22 Feb

GOOD PERSON (song-fic)

Written by Lolita Choi

Starring: Kim Ryeowook


I saw her wet eyes today. Did you just cry? What happened? Did he hurt your heart? So many questions came up to my mind, but as always, I would never able to ask those to her. Nor even told her my feelings, eventhough I really couldn’t stand watching her painful expression just now.

“Here.” I handed her a cup of coffee I just bought from the nearest vending-machine, a cup of coffee which also filled with feelings I had been hiding. She always loved coffee, so I thought that it might able to help in cheered her up.

She raised her head, “Gomawo (Thanks),” she said while held the coffee cup with both her hands. “You’re a really good person, oppa.” She added with a smile.

I could only force a smile too at those words. Good person. Yeah, forever I could only be a good person to you. But nevermind, since as for me, you were the most precious person in the world…



I never forgot the moment when we first met at a festival in my friend’s campus about a year ago. She was a hoobae of my friend.

“Kim Ryeowook.” I introduced myself to her who was the sound system manager of the festival. My friend who invited me here brought me to her soon after I showed up in the campus. He thought that we should meet since she was the one who took the responsible of producing good sounds, including the sound for my performance later on the day.

She seemed to be surprised and shook my hand immediately, “Jung Ryena.” She gave me a sincere smile which quickly stole my heart.

Even not too long after we were introduced, we already felt comfort in each other. She laughed a lot with me, especially when we pretended as a couple to tease her campus friends. And I stayed up for the night, not wanting to fell asleep and forgot every expression she showed me that whole day. Do you remember those every moment? I always wanted to ask her that. Me, who was since then, always hung out in front of my friend’s campus. It was you whom I actually wanted to see…




I was willing to do anything as long as those could make her laugh. Because when she laughed, I felt good too, even when I knew that she pretended it. Strange, even a fake smile from her could make me feel okay. Basically, everything she did brought me happiness’s, both on the days when I waited for her and the nights when I missed our togetherness before on the day. That was why, it was even okay that I was alone, as long as I could still see her.

“Oppa, what are you thinking?” She pulled me out from my thoughts.

“Ah, no, nothing.” I quickly answered her. “Want to go to the fun park? My treat.” I winked while gave her an offer to boost her mood which actually automatically popped out from my tongue. Took care of her seemed to be like one of my job—or maybe better said ‘hobby’, because I seemed to like it too, though—now.

She responded with a wide smile and nodding head. I watched her back after sent her to walk before me. I was always like this; behind her, looking out for her, but it seemed like I had to share those with him.




Only my friend who was also her sunbae that knew about my feelings. He tiresomely told me not to make nor sing more pathetic songs like I did recently. I knew what he exactly meant, he asked me not to put much hopes on her anymore, since he also knew that she already picked someone else instead of me. But that didn’t mean I didn’t want to accept my fate, I knew these were just my feelings and I could tell that she was in a different place…

Talking about her picked other guy instead of me, I remember the night we gathered at a mutual friend’s place on my birthday.

“Ryeowookie oppa, I want you to meet Joonsae oppa.” She introduced me to a drunken guy who had brought her over. My smile as a result of her appearance that night suddenly disappeared. I could smell the strong aroma of soju from him even when I tried to pull away. I couldn’t imagine how she could still there around him with that strong smell.

I still didn’t respond. Did you understand what I feel that day? On my birthday, I had to face the truth that you already had him… I really wanted to shout those loudly at the time.

Of course, as I told before, if she was good then I was good too, but when I looked at the guy who was standing next to her… he was too different from me.

“Ah, please take care of her.” was all I could say that time to that shabby-looking person she loved…




“Feeling better now?” I asked her after we rode some games at the fun park.

She couldn’t cover her eyes-smile resulting from the last game we played just a moment ago. I really liked that signature facial expression of her. Hearing my question, she now stared at me and asked back, “And when is that, that I wasn’t feeling good, oppa?”

I messed her hair up intentionally. She laughed, then friendly hugged me, “Jeongmal gomawo, joheun sarami-ya (Thanks so much, Good Person). Thank you very much for always comforting me.”

I shook my head in her embrace, “That is all I can do for you,” I whispered. Because the difference between me and the person who made you cry was that all I could do was comfort you




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21 responses to “[ENG] GOOD PERSON

  1. Oepieck

    February 22, 2011 at 1:10 pm

    aku suka banget ama lagu ini, lagu pertama yang bikin aku nangis sekali denger (padahal aku bukan tipe yang suka nangis karena hal” beginian)
    cast-nya cocok banget! kalo di lagunya, ryeowook nyanyi bangian-dia-yang-ngasih-kopi-itu dengan sepenuh hati, jadi aku langsung mak-JLEB
    Keren onnie, ^^
    *onnie g bisa jauh dari kata” keren ya?

    • lolita309

      February 22, 2011 at 1:27 pm

      padahal lagunya sama sekali nggak mencerminkan artinya lho… makanya pas pertama kali aku denger, sukanya gara2 ceria gitu. pas liat liriknya baru JLEBB JLEBB JLEBB! nancep banget artinya -.-

      hahaha, dipuji mulu nih saya, jadi malu >< gomawo^^

  2. oepieck

    February 22, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    menurut saya itu kelebihan lagunya. ceria tapi bisa bikin JLEB JLEB. Aku kaget waktu eunhyuk nyanyi di sini, hwa~ suaranya kok bisa sebagus itu.. >.<

    Ih, onnie genit! *PALKK PLAKK PLAKK!!
    sama" onnie. Habisnya ff onnie bagus, ralat, keren dan menghibur. Kalo g, nagapain saya baca terus. ya kan ya kan ya kan?

    *btw, onnie punya akun Looklet g?

    • lolita309

      February 22, 2011 at 2:30 pm

      abis disini ga ada rap-nya, kesian kalo doi ga dapet part hahaha… dan ternyata bagus kan suaranya? bagus deh^^

      iyaa deh.. makasiii banget yaa sayang *deep bow*

      waaah, looklet mah maenan saya jaman SMA, sekarang nggak lagi, lemot banget soalnya -.-
      hehe :p

      • oepieck

        February 22, 2011 at 4:50 pm

        hu’um bagus banget. aku dengerinnya tak hayati *alay
        paling terpesona waktu dia nyanyi “believe”, haduh, langsung nancep di hati!
        aku percaya dia suaranya bagus, tapi karena lebih sering nge-rap dan kalo nyanyi kadang suaranya rada meksa, saya ragu” deh.
        Tapi kalo denger good person ama believe, ragu”nya terobati. 😀

        namun pada dasarnya anak Suju bisa nyanyi semua, bisa nge-dance semua. jadi heran ama antis yang bilang mereka sama sekali g bertalenta.

        iya onnie sama”. Makasih juga udah bikin FF yang mewarnai hari” suram saya, ^^ *deeper bow (cium lantai aja sekalian)

        aduh ternyata saya ketinggalan jaman. ah, tutup muka, malu!
        *malu ama wartawan infotainment maksudnya *PLAKK!!

  3. lolita309

    February 22, 2011 at 7:41 pm

    believe yang mana tuh say? -.- (efek umur)

    BETUUUL~ kurang apa tuh training bertaun-taun, bahkan si yesung yang suaranya uda bener aja training ampe 5 taun. woo antis woo~ *labil*

    HAHAHA, gapapa nak, lanjutkan. itu emang maenan anak muda kok (inget umur lagi #plakk)


    • oepieck

      February 22, 2011 at 8:12 pm

      album pertama onnie, yang diciptain chullie ntu..
      btw, onnie jadi elf sejak umur berapa toh? *berasa wawancara ama tokoh panutan, kwkwkwk~

      hayo tu antis. suka kurang kerjaan banget. foto chul pake baju longgar trus keliatan otot dadanya dibilang punya payudara. Haduh, Cuaapeck dech!

      OK” onn, niatnya klo onnie punya mau aku follow.

      oh iya, saya ragu nih mau manggil onnie, habis kayaknya ada kemungkinan untuk dipanggil ahjumma, kekeke~ ^_^v

      • lolita309

        February 23, 2011 at 1:14 pm

        saya kurang aware emang sama album pertama, maap ._.

        baruuu resmi setaun lewat dikit, dari umur 18. saya ingetnya pokoknya pas SS2 malay kemaren (22 maret 2010) itu saya bener2 belom tau dalem ttg suju, cuma sekedar lagu happiness, member aja masih suka ketuker2. cuma pengen jalan2 aja waktu itu, dan abis nonton konsernya, baru deh langsung gila. ><

        hahaha, masih ada yg lebih ahjumma2 dr saya kok… wkwk :p

      • Oepieck

        February 26, 2011 at 5:44 am

        gak papa onnie, album satu lagunya gak semua bagus, yang bener-bener enak di kuping aja cuma 4. Tapi yang penting itu album selanjutnya, hahaha ^^

        Hwa~ onnie udah pernah liat Suju oppa langsung dong?
        Huwuwuw, mau… tapi kagak punya duit, *gigitin kerah baju
        dari dulu lihat fotonyaaa terus, videonyaaa terus. nonton live streamingnya GDA aja udah lonjak” kayak orang gila, klo lihat aslinya gimana ya?

      • lolita309

        February 27, 2011 at 5:13 am

        Hahaha, iya. Yang aku tau lagunya full cm dr Sorry, Sorry aja, sisanya ya cm hot-hot singlenya aja macem twins, don’t don.. Wkwkw :p
        Btw emg kamu suka mereka dr kapan say?
        Iyaaa~ bnr2 ketemu langsung lho.. Jarak 2meter! (Hasil stalking :D) cakeeeep banget, apalagi yesung. Nggak nyangka banget deh selama ini kl dia secakep+setinggi itu >w<
        Wah, pokoknya km harus liat, saeng. Harus, harus! Nabung yaa~ :p

      • Oepieck

        February 27, 2011 at 9:19 am

        Kekeke~ album kedua lagunya yahut” lho~

        Kalo tau suju sih udah agak lama tapi bener” tergila-gila dan jadi elf baru enam bulan

        2 METER!! 2 METER!!
        OMO~ Ah, aku ngiri berat ama onnie. HIH, pingin kuremet”, *peace onnie, maklum ababil

        Yang bener onnie?! Auranya lebih keluar ya? Kekeke~
        Suju oppa klo lagi ngumpul keliatan biasa” aja. Tapi kalo udah nyebar ato dijejerin ama cwe, langsung keliatan charming dan tinggi… Oh~ *mupeng

        Nabung, ya, nabung~ harus nabung! NABUNG!!! *padahal lagi krismon

      • lolita309

        March 1, 2011 at 1:01 pm

        heeey, kenapa jadi pengen ngeremet2 saya? lohloh :p

        iyaaa ya ampun masih terngiang banget deh si yesung cakeeep ><
        kalo donghae pendek (loh?), hyukie badannya bagus, sungmin agak 'ndut' waktu itu, bahkan aku sempet ngira itu kangin (maklum waktu itu masih ELF baru :p), kyu putiiiih banget, ryeowook ga sekurus dan sefeminin itu loh aslinya, tapi emang keliatan bocahnya hoho, henry imut, zhoumi lagaknya seleb banget… (loh, kenapa saya malah jadi sibuk pameran gini? huahahaha~ *ketawa setan*)

        btw kamu suka TVXQ ga? aku juga mau nonton JYJ nih…

      • oepieck

        March 4, 2011 at 5:43 am

        mwo~ sungmin dikira kangin? kwkwkwkwk~

        gpp onnie, ayo cerita lagi! aku udah geregeten nih. apalagi pas baca bandan.a hyuk bagus. wakakakaak~

        suka. di sekolahku lagi demam tvxq. tapi klo JYJ g terlalu onnie.
        mau nonton? hwa~ ketemu langsung lagi…. *meratapinasib
        *trima diceritani

  4. babyhae

    February 23, 2011 at 5:51 pm

    kenapa pada ngomongin umur dan bawa-bawa ahjumma nih?? *berasa renta* wkwkwk

    astaga!!! suka banget sama Wookie di sini. tegar memilukan *entah apa ini*. cara gambarin Wookie nih jadi bikin yang baca merasa gimanaaaa gitu. antara rela nggak rela wkwkwk

    as usual..this is awesome, Lola^^

    • lolita309

      March 1, 2011 at 12:55 pm

      huahahaha, ada yang berasa tua juga *ada temen :p*

      ‘tegar memilukan’? iya iya bener itu kesannya. 😀

      hehe, gomawo, luv your blog too^^

      • babyhae

        March 1, 2011 at 2:20 pm

        *angkat tangan* > merasa tua wkwkwkwk

        aduh,,,blog saya nggak ada apa-apanya,,,gurunya ada di sini hehehehe

  5. chrisnagustyani

    April 3, 2011 at 1:03 am

    gosh! Bru tw lgu good person waktu liat video suju d YHY sketchbook, ptama mikirnya ni lgu unyu bgt, pasti nyeritain kalo si cowo it nganggep cewe yg dcintainya adl good person *jauhbangetperkiraannya* anak2 suju jga smbil joget2 nyanyinya..

    then when I read this fanfiction, as fast as jetplane(?) I search on google what the song’s mean, then realized if the meaning was so sad, soalnya si cowo cuma bsa jd ‘org yg baik’, gk lbh buat si cewe. *jah, sok2 inggris, pdhl blepotan, ujung2nya jga pke bhasa indo lg* #plakk

    intinya, patah hati it gk slamanya mesti sdih kan? Biar kta bkan org yg dcnta, tapi kta dianggap baik it udh ckup, seenggaknya kita bukan org yg jhat dmata dia…

    btw, abis bca kmen2 diatas, sumpah ngri bgt ama nyonyah, kok bsa2 nya ntn SS2MY pdhl blm jd ELF? *emosifanslabil* aiss pngn bgt liat Kyu, emang seputih apa sih nyah? Udh tw sih kalo si Kyu it lbh pth dr member lain, palagi pas mv bonamana, kentara bgt.. Pdhl org korea kan pth2, gmana t kalo lbh pth? Mpe kdg aku ngerasa puthnya Kyu ntu pth pucat kya mayat hahaha maafkan aku yeobo…

    mian, lg2 nyampah dg kmen spanjang drabble, wakakak

    • lolita309

      April 4, 2011 at 2:42 pm

      Persis, persis! awalnya aku juga ngira gitu lohh… abis terlalu ceria lagunya, ternyata artinya…. nancep JLEBB JLEBB JLEBB!

      Iya, bener sih maksudnya gitu, patah hati nggak selalu sedih, tapi tetep aja kalo ngerasain ya naas… T.T

      hahaha, lagi kebanyakan duit itu *sombong congkak :p* putih banget, parah deh pokoknya, beneran kayak mayat (loh? ><) coba liat ini
      agak blur sih, tapi ya kira2 begitulah, pokoknya putih gila2an -___-

      waah balasan saya juga drabble banget nih hoho~ :p

  6. chrisnagustyani

    April 4, 2011 at 3:58 pm

    ya ampun itu potonyahhh……. Asli ane SPEECHLESS, JELES, PALES(?), TALES(?)

    sedekat it nyonyah ama kyu! Rasanya nyonyah pgn aku tabok dah!(loh?) y ampun gk kbyng dh kalo aku bsa sdkt it ama kyu, bsa lgsg lemes dh aku sking gak pecyanya…
    Oh iya nyah, fb nyah dah aku add, dcnfrm ya ntar ku kash siwon dah hahaha

  7. lolita309

    April 5, 2011 at 9:15 am

    iyaa uda diconfirm kok, makasi yaaa^^

    hahaha, tapi aku sedih waktu itu belom ada si kuda (siwon) dia nyusul soalnya datengnya, jadi ga ke hotel T.T

    • chrisnagustyani

      April 5, 2011 at 1:34 pm

      cupcupcup dah nyah gak ketemu ma mas Kuda, yang penting udah bisa liat live kan waktu konser… oh ya ni saya kasih Siwonnya *lemparsiwon*


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