09 Dec


(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi

Starring: Lee Sungmin



I pressed the bell in Jungsoo’s house impatiently.

“Niisan–” I straightly talked as soon as the door opened when I realized that I wasn’t even him. “…Donghae-ya??”

Hey, what was my last triplet doing in our in-law’s house?

“Min-ah! What are you doing here?” Donghae welcomed me into the house.

“Ya, it should be me asking you: what are you doing here? Shouldn’t cops take care of people from criminalities 24/7?” My youngest brother was a cop.

“Aish~ which century are you live in, saranghaneun Sungminnie? People recognize shift system, nowadays… Still old-schooled as always.” He mumbled.

Even my brother said I was old-schooled. Did I really need to loosen up like Kim Saera said?

I sat on the sofa in the living room after put my guitar first on the sofa too. Donghae followed me sitting. “Where’s niisan? Is it always so silent here?”

“Oh, yes, it’s your first time visiting here, right? Um-hum, being compared to our house, yes, it is always this silent here,” he said.

I nodded, as long as our house had you and Eunhyuk together, every other house would definitely considered ‘silent’.

“…noona and hyungnim as newlyeds thought that maids would be just bothersome so they decided not to have one first. And oh, they haven’t home yet, maybe in ten more minutes. You straightly come after work? What’s up?”

“I have something to talk with niisan.”

Donghae already understood my less-talking habit so he just nodded. “Ah, have you eaten? Here, here…” He pulled my body to the kitchen in this white big house then opened the fridge in front of us. “Look, so many snacks and they even have pizzas! Oh~ how I love this couple’s simplicity. Yora and appa would never let these unhealthy foods enter our house, so just eat as much as you want here, noona would never mind. Meokja!” He threw me packs of snacks from the refrigerator and put the left-over pizzas in the microwave.

So we got ourselves snacking while waiting for our sister and her husband to come. But it had been too long…

“Where have they been?” I started to feel uneasy.

“Just relax, niichan. Here, eat more. Aah~ how peaceful this house is. Maybe I’ll ask hyungnim whether I could watch the house again whenever they aren’t home. Then I could invite my girlfriend too…” He started with his evil plan. I only shook my head, already used to it.

“Well, ‘Ee Baram’-eun ee baramiya (‘Lee Baram’ is always such player). There’s no such thing as changes.”

We both looked to the door. My little sister entered the house with his tall fiance.

“Yora, Siwon Sunbae-nim!” Donghae shouted to Yora and Siwon who was also a cop, his office-mate. “What are you guys doing here?”

“Meeting eonni.” She answered.

“And please don’t call me ‘sunbae-nim’ again, Hyung. It really doesn’t feel right.” Siwon said to Donghae politely. “Night shift, Hyung?”

“Uhm.” Donghae answered. “I’ll have Hyukie drop me by before he home.”

“So Eunhyukie gonna be here too??” I shocked.

“We share the same car, what could we say?”

“Don’t worry, Hyung. Once you got promoted, you’ll get a car assigned for you just like me. As for now, just enjoy your Junior Officer’s shift system days.” Siwon said, smiling.

“Helloo… I saw many cars outside, so does everybody miss us?” My big sister’s loud voice suddenly hit our ears. She entered the house while tagging along her husband’s elbow. Behind him, Eunhyuk followed with a tired looks.

“Where have you guys been?” I exploded.

“Sorry, today’s the D-1 day to the musical, so the office kind of getting all crazy because of it.” Jungsoo explained.

“1, 2, 3,” she counted while pointing at us, “…4.” She turned to count Eunhyuk too. “So I have all my siblings gathered here? What in the hell was happened?”

Both me and Yora exchanged looks.

“Sungminnie oppa first.” She said.

“Oh, I just need to talk to niisan… So, niisan?”

“Just talk here, Sungmin-ah. It’s about Ahn-ssi, I supposed? He called you already?” Jungsoo said calmly.

So he knows? What is there behind everything, actually?

“So this producer from the Energy Entertainment asked to have you as their artist? Without training like any other rookies should undergo? Whoa!” Yora summed all my sentences surprisedly.

I just nodded slowly, “He said preparations must be existed, but no training because he already heard my demo and it satisfactory. Niisan it must be you.” I glared to Jungsoo.

The suspect only wandered his eyes, pretending not to hear anything.

“Sungmin-ah, you really are our triplet!” Eunhyuk and Donghae suddenly shouted and hugged me who sat between them at the same time.

“We gonna have a celebrity in our family, isn’t that really something?” Donghae shouted excitedly.

“Geureom!” Eunhyuk supported his partner-in-crime with a five.

“I also was a celebrity, you know…” Jungsoo said, not wanting to lose his pride in front of his in-laws.

“Just a model doesn’t count, Yeobo.” My big sister, Ryeoru, cut sharply. Jungsoo straightly put his face down. He was knocked out, even his dearest wife didn’t support him… *sobs*

I put my face down too, but as for me, it was because: why do I have to discuss this matter on an open discussion like this?? Moreover with these kind of people?? *glared to EunHae*

“I think you should accept it, Min Oppa.” Yora said wisely which supported by the other’s nodding heads. I thought she and Siwon were the only sane people here. “It’s a good opportunity, I think. Moreover it’s Energy Entertainment, right? That Energy Entertainment.”

I shrugged my shoulders, “Should I? Well, yeah, I’ll think about it…”

“Just don’t make it too long, Sungmin-ah.” Looked like Jungsoo already found his way back to sanity. “This won’t happen twice, you know.”

I nodded.

“And oh yeah,” he took something from his work bag. “…here, ticket for our premiere tomorrow, please give one to your student too, what’s her name again?”


“Saera-chan.” Eunhyuk surpassed me again while grinning. Chan? Were they already that close? Gah, none of my business, though.

Jungsoo chuckled while shooking his head, “Keep your aegyo from me, Hyuk-ah. It’s disgusting.”


I was attending teachers’ annual meeting when I heard this one surprising fact,

“No doubt, this year’s best student should go to Kim Saera again.”

“Again?” I asked the flute teacher, Lee Yoonji beside me.

“Yeah, she holds the best student title in this music school already for three consecutive years. It’ll be her fourth year if the teacher review and her exam score support her again.” She explained.

“But she is still on Upper Basic in my guitar class, shouldn’t best student tittle go to Intermediate and above?” I opposed.

“If she passed this end semester’s exam, she’d be Advance 2 in my class.”

“Eh? She attends your class too?”

“And Yoo Seonsaeng’s piano and Geum Seonsaeng’s drum. But flute is her specialty, that’s why she already on the high level. The first 2 years for her best student title came from her flute class. Mine.” She smiled. “Such a genius, and last year she got it from her piano class, guess why. Just because she just reached the Intermediate. Yoo Seonsaeng said if wasn’t because she hadn’t reached the level, he must had gave her the title.”

“But she doesn’t show any spectacular skill or anything in my class…” I kept defending. It was hard to believe there was such a genius right in front me, but I didn’t even realize it.

The flute teacher chuckled, “Because her background is classic.  She attends yours and Geum Seonsaeng’s class to enrich her skills, but still her gift is in classic.” She suddenly lowered her voice because our headmaster glared to us. “Ah, Sungmin Seonsaeng teaches piano too, right? Sometimes you need to hear her playing, amazing.” She winked then straightly listened carefully to the meeting again.


“Waeyo, Sae—Seonsaeng?” Saera asked when I (unintentionally) stared at her instead of listened to the other student’s playing on the exam.

“Ah, oh, aniyo.” I answered stutterly. “Okay, enough.” I tapped my student’s shoulder to stop him playing. “Kim Saera.” I called.

She walked to the front of class while hugging her green guitar happily. And she played smooth, I had to admit, but still, not that stunning. Hard to believe she was a genius in classical instruments.

“Wae iraeyo, Seonsaeng?” She now sounded a bit irritated to find me still looking at her so intensely, even when she was done playing.

“Lee Seonsaeng-nim, dangshineun Saera eonnireul joh-ahaji? (Do you like Saera eonni?)” One of my student suddenly shouted which attracted the others’ laughter, including Saera.

“Oh, really, Seonsaeng-nim?” Saera asked me too, more like a tease.

“Y-Ya, how can I like my own student? Now, geumanhae (stop it).” I said strictly.

“Waeyo? Aahh, how pitiful, I kind of like Seonsaeng-nim, though.”


This kid… How could she easily say that? And more importantly, why was my heart throbbing because of it??

“Aish, I said geumanhae.” I scolded her. “Next, Min Taejoon. And Saera-ssi, meet me in the teacher’s room after the class.”

And she pouted all the way back to her seat.

End of class,

“Cheogiyo.” Saera peeked into the teacher’s room after knocking. “Ah, Yoonji Saem, Lee Seonsaeng-eun eodiseyo?”

“Sungmin Seonsaeng?” She asked back. Saera nodded. “His table is… ah, right there, near the grand piano. See that?” Yoonji pointed one of the cubicle workspaces with ‘Lee S.’ placard attached on its triplex wall.

Saera bowed, “Gamsahamnida, Saem-nim!”

Yoonji, the last teacher who hadn’t gone home except Sungmin replied with a smile then straightly left for home, following the other teachers’ path.

“Seonsaeng?” Saera greeted me while peeking into my cubicle workspace. I turned. “Seonsaeng, joisonghamnida, I won’t dare teasing you again.” She bowed deeply.

I giggled, “What are you talking about? Here, play it there.” I handed her a music sheet I just wrote while pointing the grand piano behind me with my chin.

Fur Elise?” She asked surprisedly. “But this is—”

“Just play.” I cut her sentence. I got up and sat her on the piano chair.

She finally agreed to play. From the moment she touched her first note, I already realized that she was great. Fur Elise, an easy song, even kindergarten kid already learned it at school. But as for me, this song also cautious. It could show you someone’s true skill of piano, that was why I always ask my new student to play this song before he/she may attend my class, so that I may know how well he/she already in piano.

And as for her, I had to admit that my fellow teachers didn’t only blow something up, she really was great. She had the ‘soul’, which was the key for her spectacular performance.

“Jalhanda, Kim Saera.” I clapped my hands.

She grinned, “Hehe, gomapseumnida. I hadn’t played this song for sooo long! Yoo Seonsaeng always has me doing difficult numbers.”

“You like simple songs, then, huh?” I sat beside her on the piano chair. “Then let’s play a song that you like. We can do modern one too.”

She blinked, “‘We’? Are we going to—” I nodded. She smiled, “Bella’s Lullaby from the movie Twilight. Geu norae… araseumnikka?”

I chuckled, “Joh-a.” Then I started to play. A song which always accompanied Bella sleeping. A song made and played by Edward Cullen only for his soulmate, Bella Swan. Saera still stunned.

“Ya, wouldn’t you help me?” I jokingly protested.

“I thought you wouldn’t know this song…”

“Ya, what do you mean? I’m still 25, of course I know this song. It would be different, though, if you asked that to your Yoo Seonsaeng.” I answered, referring to our school’s elderly teacher.

Saera laughed, “Andwae, you really don’t look like a 25-year-old guy!”

I glared, “This kid! I thought just some minutes ago we have someone said that she won’t dare teasing me again.”

“Hahaha, but really, Seonsaeng-nim. All you need to do is loosen up, loosen up! 25-year-old guy shouldn’t be so strict.” She still laughed. “Ah, I love this song.” She smiled while starting the Bella’s Lullaby again.

I sighed, totally lost over this girl. “Me too.” I said then, while joined her playing. She turned her face to me and smiled. I never thought I would find my first friend I could share a hobby with in Korea after all this time through a Bella’s Lullaby.



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3 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] I’LL MOVE ON AND LOOSEN UP – Part 2

  1. Oepieck

    December 10, 2010 at 10:27 pm

    Ah onnie keren bgt. Kok bisa sh onnie bikinnya?
    Jgan jangan ntar umin ama kunyuk rebutan saera alias aku? Kekeke~
    Ntar dibikin yang eunhyuk ama saera kan?

    Dtunggu lanjutan.a y!

  2. lolita309

    December 12, 2010 at 9:57 am

    Hehehe gomawo^^

    Alaaah maunya nih kamu.. Wkwkw, tp jd rebutan ga yaaa~ hhe, ditunggu ajah saeng^^

  3. Oepieck

    December 12, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    Ok deh onnie!


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