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Suddenly someone knocked on Kangin’s car door harshly. Kangin quickly turned back, who the hell was it dare enough ruining his mood?? So he opened the window with anger that was ready to burst. The rumor about his bad temper really came to truth right now.

And it was Teuki.

“Sorry to disturb, but I want to pick my wife up. Yes, that lady, she’s married. To me.”


(Part 1; Part 2)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Hyukjae

“Aaargghh Hyung you’re making me crazy…!!” I messed my own hair up after we all arrived at his house, with Donghae already waiting there after work for a sudden family meeting (again). “Why couldn’t you just let him? Just a sweet little kiss, Hyung… And our lives would be in peace forever. But you ruined everything.”

“YA! If I were him I would just do the same, Monkey.” Saera patted my head with my sister’s magazine she found in the living room.

“Mwoya? Why did you follow your brothers calling me monkey??”

“You should thank God that you have Saera here, Lee Hyukjae. Otherwise I already slapped your stupid mouth!!!” Teuki Hyung suddenly exploded.

Silence. We, I, had never ever heard our Park Jungsoo raised his tone this high. Even Donghae who still knew nothing quickly left for the kitchen, pretending to have a drink in order to get away from a more severe problem.

My hyungnim still looked at me intensely. I didn’t know where did I find the strength for it, but I looked at him back, in the eyes, no fear. Saera pulled the edge of my jacket several times to stop me from making him angrier, but I ignored her. I knew that I might looked so arrogant and egoistic right now, but those were the real me. I was egoist, and this kind of situation just worsen it all.

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Starring: Moon Jeonghyuk aka Eric Moon

Written by: Lolita Choi (lolita309)


Saat bertemu denganmu… untuk pertama kalinya dalam hidupku, aku bersyukur Tuhan menciptakanku sempurna.

Seperti kebanyakan orang-orang dengan kehidupan normal lainnya di seluruh dunia, selama ini aku tak pernah betul-betul bersyukur memiliki apa yang kumiliki sekarang. Instead, mungkin malah tiada hari tanpa kita, orang-orang normal ini, mengeluh “kenapa mataku begini”, “kenapa hidungku begitu”, “kenapa aku pendek”, “kenapa aku tak bisa gemuk”… dan lain sebagainya, biarpun secara tak sadar atau hanya selintas tersirat dalam pikiran. Betul kan? Betul? Haha, tak usah malu, karena seperti yang kubilang di atas, aku juga termasuk di dalamnya kok. In fact, kalimat pertama dari contoh keluhan di atas, yup, keluhan tentang mata itu, itu adalah milikku.

Biarpun kebiasaan buruk itu rasanya akan segera berhenti begitu melihatnya.

Selama 10 detik berjalan, untuk pertama kalinya tiba-tiba aku merasa bersyukur bahwa biarpun kecil, tapi setidaknya aku masih memiliki mata. Sehingga aku bisa melihatnya… karya Tuhan yang begitu indah. Seperti tersedot blackhole… padahal begitu jauh, tapi secara instan wajah itu mampu menarik seluruh perhatianku.

Dan tanpa kusadari, kini aku sudah berlari keluar dari dalam kantorku demi mencari sosoknya. Gadis itu. Bagaimanapun aku harus bisa mengenalnya. Orang pertama yang bahkan tanpa perlu berkata apapun, sudah berhasil mengajarkanku untuk bisa mensyukuri sepasang mata ini. Aku bersyukur memiliki mata!


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Caution: Contains religion-related theme. Please consider that you’ve been warned with this first before making hurtful comments (if in the end you’re not on the same idea as mine). But still, constructive critics are very welcome… and enjoy! Just enjoy! 😀


Written by Lolita Choi aka Park Yora

Starring: Choi Siwon

What does God create differences for?

Siwon closed his Bible after he read it—as usual before went to work—and put it in the shelf where a picture of smiling Yora, his fiancé was there also. He kissed that picture and smiled too. The more he read his Bible, the more he praised his God for creating every single thing in his thankful life. Because as for him, he believed that God creates differences so that everybody could learn how to appreciate that differences and live together in peace…

Ah! He got to go now, a training had him to Busan for a week. As a junior police officer, he should be proud because only two of his level were assigned to this special training. This should get him a promotion which he needed soon indeed to acquire more money for his wedding. Of course as an heir of his father’s company, he might not need to be afraid of getting money, but his pride always told him to finance his own needs rather than asked for his father’s. And that was what happened until now, and he hope, forever.

“Ya, Yesung-ah! Take care of the house while I’m not here!” he shouted to Yesung who was in the kitchen, cooking breakfast.

Yesung turned his face, “Yeah, of course! Ka (Go)!”

Siwon smiled to his enemy-friend. Hoped that he still could find this house when he was back. He then took his car’s key and went.



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