18 Aug


(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: SJ’s Siwon and Donghae


“Hmph, hihihi…” I really couldn’t stand not to chuckle upon reading my twitter’s timeline. It was a chaos, a funny chaos caused by only a ‘confessing tweet’. I, myself, just happened to be able to look up the twitter after these 2 hours when my timeline already flooded like this due to my work. Therefore at first I was clueless, before I finally found the ‘master tweet’ behind it all.


@eunsoosoo: See? I’ve told you SiHae is REAL. Cc: @HeA309 :p


I read Eunsoo’s mention and finally laughed. All this time, she indeed always be the frontliner for opposing the EunHae pairing. As Donghae oppa’s (so called) true fan, she said that if there really must be a pairing for him, it must not be Eunhyuk oppa, because according to her (her, and not me, okay, for EunHae shipper out there :p), Eunhyuk oppa wasn’t reliable enough to help the ELFishy protecting a Lee Donghae. Therefore when suddenly, after Kibum left the formation and this Sihae pairing went public, Eunsoo couldn’t be happier knowing that now the little merman already found his muscular, manly guardian: Choi Siwon.

Yeah, the ‘confessing tweet’ I merely talking about was my boyfriend’s tweet, Choi Siwon’s, about a ‘girl’ he loved, along with the picture of her:


@siwon407: I’ve finally found the person that I love. Now I will announce it. Introducing you to my girlfriend, this is Lee Sunhae.


And now I really couldn’t stand my laughter after seeing the picture for the third time. “MUHAHAHA~”




“Then, this is Miss Sunhae? Annyeonghaseyo, No Hea imnida.” I bowed when the four of us (Siwon oppa and I, and Donghae oppa and Eunsoo) were doing our double date: go camping in my house’s large backyard.

Double date? Um, you weren’t mishearing. Donghae oppa and Eunsoo was now indeed in a relationship. Yeah, after a looooong time that big fan of him had asked me (as one of Super Junior member’s girlfriend) to matchmake her with the idol, she finally made it. To be exact, after be friends for some while, when Eunsoo confessed, Donghae oppa told her that he too now hadn’t considered her as just a ‘dongsaeng’ anymore. He finally loved her back, thanks to the unstoppable feelings of my bestfriend for him.

Back to the present. Upon hearing my greeting, Donghae oppa quickly slap my hand that was ready to shake his. He looked pissed, “Yaa~ Hea, what kind of greeting was that?? Nan sirheo! (I don’t like it!) Okay I admit that I do adore ‘the girl me’ looks, but hey, I’m a guy and I’m straight! And I’m not Sunhae!”

“Hahahaha~” instead of symphatizing, all the three of us laughed hardly–eventhough Eunsoo quickly stopped after Donghae oppa glared at her in his arm. She always wanted to give good impression in front of him, for sure (behind her actual messy-self hahaha).

Siwon oppa then quickly managed to control the situation by giving us orders: the girls to set our dinner and the boys to build the tent for us to sleep tonight. Hm? Our date was unique? Haha, when you have a boyfriend that couldn’t be shown to the world like a super-idol beside me, this wouldn’t be considered unique anymore. You had to do this if you still want to have a date, although ‘unproperly’.

He saw me smiling when the two of us laid our bodies inside the medium-sized tent while watching the new couple, Eunsoo and Donghae oppa, played the fireworks happily. Siwon oppa then quickly reached my head into his chest and caressing its hair compassionately. “That ‘confession’ isn’t real, you know it, right? ‘Sunhae’ ga eobseo, naege neo hanaman isseosseunikka. (There is no ‘Sunhae’, because to me there’s only you.)”

I turned my face and smiled, “Who said that it was what I’m thinking about?”

“You keep looking at Donghae since then.”

“I’m looking at the newly couple, they’re so cute together.” I answered. “And for the meaning of my presence to you, yes, I know it better than anyone else. So thank you.” I continued before attempting a kiss on his cheek.

He chuckled, “Good then. You know, my confession to Sunhae was merely a trick for my fans, in order for them not to find you, or worst, harm you…”

Silence. I couldn’t find any words to reply his ‘confession’ just then. Just, there was this feeling inside me that successfully blue. I felt blue. Simply put, I was touched. All I ever thought that those tweets about ‘Sunhae’ involving him, Donghae oppa, and Heechul oppa were only jokes between them. I never thought that for him, it had this special meaning to protect me…

Trying so hard not to shed any tear, I then smiled, “Well, I think if there is a person I should thank now, then it’s Sunhae, right? Thank you. Sunhae.”

I had no idea where to find any better man than this man beside me. I officially fell in love with him, once again.




Buhahahahaha, have no idea why this fic suddenly turned this way… :p


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19 responses to “[ENG] HELLO, MISS SUNHAE!

  1. asihkpop

    August 19, 2011 at 5:00 am

    hahahaha,,,author pasti dapat ide dari obrolan twiit heechul,siwon, n boA..
    Unyu2 deh si hae,,

    • lolita309

      August 21, 2011 at 8:10 pm

      BECUUULL! hehehe, iyaaa si hae unyu banget yah fotonya…. *ngiri*


      makasi uda baca sayang^^

  2. ms.o

    August 19, 2011 at 9:17 am

    annyeong eonn…mhuahahahaha,,pasti dapat ide gara2 cewek jadi2an di atas #dibakar Haeppa
    reaksi pertamanya, shock dulu, baru ketawa pas liat fotonya…ahahahahhahahaha
    yang kata2 siwon di akhir ituuu,,,uwaa,,so sweet begete…

    • lolita309

      August 21, 2011 at 8:21 pm

      annyeong sayang^^

      buhahaha~ iya dooong, si cewek jadi2an telah menginspirasi diriku dengan kecantikannya #PLAK

      iyaa siwon sweet ><

      makasi uda baca sayang^^

  3. hwangminmi

    August 19, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    Yak, saiia datang~ #apaandeh
    ~(˘▿˘~) ~(˘▿˘)~ (~˘▿˘)~

    Komen yg kemaren lanjutin disini aja dah hohoho~ #PLAK

    Berhubung kemaren mendadak galau gara” kibum #eaeaea, jadi aku baru sadar asal usul cerita ini dari mana yeeee \(•ˆ▽ˆ•)/ (?)

    Beneran deh Donghae cantik *o*

    Cieee dah double datenya camping woohoo~~ \(‾▿‾\)┌(_o_)┐(/‾▿‾)/┌(_o_)┐ #apasih

    Keren dah eonni~ \(•ˆ▽ˆ•)/

    • lolita309

      August 21, 2011 at 8:35 pm

      elaaah galau mulu ni yee sejak mendekati ultah kibum… hahaha XD

      iyaa cantik banget, bete (?) jadinya! (lah? kalah soalnya :p)

      ihiyy, iya doong, biar bisa bobo bayeeengg~ :3 #PLAK XP

      makasi sayaang ^^

  4. oepieck

    August 21, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    huahahaha… ngakak pas lihat tweetnya siwon
    tapi dibanding eunhae atau sihae, entah kenapa aku lebih suka Hyuksi (?)

    aduh, itu so sweet banget. ga nyangka ada maksud di baliknya
    keyen keyen~! 😀

    • lolita309

      August 21, 2011 at 8:36 pm

      heh? SiHyuk kerjaannya berantem (memperebutkan donghae) mulu padahal huahaha XDD

      iyaaa sweet, padahal mah ngarang aja itu, cuma ngarepnya penulis semata #PLAK :p

      makasi uda baca sayang^^

      • oepieck

        August 21, 2011 at 8:59 pm

        huahaha… kayak apa aja deh rebutan
        tapi entah kenapa sihyuk lebih so sweet dibandingkan eunhae atau sihae, cuma pndapatku sih, hehehe 😀 tapi paling keren kalau mereka udah bareng” bertiga ^^ eunsihae

        iya sama” eonni 🙂

        eh, nama tokoh cwe yang di sini sama yang waktu eonni galau siwon dicium heechul itu sama g sih?

      • lolita309

        August 21, 2011 at 9:03 pm

        eh tapi iya sih, aku jadi inget sihyuk moment pas nonton SuShow lagi aaaaa ><

        yup, DINGDONGDAENG!! saya mah kalo milih nama ga susah2 yahh… jadi udah pasti couple nya hahaha. XDD

      • oepieck

        August 22, 2011 at 5:03 am

        iya kan? mereka asyik klo dah bareng. lagian siwon nganggap eunhyuk sebagai role mode.a dia.

      • lolita309

        August 22, 2011 at 11:01 am

        hah? ga kebalik tuh? huahahahaha XDD


      • oepieck

        August 23, 2011 at 4:36 am

        hhhhhhh…. kgak tahu juga deh
        kwkwkwkw~ XD

  5. cizziekyu

    August 21, 2011 at 4:21 pm


    bingung mw komen apa, abisnya aku ga bsa bhasa inggris #plakk

    cuman… Kok pcrnya siwon jadi no hea sih, bukan Yora?? Ini nyonyah tumben gak narsisin diri sndiri d ff *dihajar*

    wkt liat tweet siwon aku jd mlh mikir kalo mrka t sbnrnya pnya pcr n ngebet bngt pngn ngungkapin tapi ga bisa, aku jadi kasian sama mereka.. Makanya aku suruh t telur ungu jarang2 updet twitter biar aku gk galau <<sumpeh ini ga nyambung bgt wkwk

    • lolita309

      August 21, 2011 at 9:38 pm

      aelaaaaah suka pura2~ entar ga bisa bhs.inggris beneran lohh * #PLAK :p

      ini kan siwonnya juga siwon dalam bentuk siwon SJ sayaang, bukan AU kayak the series yg cuma ngambil nama+karakter aja 🙂

      aaaahhhhh kamu jangan bikin saya galau doongg…. soalnya saya sebenernya juga selalu mikir gitu tapi selalu in denial alias menyangkal2 sendiri….. huhuhuh T.T

      eh eh btw si heechul aja akhirnya avanya ganti tuh, kok si kunyun telornya ga pecah2 yaaa? HUAHAHA XDD

      • chrisnagustyani

        August 22, 2011 at 12:02 pm

        wah apa maksud itu nyonyah nyumpahin saya -___-

        samaaja kok nyah aku juga ga mau baca berita2 biar cuma hoax yg menyangkut SJ sama cewe, abisnya cuma bikin aku galau ga jelas, biar udah nyoba buat nerima ya tetap aja ada rasa cemburu eaaaa

        ah jadi si steaming bun nya icul udah ganti? kok aku baru tau ya huhu telat nih… kata Kyu biar makin lama dieramin biar kalo udah netas jadinya sempurna (loh?)

  6. salishyun

    August 23, 2011 at 6:09 am

    udah lama gabaca ff lolita eonni .-. terus juga baru pertama baca ff eonni yang pake bahasa inggris, bahasa inggris eonni bagus yak -_-b pasti eonni sering makan sosis sonice nih (?) #ganyambung

    Ciluuk (ʃ⌣ƪ) baa ƪ(˚▽˚)ʃ Ciluuk (ʃ⌣ƪ) baa ƪ(˚▽˚)ʃ Dongeeeee cantik yaaaa kalah nih heechul ckckck kecantikan heechul udah diserap donghae pas heechul tidur #gaje #abaikan

    (┌’⌣’)┌♥┐ (‘⌣’┐) eaaa double date~ ditenda pula lagi, kasian gabisa ngedate ke mall garagara takut dikejar fans ya? Aku ngerti kok rasanya *poke kyuhyun* #plak

    eonni ff nya unyuuuu ξ(ˇ▽ˇ)ξ

    • lolita309

      August 28, 2011 at 2:06 am

      alhamdulillah yahhh kalo bahasa inggris saya dibilang bagus…. ** :p

      ya ampyuunn, tau kaan rasanya? uuuuu padahal saya suka bgt ke mall… <– apapula ini? #abaikan XDD

      aaaanggg makasi sayaaang uda bilang unyuu, seneng deh^^

  7. babyhae

    September 2, 2011 at 11:45 am

    eh eh eh…apa ini merman dibilang unyu *nunjuk komen di atas* wkwkwk #plakk

    tapi saya akui,,,dia emang “cantik” T__________________________T

    sumpah ini FF, jadinya bisa ngakak begini bair di belakangnya jadi sweet ahahahaha. kok punya saya malah angst ya? *curcol* ahahaha

    Seperti biasa, Lola kalo bikin FF pasti enak dibaca. Keren^^


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