[THE SERIES/ENG] Lee Triplets VS Kim Boys – Part 1

13 Dec


(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Sungmin, Hyukjae, Donghae

Kim Heechul, Youngwoon, Jongwoon, Ryeowook, Kibum


“So many Kim surnames in this whole country, why do you have to be their sister??” I couldn’t stand to express my madness, sadness to her. She only bent her face.

Aaarggh~ okay, I knew it wasn’t her fault, how would she know in which family she’ll be born? But to think of it again… Kim wasn’t a rare surname, in fact it was among some of the mass surnames in the country. Then why, why she had to be that Kim family member? Why she had to be those boys sister? Why she had to be the only sister of my sibling’s eternal enemy??

Geez, I couldn’t stand not to be angry everytime I remembered those boys, especially the second brother, Kangin. Kangin or Kim Youngwoon was mine and my brothers’ classmate when we were still in Junior High School in Japan. Gosh, he was soooo gross. He always acted like he was Giant from Doraemon series, acted like he was the most powerful, the leader of all.

While in fact, the only thing made him looked like Giant was his appearance. Baldy, tall, big, annoying guy. It was Donghae who first started a confrontation with him. He was sick of his feudalism. I still remembered the first time Donghae decided to break out of Kangin’s power in class. He, of course, always asked for our advise before doing something, especially for this case, where there obviously was a huge gap between his body size and Kangin’s, he wouldn’t able facing him alone.

I was very excited, because of course, to be honest I was very sick of his feudalism too. But unfortunately, Sungmin shook his head.

“Don’t create any more problems here, Hae. He never does you wrong, doesn’t he?” he said calmly. Sungmin was always this calm indeed, he really did always think before took an act. Therefore, this revenge of Donghae was thought to be just unnecessary for him.

“I just want to show him what is right, niichan…” every youngest’s basic character—whining—which of course Donghae possessed too finally out. I nodded to support him. He grinned, EunHae jjang!

Sungmin just shrugged his shoulders, “Show him nicely, then. I’m out of it.” He said while pointing to our class’ door with his chin. We straightly turned our face, and found Kangin was bullying our kohai (junior) there. Donghae quickly got up from his seat and approached him.

Not long, we already saw Kangin quickly threw a fist toward Donghae. I was ready to defend him when the calm Sungmin suddenly popped out from nowhere and against that fist with his palm.

“I won’t forgive any violence happen to my brother when he’s right.” He said seriously.

I was surprised on his action at first. Sungmin learned martial arts indeed, that was why he could oppose to Kangin’s attack like that, but he was so calm he never wanted to get involved in a fight before. But then I giggled, yeah I understood, our brotherhood had definitely surpassed it all.

So I came up and tapped my youngest triplet’s shoulder, “Neither will I, Kim Youngwoon.”

Donghae stared at us and grinned. He then straightly faced Kangin again. “Then let’s bring it on, niichans!”

First confrontation, of course we’d won, though hardly. Kangin’s power really almost equal to three of us together. But apparently, just like we could expect from ‘Giant’, Kangin too wouldn’t let his defeated from us just like that. Because the day after, he already gathered his all brothers against us.

The ninth grader Kim Heechul—actually he really looked uninterested, just like Sungmin, maybe, who helped his brother just for the sake of brotherhood, the seventh grader Kim Jongwoon or his brothers called him Yesung, and the sixth grader twins (what in the hell were this elementary boys doing here??), Kim Kibum and Kim Ryeowook.

Siiiinngg~ Silence.

“Nande (why)? Are you afraid of us?” Kangin grinned proudly.

Donghae exchanged his disgusted look with Sungmin and I, “Iie (nope). Just wondering the same question you just asked us: were you that afraid of losing from us again that you must also bring your sixth grade brothers? Hahaha~”

“Omae wa… (You’re really… -very rude-)!” Kangin straightly punched Donghae, and starting here, the war between Lee triplets VS Kim boys finally broke…

In the end, my triplets and Kim boys’ bad relationship continued even for years, because unintentionally we also attended the same high school. We really didn’t care of people’s opinion about why these Korean kids were always fighting instead of get along well considering we have the same nationality. But thankfully, after two years, in the middle of our tenth grade to be exact, Kim family decided to back to Korea. My twins and I thought that everything was over already, but we’d wrong…


“You still dare enough clinging around my sister??” Kangin grabbed my shirt’s collar then dropped me to the ground harshly. Behind him, I could see Heechul shouted to my Saera and shooing her to her room.

I got up, trying to smile and be friendly, “Come on, man, we’ve grown up now. Let us just forget our children’s play years ago.”

Kangin crossed his hands, “Tsk, children’s play, you said? I’ve told you this won’t over unless you and your brothers beg for our forgiveness.”

“Neo—“ I hardened my fists… but I released them again. I wouldn’t want to start anymore fights between us. I just wouldn’t do anything that would risk the relationship between me and Saera to be worse than this had been.

Kangin chuckled, “Wae? If you dare enough, just bring your brothers over and beg.”


Kangin slammed his house’s door, leaving me in the terrace alone. I clenched my teeth, I was angry. Totally, angry. I turned around and rushed to the car. I really really wanted to get out of here as soon as I can.

“Tadaima (I’m home).” I greeted shortly as even when I was mad, I still couldn’t put my Japanese habit. I straightly ran to mine and Donghae’s room when my younger sister, Yora, greeted me with still an apron attached on her body. Looked like she was rushing from the kitchen.

“Hyukie oppa, you’re home.” She was approaching me while opening his apron, “Don’t go upstairs first, I just finished baking some cookies.”

I smiled, “Um. Ah, here’s your car’s key. Thank you.” I handed her the key. She shook her head.

“It’s okay. I’ve told you I never use it, though.” she laughed.

I laughed too. Yora didn’t drive, indeed, and she preferred not to learn it again although her father already bought her a car. This Park family’s youngest daughter really obeyed her fiancé’s prohibition of not to drive a car again after a small accident that happened to her back in her high school days.

‘Park family’? Yeah, Yora actually wasn’t my real sister. She and her elder sister, Ryeoru, actually were just our cousins. Their parents adopted my brothers and I after our parents passed away nearly last year. And because of that too we finally had to move back to Korea after all these 18 years living in Japan.

“Ah, I saw Sungmin’s shoes outside, is he home now?”

Yora nodded, “Yeah, he’s in basement now, music jam with Siwon and Teuki oppa.” she answered, mentioning his fiancé’s and our brother-in-law’s name. “Oh, speaking of Sungmin oppa, I am very excited about his debut album! Aren’t you, oppa? Solo guitarist, that must be very cool, like, Jimi Hendrix acoustic version, maybe? What do you think, oppa?” she talked while pulled my arm to go to the kitchen. I only nodded with a big smile, how cute my yeodongsaeng is, she had successfully boost my mood. Yora, arigatou^^

“Yora, what took you so—“ suddenly I saw a guy walking out from the kitchen while calling my sister. I quickly raised my head, and stopped my steps as soon as I looked at his face. Apparently, he did the same. His face looked so surprised.

“Kim the third???”

“One of Lee triplets?????”




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7 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] Lee Triplets VS Kim Boys – Part 1

  1. Oepieck

    December 14, 2010 at 8:47 am

    Itu yesung bukan? Iya kan? Iya kan?
    Onnie, ceritain soal kebersamaan.a eunhyuk-saera, dong.
    Oppa jgan nyerah ya! ^^
    Ini kutunggu bgt lho. Bru sadar klo yora itu tembok tipis pembatas lee-kim family.
    Dtunggu lanjutan.a y!

    • lolita309

      December 14, 2010 at 9:54 am

      lha ini tentang mereka loh sayaang~ maksudmu yang lebih ngetengahin mereka aja gitu? gampaaang 😛

      DING DONG DAENG!! betuull itu yesung~ yeyeyeye~

      sipp saeng, ditunggu yaa^^

      • oepieck

        December 14, 2010 at 9:36 pm

        iya maksudku gitu… hehehe.. 🙂

      • lolita309

        December 15, 2010 at 8:24 am

        sipp sayang! 😀


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