped him. “waeyo?”

“‘Waeyo’ mwo? Of course I want to save my precious gift from you, from the acquisition of other members—I give them full authority to sort my gifts every year. Kibum-ah ppalliwa… Drive me home!”

“Home, hyung? What for?” Kibum showed up from outside the room.

Siwon faced him, “I just want to save a gift from Hea from the other members then quickly back here, dongsaengie. Ppalli kaja!”

Frowning, Kibum simply answered, “Err… Hyung, actually you can just call the other hyungs to save it for you, right? Just ask her what’s the package look like.” Okay, as expected from the smarty Kibum, always a brilliant idea.

“Ah, geurae.” Siwon responded while back to me again. “So, what’s the package look like?”

“Small, Christmas green, with red ribbon. Doesn’t come in a box, she just wrapped it simply.” Eunsoo, again and again answered without my acceptance.

Upon hearing that, Siwon smiled happily, “You even still care enough wrapped my gift with my favorite color. Now you can not continue saying that you don’t love me anymore, Hea-ya.”

Great, great! He got me straight to the point! Jinjja~ If I could dig up a hole right now, I really wanted to do it and hid there! Oh my, how embarassing…

Siwon chuckled while gave me a hug, “You can never run from me anymore, jagi. I’ll never let you. Thanks for back to my side again… It’s the best fake birthday in my life.”

Well, surrender here… *waving a white flag* To be honest, from the start I had thought that it would be just like this, I would never be able to leave him (I mean, what kind of girl could?), that was why I keep avoiding him all this time. But after he got me all blushing like this, I guessed I really couldn’t pretend my feelings anymore. Therefore I nodded, slowly, accepting him as part of my love life again.

“Hoorray!” Eunsoo’s voice, with some clap sounds from Kibum. “Oppa chukhahae, don’t forget to matchmake me with Donghae oppa as your form of thanks!”

While Siwon just laughed, I quickly glared to my best friend, “EUNSOO-YA!”

But in the end I laughed, because I found it was true, that I should really thank her. Thanks Eunsoo, it was all really thanks to you. And happy (fake) birthday my dear, all the best for you and us…

“Ah, geurigo (and),” suddenly Siwon started talking again (heh? Really, I myself also thought the story ended already -_-). “…about Heechul hyung, don’t worry jagi-ya. I’ve found a suitable punishment for him.” He said with an evil smile. Kkk~

“Oppa, I’ve told you that our break-up wasn’t merely because of that, there’s no need to punish—”

“Mwol, oppa?” Excited, Eunsoo quickly cut my words.

Siwon, as excited as her, and as if he didn’t hear my statement, answer my bestfriend with a smirk, “I’ll, DEFINITELY make him kiss a girl in public. Definitely. Kkkk~*”





*credit to my lovely reader-dongsaeng, oepick! it was based on her comment in my GALAU Season 2’s post actually^^


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11 responses to “[ENG] HAPPY (FAKE) BIRTHDAY, JAGIYA

  1. Iwang~

    February 14, 2011 at 6:34 pm

    Ninggalin jejak~
    bca dlu yo. .
    Heu. .

  2. babyhae

    February 14, 2011 at 7:02 pm

    wow….finally….kegalauan ini berakhir….you’re right Lola-ssi….sebesar apapun kita pengen menjauh ato lupa sama mereka…tetep gak bisa…mewakili perasaan saya nih T___T

    • lolita309

      February 14, 2011 at 7:16 pm

      yaaaah~ saya berenti galau, kok ganti kamu yang galau sih sayang? cupcup, saya jadi ikutan sedih T__T

      cheer up, girl! 😀

    • babyhae

      February 14, 2011 at 8:57 pm

      nangis di pelukan Lola-ssi……valentine galau wkwkwk

      • lolita309

        February 15, 2011 at 7:24 am


        Cupcup, Donghae emang suka gitu.. (Loh?) 😀 Sabar ya sayang, seperti yang sudah kita sepakati bersama, hidup kita emang ga akan sama setelah ketemu mereka.. Dan kita pasti bisa kok akur2 sama kenyataan itu^^

        Semangat! 🙂

        Pada Sen, 14 Feb 2011 20:58 WIB

  3. oepieck

    February 15, 2011 at 10:41 pm

    Ah onnie, bagus. Setuju ama komen diatas *tunjuk”
    mau gimana pun, gak bisa berenti mikirin mereka~
    Hea pasti malu banget deh tu, tapi aku suka ama karakter eunsoo, hahaha

    Beneran deh, onnie aku kangen. Onnie lama banget kagak nongol.
    Itu yang Heechul nyium cwe di depan publik mau diceritain g? terinspirasi dari komen aku bukan sih? *sok pede

    • lolita309

      February 15, 2011 at 11:04 pm

      Bener banget, terinspirasi dari komen kamu kok (lupa ngasi credit, maaap ._.)
      Hehe, kangen kamu juga~ *smooch*
      Maap yaa sibuk bgt nih, liburan aja ga berasa libur T.T
      Tp mudah2an ttp bisa post ko 🙂 makasi yaa sayang..

      • oepieck

        February 17, 2011 at 8:14 pm

        hehe, gpp onnie, nyante aja
        saya senang bisa tanpa sengaja nyumbang ide ^^

        duh, kasian onnie. sabar ya onn
        masih mending onnie daripada saya yang harusnya belajar tapi malah main”. besok senin PRA UN, T.T

        btw, pertanyaan saya belum dijawab, ada ceritanya heechul kaga? ^_^v

      • lolita309

        February 17, 2011 at 9:33 pm

        Pengennya sih emang ada epilognya, tp belom nemuin cewek buat ‘tumbal’ dicium heechul nih hehe :p
        Ada ide? 😀

      • Oepieck

        February 20, 2011 at 11:21 pm

        tumbal… kwkwkw~
        kalo saya mah yang ada teriak” kegirangan dicium ama dia. Hahaha~

        ide? apa ya? Kayaknya g ada, hehehe 😀

        *salah ngomen tadi pake nama adekku

  4. Azilaquiter

    February 20, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    tumbal… kwkwkw~
    kalo saya mah yang ada teriak” kegirangan dicium ama dia. Hahaha~

    ide? apa ya? Kayaknya g ada, hehehe 😀


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