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(Bahasa Version)

Written by: Lolita Choi

Starring: Lee Sungmin


“Sungmin-ah, will you help me on my company’s new project? We need a music director and I couldn’t find anybody more suitable for it than you.” Park Jungsoo, my brother-in-law asked me when he and his wife visited our house like he always did every weekend.

“Hm? Mollasseumnida, niisan… You know, I’m still teaching too.” I answered politely. I’d lived for 18 years in Japan that I still couldn’t put it down although my triplet brothers and I already back in our home country. “By the way, what kind of project will your company organize this time?”

“It’s a musical. Now so many people trust our event organizer even more, so your sister and I decided to expand and accept this musical request.” He answered.

“Just tell him you’re busy, Sungmin-ah. Actually he just wants to reduce the budget by using his relatives. He already got me as the choreographer and now he wants you. Miser.” One of my triplet brother, Hyukjae or we called Eunhyuk, came and sat beside me on the sofa.

“Ya! What kind of miser would invest lots of money on your dance studio building and give you a job on your specialty while waiting for your studio to be done, huh?” Jungsoo patted my triplet’s head. The victim only grinned innocently.

“If only I knew working at your place would only brought me jealousy for always spotting your ‘personal activities’ with noona everyday, Hyung.” He muttered.

Jungsoo laughed uncontrollably, “Then find your own girlfriend! Hahaha!”

Eunhyuk stared at him strangely, “What I was trying to say is that, haven’t you satisfied enough doing that ‘dirty pleasure’ at your home that you have to continue it at the office? Aish!”

Jungsoo laughed even louder. They kept joking and teasing that way, so casually like a real sibling which made me a bit jealous. Jealous, because we knew and met our brother-in-law in the same time, just some months ago when we moved here, but Eunhyuk and my youngest triplet brother, Donghae, already close to everybody within the short time. While me? As you can see, I even still talk so politely to my brother-in-law who was only three years older than me.

Yeah, Ryeoru neesan, Jungsoo’s wife actually wasn’t mine, Eunhyuk, and Donghae’s real sister. She and Yora, her little sister, were my cousins before my parents past away in an accident months ago. Since then, their parents required me and my triplet brothers back to Korea to live in their house and consider them as our real eomma and appa.

“So, what do you think, Sungmin-ah? It’s a huge musical, you won’t be disappointed. Yaksogiya (It’s a promise).”

It took me sometimes to think, but… “Geureohnikka… ye, I’m in.”

I hope this would build me a more close relationship with my family.


“Saem!” one of my students in this music school called me when I was about to open my car—edit, it was actually Yora’s car. I canceled it and stared at her.

“How many times I’ve told you that a student—especially a girl—shouldn’t call her teacher impolitely like that?”

“Ara, ara…” she answered. I glared at her again. “…yo. I mean arayo, arasseoyo Seonsaeng-nim…” she pouted. “Cheogiyo, Seonsaeng-nim, I heard you are part of the upcoming musical, right? Which organized by the P.A.R.K Organizer?”

I nodded, “Geureohke. Waeyo?”

“Aniyeyo… Geundae, I’m doing my final assignment right now, I took Performing Arts in college and my team decided to do a musical, so I hope maybe Lee Seonsaeng could let me participate… in the orchestra, perhaps? Or anything, I just want to learn how to produce a musical… Jebalyo?”

I frowned, “Mworagoyo? Final assignment? How old are you, Saera-ssi?”

“20. I’m a ’91-er. I entered the college when I was 17, and I took the short semesters, that’s why in just 3 years I already am doing the final ass.” She answered. “Wae geuraeyo, Seonsaeng? Do I really look that young for a final semester student?”

I nodded, “Well, that is one, but the more surprising fact is that you are still in the Upper Basic Level in my class, the level for Junior High Schoolers…”


I entered the venue for the upcoming musical in which I would be the music director. I spotted Jungsoo niisan was talking while pointing here and there around the interior, while my triplet was busy with his dancing actors on the stage. Everybody seemed to work hard for this first musical project of our company.

“Niisan.” I tapped his shoulder.

He turned, “Ya, Sungmin-ah! Your work’s done?” he greeted. I nodded. “Ah, Ahn-ssi, ee sarameun, uri music director, Lee Sungmin. Sungmin-ah, Ahn-ssi neun Energy Entertainment-eui producer. He’s like the ‘big boss’ here.” Jungsoo introduced us.

I bowed, “Annyeonghasimnikka… Jeoneun Lee Sungmin imnida.”

“Aigoo, aniyo, aniyo, Lee-ssi. Park Sajang-nim likes joking I supposed, I’m only a representative from my company.”

“Hahaha, how down to earth, Ahn-ssi.” Jungsoo praised him.  But his eyes suddenly caught a presence behind me. “Cheogi, Sungmin-ah, geunyeoneun… heokshi…”

I was startled by his question, I almost forgot that I brought her over too now!

“A-ani, aniyo… She’s my music school’s student, Kim Saera. Saera-ssi wants to do musical for her final assignment in college, so she asked me whether she could watch and learn how to produce a musical here. Is it okay, Niisan, Ahn-ssi?”

“Geureomyo.” Said Jungsoo and Ahn-ssi in a time.

“Bangabseumnida, Saera-ssi. Park Jungsoo imnida, from the P.A.R.K Organizer.” Jungsoo greeted her.

“Annyeonghasimnikka, mannaseo bangabseumnida…” She greeted him back with a bow.

“Geuraeseo, Niisan, Ahn-ssi, excuse me now, I want to introduce Saera-ssi to the other crews, if I may?” I asked for their permission.

“Ah, ye, ye, please.” Ahn-ssi answered which supported by my brother-in-law nodding head.

I bowed a bit then straightly walked toward the stage. I should greet my triplet first. Behind me, Kim Saera walked while holding her notebook, ready if there were something she should noted.

“Hyuk-ah!” I called him from down the stage.

“Min-ah, you came! I thought your job desk was only took place in the studio.” He shouted still on the stage, but after gave a break for the actors he trained.

He opened his cap then squatted while wiping his sweat with the small towel I just threw him. He grinned of thankful, his famous gums grin.

“Oh, Hyuk-ah, can you come down? It’s very rude to have your conversation partner—moreover if he’s your older brother—stand below you, right?” I reminded him.

Eunhyuk put on his cap again, “Ah, hai, gomen ne, wasureta (Ah, yes, sorry, I forgot).” He walked toward the stairs beside the stage.

While waiting for him, I felt a light stroke hit my arm, “Are you always so strict about etiquettes, Seonsaeng-nim? Sometimes you’ll need to loosen up a bit, you know.” My student said to me.

Loosen up? A good point.

“Niichan.” Eunhyuk called me after he down form the stage.

I smiled, “Nani? Why suddenly use Japanese again?”

“Hehehe, just suddenly missed Tokyo, I almost hopeless that I got to wait until we met at home, but then you came. This is another proof that we are two real twins. Hahaha.”

I laughed too at his words, based on appearance, nobody would ever believe that we were twins indeed.

“Anou… Sumimasen…”

Both of me and Eunhyuk turned the source of voice. My girl student stood there with a shy smile. Aigo, I almost forget again that I still have her here. But wait, did she just speak Japanese?

“Kim Saera-ssi? Niga—”

“Kimi wa Nihongo ga wakaru? (You understand Japanese? -Informal speech, very Eunhyuk-)” Eunhyuk exceeded my words.

“Ah, hai. I once lived in Japan. Actually I knew that Lee Seonsaeng was transferred from Japan, but I never have the courage to talk about it.” She exhaled her breath of reliefness. “Kim Saera desu, onamaewa…? (I’m Kim Saera, what’s your name…?)”

“Boku wa Lee Hyukjae, Eunhyuk. Uwa, dozo, atarashii no tomodachi! (I -informal, boyish style- am Lee Hyukjae, Eunhyuk. Nice to meet you, new friend!)”

“Hai, dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu… (Yes, nice meeting you too, please give your guidance…)”

“Ya, pause there a while.” I interrupted. “Now that you guys met, I have something to say. Hyuk-ah, this is Saera-ssi, my music school’s student. She took Performing Arts in college just like you, and she wants to do musical for her final assignment. Jungsoo niisan have agreed to have her here to learn, and since you guys share the same subject in college, I want to leave her to you. Is that okay?”

“So Eunhyuk-ssi took Performing Arts too in college?” Saera asked surprisedly.

“Geurae. Nihon Daigaku graduated. Please to meet you Saera-kohai (junior), and maybe Sungmin forget to tell this but I’m the main choreographer here.” He grinned proudly.

“Then I’ll leave you guys here, okay? I’ll be in backstage, sound-checking if you guys need me.”

“Ah, jamsimanyo, Seonsaeng-nim.” She called before I left. “I heard from your chat before, Lee Seonsaeng and Eunhyuk-ssi are twins… Really??”

Eunhyuk laughed, one more person who didn’t believe this (funny) fact. But I didn’t.

“Well, that’s the truth. Actually it’s triplets. We got another triplet brother on board.” I smirked then straightly leave. But I still could see the change in Saera’s face, between stunned and… shocked? Eunhyuk’s laughter was getting louder too because of it.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the venue…

“Park Sajang-nim, to tell the truth, I have a very big interest on our music director.”

“Eh?” Jungsoo quickly faced his partner again, Ahn-ssi from the Energy Entertainment.

“He’s still young, music director means he fully understands about music—it’s right, isn’t it?, and the most important is that he got the looks. Very potential.”

As a former actor in the entertainment industry–Jungsoo had been a model in his college days–he quickly understood where the topic would go. But he decided to pretend like he didn’t know a thing, “So?” He said.

“Well, I was wondering whether I could have his contact or demo, if you have one… I got a very good offer for him.”

Jungsoo chuckled, good genes really ran through his family’s veins. (He didn’t realize that they weren’t even blood-related -___-“)




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4 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] I’LL MOVE ON AND LOOSEN UP – Part 1

  1. oepieck

    December 7, 2010 at 7:06 am

    ah!!!!! Sekali lagi aku hepi baca ff!

    Aku keluar juga!!!! Kekekeke~ *reader geje
    Ternyata tokohnya pernah tinggal di jepang dan skolah Performance Arts.
    Klo boleh jujur, aku suka jepang dan arts. Sumpah, kayak big present for me.

    Makasih y, Lola onnie udah mau jadiin aku cast di sini. ^^.

    • lolita309

      December 8, 2010 at 11:05 am

      sama-sama sayaaang, ini ga seberapa sama dukungan kamu selama ini, hikshiks.

      tunggu bahasa versionnya juga yaa di ffindo, disitu baru bakal lebih kugembargemborkan kalau dirimu lah si Saera ini. wkwkw~ 🙂

      • oepieck

        December 9, 2010 at 12:30 pm

        ah yang bener…?? Jadi tersanjung.. Kekeke~
        sama-sama deh onnie klo begitu…^^

        pasti aku tunggu! (udah geregetan ini..) 🙂


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