16 Dec


(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi

Starring: Lee Sungmin


I didn’t like her.

Even if I did, I COULDN’T like her. I couldn’t like my own student.

I meant, where was my professionality if I did it??

I had to admit that eversince we played the Bella’s together, we became closer-we even attended the musical premiere together-as apparently we share the same interest in piano, but I kept trying to maintain it as a student-teacher relationship. Though I already realized now that she was so appealing; pretty, smart, et cetera, but being professional was more important for me, for now. Okay, maybe now I sounded more old-schooled than ever, I didn’t care.

“Seonsaeng, look! Now it’s Eunhyuk-ssi’s turn giving me ticket for the show! Uwa, it still hasn’t even a week after the premiere.” She told me after the class ended. I just nodded without facing her, still busy examining hers and her class friends’ written test.

“Seonsaeng-nim, jeobwayo (look at me).” She whined. I put my pen and looked at her as she wished.

“What?” I looked pissed. Actually, I was on my way to back off of her slowly, I couldn’t let this student-teacher relationship go further than it should be.

“Accompany me again.”

“Pass.” I answered straightly.


“Busy.” I said while continuing my work, pretending to be busy with all the papers.

She looked disappointed, but looking to all the papers, she nodded, “Geurohji…” She said. She slapped her own cheeks lightly then straightly smiled again. “It’s okay, Seonsaeng-nim. Ganbatte kudasai (fighting)! Annyeonghikaseyo…” She bowed then quickly ran out from the class.

I sighed after I was sure she already far. I did the right thing. This was the right thing.


“So how, Sungmin-ssi?”

I was receiving a phonecall from Ahn-ssi, Energy Entertainment’s producer who offered me the opportunity to be an artist under his management. Ah, I even forgot this matter, just because my two weeks friendship with Saera.

“I still don’t know how to answer, Ahn-ssi, joisonghaeyo… Everything is still so blurry for me. I never intend to be a celebrity, to put first. But I know you offer me good thing.”

“Well, I never am so hard pursuing someone to be my artist before this, Sungmin-ssi. But because I know that you worth the wait, I’ll give you one last week. If you decided to in, please give me a call within this time, okay? I hope you decide yourself the best one, for all. Thank you.” He hung up.

I closed the lid of my flip cellphone and continued my walking toward the parking lot. My ‘Saera problem’ hadn’t fully over, yet this problem came with only a week to be solved. Thank God it was Friday, so tomorrow I could rest the whole day before Sunday came, which also my weekly sound-checking schedule for the musical.

“Sungmin Seonsaeng!” A voice I really recognize called me.

I turned and saw Saera was running toward me. I smirked, “Last time you called me Saem, and just then you called me by my first name??” Those cold words popped out from my mouth just like that.

She straightly stopped her running, looked so surprised hearing my high tone, “Aah… Joisonghaeyo.” Saera quickly bowed.

Did I just scare her?

“Ah, forget it.” I said with a softer tone. “What’s up?”

She smiled while raising her head from the bow, “Oh, here.” She continued approaching me again while taking something from her backpack. “Look, Eunhyuk-ssi gave me a ticket for the show again! This is the third time, I wonder whether the shows aren’t selling well or what… Hahaha.”

I knew where it would go. So I just open the car’s door and quickly got in. I couldn’t let even one word from my sharp tongue hurt her again without I can’t even hold it. But Saera held my arm.

“What… did I do wrong?” She asked unsurely. “You’re avoiding me, right? Right, Seonsaeng? It’s been a week…”

I put her hand off of my arm coldly. Go, Saera, go. Before I am the one made you…

“Seonsaeng-nim, answer me…” Now she grabbed my shirt’s edge.

“I AM NOT your friend!” I said strictly while put her hand off my shirt fiercely. Go now, Saera, please, don’t make me shout you more…


Saera, please… “Not because I was nice to you these last two weeks, you can tell me and do me everything you want! I AM your teacher. Bear that in mind, Kim Saera, please! Annyeonghikaseyo.”

I left her just like that. I knew that she was too tough to cry, but still, I felt sorry for hurting her. ARGH! Why did she always come when I was trying to pull away??


Sunday, weekly sound-checking day,

“Lee-ssi, annyeonghaseyo.” The musical’s sound crews greeted me as soon as I met them.

“Ne, annyeonghaseyo. Are there any sound problems during this last week?”

“Eobseoyo, Lee-ssi. You’ve made a very reliable music and its copy. It made our job easier too, gomapseumnida.” They bowed to me together.

“Aniyo, aniyo, you guys are doing good job too, sorry I can only come once a week.” I bowed too. We then started the sound-checking, seriously. Yes, I was always like this, no jokes while working, and fortunately, these crews somehow already knew it. I guessed it was Jungsoo or Hyukie already told them about my habit before this musical’s preparation began.

As usual, I watched the night’s musical too after the sound-checking. Many people came as it was weekend, breaking my student’s expectation about the sale of the shows.

Haah, I talked about her again. And to tell the truth, I had never been such an easy guy before. Only in two weeks, she took over almost half of my mind, the calm, serious Lee Sungmin’s mind. But, talking about Saera, why didn’t I see her today? Had she already got everything she need to learn for her final assignment? Yeah, maybe it was better like this. I didn’t know what I would say too if I met her.

“Hello, one-third.” Somebody tapped my shoulder. One-third referred to ‘one-third part of soul’, portion for each of the triplets in mine and my triplets’ soul. No need to turn my face just to know who it was. My triplet brother Silver Hyuk.

“Well, hello too, one-third.” I welcomed his hand shake and hug, grinning. “And who you are with?” I recognized a presence of a young lady behind him. Hey, and I just realized too, my messy triplet wore a pair of suits? Was it Donghae the Casanova instead in front of me?

He grinned, “Hehe, don’t you recognize her? Our one and only ‘intern’, Saera-chan.” He asked her to stand beside him with a smile. And now I could see her clearer. My pretty student wore a very nice little black dress, with her hair tied up. With those outfits, they really looked like a pair of the musical’s VVIP audiences rather than just crews like we actually were.

She bowed to me, the awkward feeling really felt between us. Eunhyuk then pleased Saera to sit first, which referred to the seat right beside me, while he himself took a seat on Saera’s left.

I couldn’t focus on the play with the presence of her beside me. Although she never even talked to me during the show, but her fragrance, her voice, they really drove me crazy. I closed my eyes tight, trying to find back my sanity when I felt a light touch on my palm.

“Please take care of my partner for a while, niichan. The actors called me, there’s a problem in backstage.” Eunhyuk whispery said to me then straightly run without I couldn’t even say a thing.

I took a little glance to ‘his partner’, and she unintentionally did the same too. Feeling caught, she straightly turned her face to the other side of the venue.


“What brings you here?” I asked after a long silence. Aish, babo! That wasn’t I was trying to say, I meant: You’re pretty, is there anything so special tonight? Aaargh, my stupid mouth!

“Yesterday’s my last ‘internship’ day here, so Eunhyuk-ssi said he would treat me as VVIP audience tonight. I knew he spent so much money for my ticket, you know, Jungsoo Sajang-nim and his policy, so I am very grateful for him.” She answered emotionlessly.

Right after she said that, our dinner came. This was what she meant by saying our VVIP tickets were expensive, because those included fine dining in them.

Silence again. My mind was too stuffed with her saying that Eunhyuk was even willing to spend so much money just for her. Did he like her? That could be, they spent 2 weeks together, right? Almost everyday, unlike me who just met her three times a week at the school. But more importantly, she said she was very grateful toward my triplet for that, did that meant she also like him??

“I liked you.” She said slowly then, with her face still on the play, like didn’t even want to look at me. I quickly turned to her.


“I liked you. It was very obvious, huh?” She chuckled bitterly, still refused to look at me. “But I used past tense, ‘I liked you’, because though I may don’t want it, but I’ll try to erase this feeling, geokjong hajimaseyo (don’t worry).” She finally smiled to me.

“I’m sor—”

“No,” she cut my words. “Do not sorry me, because I’m fine enough. Just… sorry to yourself, for restraining your own heart…”


“You find it’s right, Seonsaeng-nim?” She weakly smiled watching me stunned. “Being strict isn’t bad, but loosens up isn’t a crime too… Life isn’t always a straight path, so being stiff won’t do, especially to your own true feelings. Don’t you feel lonely, Lee Sungmin Seonsaeng-nim?” She said slowly with a drop of tear came from her eye, which she straightly wiped. She smiled instead to cover it.

I still couldn’t speak a thing, just watching her without doing anything. Her words really hit the very bottom of my heart, my ‘true feelings’?

But suddenly I saw not only a drop of tear came from her eye, she officially cried now. Though she tried so hard wiping them, they kept coming just like nothing she could do about it.

“Oh great, now I really look like a broken hearted teenager. Sumimasen, sensei.” She nodded as a form of apology.

I quickly took my handkerchief and was going to help her wipe the tears when she straightly refused it, “No, please.” She said strictly. “Don’t give me any chance for hopes again, Seonsaeng. Two weeks hoping is enough.” She tried so hard to laugh when she said that.

“No, Kim Saera.” I quickly responded. She was right, I couldn’t restrain my true feelings anymore. What was wrong with student-teacher intimate relation? I got to tell her that I feel just the same as her… “No, I too l—”

“Chit-chatting, huh?” A cheerful voice of my triplet suddenly heard. Saera quickly wiped her last tears dropping through her cheeks and welcomed Eunhyuk.

“Um-hum.” I could see her smiling to my brother, pretending that there was nothing happened just then. To tell the truth, I didn’t like seeing her smiled for other guy but me, and that including my own brother!

Eunhyuk frowned, “Hey, did you just cry? Ya, triplet, what did you do to her? Didn’t I tell you to take care of her?” He quickly scolded me.

Saera pulled the edge of my brother’s suit while shooking her head, “Aniyo, Seonsaeng just told me about your parents and I suddenly gone melancholic because of it… Girls.” She said with a smile.

Eunhyuk still frowned while sitting, “Sou desuka? (Is that so?)” Saera nodded. “Geureom geureohji… Yeah, God knows what’s best for us, and maybe that was the best for both of my brothers and I, and our parents…”

“Sou (That’s right).” Saera nodded slowly. If only I had known that this was my last chance to confess to her…




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9 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] I’LL MOVE ON AND LOOSEN UP – Part 3

  1. zararararakuda

    December 18, 2010 at 11:01 pm

    =.= hey babochorom!!!! aaargghh!! i hate you sungmin ajusshi! but,i do disagree about teacher-student relationship. hhh sorry about my terrible english… and this was AWWSOME Onni!! +faint+ 😀

    • lolita309

      December 19, 2010 at 5:44 am

      Hueee gomawo! 🙂
      Eh kalo kamu ga setuju ya? Kalo aku malah setuju tuh, enak aja, guru sama murid ga boleh pacaran! #plakk
      Hehe, btw gomawo lagi uda baca+komen yaa sayang, englishmu ga kacau ko, mudah2n ff englishku juga gampang dimengerti yaa 🙂

  2. hwangminmi

    December 20, 2010 at 8:58 am

    onnie ~~~~~~~~
    kok ngilang dr ffindo ?
    di sini jg belum ngepost ..
    belum ada lanjutan cerita-ceritanya ya ?
    aku mau baca ~ >.<

  3. lolita309

    December 20, 2010 at 9:21 am

    huahaha, baru ketemu internet lagi nih say… maap yak, hari ini aku post 2 deh langsung disini. ok? maaf yaa sayang~ dan makasi uda nungguin 🙂

  4. babyhae

    January 1, 2011 at 5:48 pm

    lho,,,komenku gak masuk…aneh…

    Aku suka kalimat Saera…tapi kasian,,,semua akhirnya menderita *sigh*

    gak nyangka di the series bakal ada cerita sedih…

    • lolita309

      January 1, 2011 at 6:07 pm

      Yang ini masuk ko sayang 🙂
      Suka kalimatnya saera yang mn? Hehe iya sekali2 aku emang bakal bikin the series yang sedih, karena pada dasarnya aku author mellow ko huhuhu
      Hehe, biarpun pada menderita, tp akhirnya baik kan sungmin akhirnya sadar, 🙂
      Gomawo uda baca+komen sayang^^

      • babyhae

        January 3, 2011 at 9:27 pm

        iya yang itu masuk^^

        aku suka kalimat saera yang –> “Being strict isn’t bad, but loosens up isn’t a crime too… Life isn’t always a straight path, so being stiff won’t do, especially to your own true feelings. Don’t you feel lonely, Lee Sungmin Seonsaeng-nim?” <–

        bwahahaha….gile,,,sedikit banyak ini kalimat bikin saya pengen berubah juga…agak mirip sungmin sih *curcol/plakk*

        sekali lagi jeongmal kamshahamnida, dear author^^

      • lolita309

        January 4, 2011 at 9:48 am

        hooo jadi kamu model orang introvert macem sungmin juga sayang? hehe mudah2an segera bertobat ya kau nak.. *digampar*

        hehe, cheonmane, dear!^^

  5. babyhae

    January 4, 2011 at 7:24 pm

    saya akan bertobat wkwkwkwk…kalo dapet Hae *plakk*


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