01 Dec


(Bahasa Version)

Written by Lolita Choi

Starring: Choi Siwon


“What kind of wife coming home always at dawn, tell me!” I shouted when I saw her entered our house. She seemed to be surprised of me waiting her in the living room.

“Y-You’re waiting,” she said.

“I’ll look for some fresh air.” I took my coat and went out, leaving her still froze in the living room. She might be cry, I knew. I had hurt her, I knew. And actually, she always home at dawn was because her work as a doctor, I knew it too. But we were a couple of newlyweds…

AARGH~ I never knew that our relationship could be this hard. I meant when we’d been in high school, everything just seemed to be beautiful. We’d supported each of our dream, me policeman and her doctor. Of course, both were cool jobs, weren’t they? In high school, nothing had seemed to worry us. In high school, maybe I’d seemed to only worry an unimportant thing. In high school…


“Ya, Siwon-ah, what did you write on today’s college list?” Yora came to me with her bright eyes. I always loved them. But why was she always with this guy? I looked at Kim Jongwoon or everybody called Yesung beside her, who seemed to be her guardian.

But I smiled, “Seoul Police Academy, Seoul Police Academy, Seoul Police Academy.”  I told her all of my three college options which contained the same name. Yeah, I always wanted to be a cop, and Seoul Police Academy was the best choice to my dream. “And you?” I asked back.

Oh my God, her eyes became brighter. She was just too cute! God help me, God help me. I prayed.

“No way!” she shouted. “I too wrote Korea University Medical School, Korea University Medical School, and Korea University Medical School! Whoaa~ I think we have the same way of thinking.” She smiled.

“Yeah, I too think we’re destined.” I said. She kept her smile. Oh please, didn’t she realize that I was confessing? “And… what about you, Yesung?” I turned to the guy beside her. It didn’t seem right if I ignored his presence, right?

“Still haven’t chosen any.” He answered.

“Yeah, poor Yes.” She looked at him. “If you really want to be a lawyer, you should choose some law schools soon, okay?” she reminded him affectionately. Very envious.

‘Yes’. She even had a special nickname for him. Dear God, am I just messing around here?

However, I never thought about it again since I seldom heard that, though. I only got the same class with her this year, and in this twelfth grade, Yesung unfortunately had to join the different class after two years in the same class with her (eventhough he still came often to our class, geez). I only knew that they were no more than bestfriends since I already chased Park Yora from the tenth grade when I met her in school clubs conference.

“Why do you want to be a doctor?” I asked one day when we finally in a relationship. Yeah, when I finally confessed, she said that for so long she had the same feeling, too. Babocheorom (foolish-like) Siwon, I should have confessed from the beginning. But nevermind since she was officially mine now. Kekeke~ *proud smile*

“My father’s a doctor.” She answered with a smile. Another fact about her I currently knew. “But even so, when I was a kid I did hate hospital, because every kid does too, right?” she looked at me chuckling, I nodded and smiled.

“Until one day, I got to be operated, appendix-cut surgery—kids problem, haha. I didn’t want to do it, ‘I prefer die than do it’ was what I think that time, very kid-like. So I locked myself in my hospital room’s bathroom, I wouldn’t come out unless they promise not to operate me.

“But, my doctor-father had an idea. He told me that he wanted to show me something and after I saw it, I may decided whether I still didn’t want to do the surgery or not.” She took a breath.

“And…?” I demanded. She smiled before continuing her story.

“And he took me to the operating room, watching the surgeons operate a patient. It was like… a totally different world; unique lamps here and there, colder room, and an open chest—I saw a heart surgery that time. Everything was like… OH MY GOD. They successfully persuaded me, and since then I want to be a doctor.” She ended her story smiling. “And you? Why do you want to be a cop?” she asked me back.

“Me? Umm… I just love reading and watching news.” I said. She listened to me very well. “But everytime I found criminal news, I always have to be disappointed that just many cases left unanswered which I think was unfair to the victims and their family. I’m sick of that, I want a change. That’s why I hope if I become a cop, I could be a good cop who can change the way our cops work now, so that more justice can be brought.”

Her eyes suddenly shined. “W-What?” I asked confusedly.

“Whoa~ that was just SO COOL!” she praised. “Truly. You really are a kind-hearted, Siwon-ah.”

I blushed. My God, where was the ‘ice-prince Siwon’ every girl like? I was totally another person when I with her. Or… this was actually the real me? “Hm, doctor’s cool job too! I’m sure you’ll be a very good, busy, well-known doctor in the future.” I praised her back.

She smiled, the best smile I ever saw from a girl, “Then let’s promise to support each other’s dream so that we can pursue them successfully! Shall… we…” her words got slow as I came closer, willing to kiss her pink lips. One more centimeter…

“Yes! You’re here.” She shouted suddenly. ‘Yes’? For so long, I finally heard that name again. I stopped and turned around, and there I found Yesung. Oh, please…

“Hello, do I bother you guys?” he asked us smiling—more like an evil smile to me.

‘Very big YES!’ my mind answered. “No, not at all.” Yora and I both answered.

“Ya, Yora! I just want to show you this.” He came up with his college list and showed that to us.

1.       Korea University Law School

2.       Seoul Police Academy

“Just two?” I asked.

“I never knew that you want to be a policeman?” Yora asked him confusedly.

“No, I don’t want to be it,” he answered, straightly to Yora’s question and ignored mine. GRRRR~

“But in case I couldn’t be a lawyer, I think at least I could still be your guardian by watching this our friend,” he embraced me. “…because I heard the policewoman-teachers there are very sexy! Furthermore, I think police’s job is kind of similar to lawyer’s—brings the justice, right?—and the passing grade isn’t too high too… Kekeke~”

Dear Lord, if I may kill a guy, may I kill him?


‘Yes’, and ‘Yes, and ‘Yes’, here and there…

Ever since Yesung posted his college list to our counseling teacher, we started meet a lot, altogether with the other candidate for SPA to speak about our future with the teacher. Which means Yora would see him too whenever she visited me in the counseling room. Which means the more that ‘special nickname’ too I would hear.

I was jealous! Very, very, very jealous. I knew that this was an unimportant thing to be worry about, but still I couldn’t accept my girl calling another boy so affectionately like that. And finally I had enough…

“Why do you always call Yesung with ‘Yes’ while me just ‘Siwon-ah’?”

She raised her beautiful eyebrows, “Then what did you expect me calling you? ‘Siw’…? Eww, sorry, but that’s a bit…” she looked at me like I’m a weirdo.

“No, no, I mean, how could he have a very special nickname just from you, umm… I mean why do you have to create another nickname for him when ‘Yesung’ itself already a nickname? His name’s Kim Jongwoon, right? Why can’t you call him just the way everybody does? I feel like I no differ than your other friend, while he is the one looked like your namja-chingu (boyfriend).”

She seemed to be surprised of what I said. But since I already started this quarrel, let’s spoke everything I need to speak.

“He obviously likes you, don’t you know that? I—“

“I know.” She interrupted. I crossed my arms, more willing to listen every explanation she had. “He confessed since we were in the 1st grade together. But what could I say when the only guy I see is you from the very beginning?”

DEG! I was speechless, again, just because one sentence from her.

“We both sure he doesn’t like it but I guarantee that he totally knows and understands that I have no feeling for him other than friend—maybe bestfriend—because once again, I only have you in my eyes…” she confessed. “And, about that nickname thing… come here,” he asked me to bend a bit so that we were on the same eye-level—she’s petite, I’m telling you. She whispered in my ear, just one single word but I felt like I could never worry Yesung or anything more.



Since then, Yesung was ‘my man’. I meant totally my man, since I never worried him no more. Like, ‘Ya, Yesung, Yora might call you ‘Yes’, but she calls me ‘Jagi’. Hahaha~ *evil laugh*‘

And to be honest, he was a very good friend once we were good to him. Each day, he even got closer and closer to me than to Yora. He stood by my side everytime Yora and I on a quarrel, and we decided to rent a house together after graduated from the SPA. Oh yes, we both accepted to be SPA’s students, making him had to forget his lawyer dream and once again be Yora’s guardian to watch me. Yora too accepted at her college choice, Korea University Medical School. We kept our promise to always support each other’s dream no matter what…

Which stupidly I forgot today.

Babo, babo, babo! I cursed myself. I needed to back home a very right now! But… where am I? I looked around and shocked. Without me realizing, I already stood in front of our high school. So I stopped for a while, smelling the unique scent I’ve always missed from this school.

Suddenly I saw a very familiar police motorbike under pomegranate tree my school still had since I-don’t-know. Yesung’s.

“Urireul bogoshipta (I miss us).” He said without looking at me who found him behind our school’s gate, looking at our school building.

“Na do (Me too).” I said after followed him leaning on the wall.

“Lovers’ quarrel again?”

No one knew me and Yora better than him. “You can tell.” I answered.

“Come on home, I’ll take you. Actually I really want to visit you guys ever since you moved out, but I was too afraid to disturb a couple of newlyweds. Ahh~ couldn’t you guys just live in our former house? Will make no big difference, though, since Yora sometimes sleptover at ours too—except that I would begin to hear some ‘unwanted sound’ every night from your room, but nevermind. I still don’t want to share a house with strangers nooo~” he whined.

I patted his head, “Babo! Here, give me your key. Ya, Mr. Traffic Officer, your shift hasn’t start, right? Let me speed up your motorbike just this morning, for you still can not give me ticket now. Hahaha~”

Yora-ya, my wife Park Yora. Just wait for me to say my sorry for have forgotten our promise this morning. Please whisper your special nickname for me once again, and I promise it would strengthen our promise more… ‘Jagi-ya’.



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6 responses to “[THE SERIES/ENG] YES AND JAGI

  1. oepieck

    December 11, 2010 at 10:01 pm

    ah, masalah sepele bisa jadi ff keren!
    bagus lola onnie!
    lucu juga siwon ama yesung di sini. ^^

    • lolita309

      December 11, 2010 at 10:19 pm

      Sepertinya kerjaan saya emang bikin gede masalah2 sepele ya? Jd inget penyebab putusnya teuki sm ryeoru di the break-up hahaha.
      However, gomawo yaa saeng uda baca+komen 🙂

      • oepieck

        December 12, 2010 at 6:31 pm

        Tapi menurutku itu ciri khas onnie.
        Keren banget.

        Sama-sama Onnie, 🙂

      • lolita309

        December 12, 2010 at 6:37 pm

        Ah si dongsaeng, jadi malu >w<
        Btw tulisan kamu apa kabar tuh? Uda dikirim ke ffindo sayang? Ayoo tunjukkan pada dunia kalo kamu ada. 🙂

      • oepieck

        December 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

        ih, lola onnie genit..!!! *PALKK!!
        Udah aku kirim onnie, udah dipublish, alhamdulillah responnya bagus.
        Makasih ya onnie udah mau support aku, klo gak mungkin aku bakal gak pede ngirimnya.
        Jeongmal gamsahamnida… 😀


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