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Written by Lolita Choi

Starring: Lee Hyukjae aka Super Junior Eunhyuk

Eunhyuk showed his bad mood again on a show. It was the second time he did it in the last a week they promoted their ‘No Other’. Other members did realize it, especially his number 1 fan, Donghae. They also knew by expecting, what was the reason of his bad mood, but they didn’t want to interrupt since they also knew that it was too personal of him.

“I… I just don’t get it, Donghae-ya. I mean she’s just a daughter of ‘one’, and not the ‘one’, but my parents just don’t want to understand.” He finally poured all his feelings to Donghae who was caringly asked if he could do something to cheer him up.

Donghae nodded without much word. He felt sorry for his partner, but he also understood why Eunhyuk’s parents acted so. Their pride son, a Super Junior Eunhyuk, suddenly came up and brought a girl whose mother was a hostess in a slum night club, as his girlfriend. Mina-ya… Actually she was a lovable girl, even every Super Junior member liked her. But if Donghae were Eunhyuk’s parent, he probably would just do the same…

“I don’t even want to get married like, right now. We’re still young, she’s too young, I do realize that. What I need right now is just their permission. I just want to assure her that I’m serious about us.” Eunhyuk added.

“Did Mina-ya asked for it?”

“Well, no.” Eunhyuk answered, he seemed to be surprised of Donghae’s question. “It was just me, to show her my expectation from this relationship. I’m serious, and I want her know that. Am I wrong?”

“But it just happened to be a burden for her,” opined Donghae discreetly. Eunhyuk glared. “Just in my sight as an outsider.” He added inoffensively.

Eunhyuk bent his face deeper, “Something in my head just keep told me that I got to quickly do this. Argh, na jinjja molla (I really don’t know)… ”


“Oppa, you don’t have to do this.” Mina put back every electronic appliance Eunhyuk gave her to his car’s baggage.

“You need these.” Eunhyuk took a rice cooker and handed that to her, while he himself held a microwave in his hands. “Trust me, these are nothing.”

“How come your parents could give their permission if you always spoil me with things like this, oppa.” She stared at him, insisted while put back the rice cooker. “To be honest, I did satisfy with my life eventhough I don’t have anything and I have to live in this slum area.”

Mina and her pride. Eunhyuk healed his breath, never giving girl presents became a hard work like giving Mina presents. Eunhyuk was still bargaining with Mina kept refusing until suddenly, the door in Mina’s small house opened. Mina and Eunhyuk reflex stopped talking and looked at it. It was Mina’s mother who came out of the house.

“Ah, Hyukjae-ya, you came. But why are you kept outside? Didn’t Mina-ya ask you to come in?” She asked with a sincere smile. This was what Eunhyuk like from Mina and her mother. They might be poor, and her mom was a club’s hostess, but them always sincere in treating him, not because he was a celebrity.

Eunhyuk answered with a smile too, “Ye, eomoni. Please tell Mina-ya to ask me to come in. It’s cold outside.” He said jokingly.

Mina pinched his arm, feeling embarrassed. Both Eunhyuk and Mina’s mother chuckled.

“By the way, what are you holding, Hyukjae-ya?” Mina’s mother asked curiously.

“Oh, it’s a gift for you, eomoni. Look, there’s more here in my car.” Eunhyuk explained happily.

Mina shook her head quickly to her mother. Eunhyuk was ready to take out all the gifts from his car’s baggage when Mina’s mother interrupted him.

“W-Wait, Hyukjae-ya. Did Mina-ya accept those?”

Eunhyuk stopped his activity, “Oh please, eomoni. Not you too. Actually these are gifts for you so I don’t need Mina’s acceptance, right?” Mina’s mother shook her head. “Please? Take one only? Will you?” Eunhyuk begged.

Mina’s mother healed her breath, “Alright, we’ll take one only. Now you guys come in because it’s getting chiller here.”

“Are you chilled, eomoni? Then I’ll bring this room heater in for you, okay?” Eunhyuk put the microwave he held and took the room heater happily. Mina and her mother laughed watching his happy expression just because they decided to accept one of his gifts.


Eunhyuk and Mina met in Mina’s workplace, a TV station where Super Junior did their schedule at the time. It was last year when Eunhyuk suddenly hooked up on the office-girl Mina. That time, Mina was still a new worker. She was ordered to deliver the drinks to Super Junior’s dressing room. At first, it was Donghae the eagle-eye who recognized Mina and her beauty’s presence, but he then straightly poked Eunhyuk to take a look. There, the guy fell for everything he saw on the office-girl; hair, eyes, skin color, smile, attitude… and without him realized, he already chased the girl right after she had exited the dressing room.

“Super Junior Eunhyuk. Yours?” he gave her his hand.

“Super Junior?” she rose her eyebrows, like she even didn’t ever hear the name before, but for the sake of manners, she shook Eunhyuk’s hand.

“N-Ne.” Eunhyuk gave her a confused look, she didn’t recognize us? But he insisted in asking, “Yours?”

“Choi… Mina.” she answered, unsure of whether it was right giving her name to stranger.

“Then Choi Mina-ssi, do you have time to have dinner with me tonight?” Eunhyuk asked her out.

Mina stared at him, then it wasn’t right giving her name to stranger, she thought. She left Eunhyuk without saying a word, but he held her hand. Mina turned her head.

“You don’t have time, do you?” Eunhyuk looked Mina in the eyes. Mina shook her head, kept trying to get away. “But cellphone number, you do have that, don’t you?”

Slowly, a smile formed by Mina’s lips and not long, she completely laughed on Eunhyuk’s cheesy way to ask for her cellphone number. At the moment, she frankly thought that it was actually super cute, what Eunhyuk did to her, so she slowly nodded her head with blushes on her cheeks.

Eunhyuk grinned and gave his cellphone right away. Mina input her number, gave it back, and quickly disappeared, she was too shy to be there still.

Eunhyuk smiled, “Well, nice meeting you, Choi Mina-ssi.” He whispered to himself while looked at Mina’s back from distance. Popping happily was the way he back to the dressing room after it.

A week passed without Eunhyuk ever buzzed Mina on the phone. Then Mina assumed that he just pranked on her. Celebrities and their acting.

That day, Mina was ordered to go to studio 6 in the other building to meet someone named Mr. Lee by her supervisor. Her shift actually had over, but these were what office-girl did; ordered here and there, making this and that, helping everyone needed, but being paid a totally small amount. But Mina tried to be patient, she had to help her mom!

Knock, knock!!

Mina knocked on the studio and politely entered it. Empty. She took a look around, made sure that nobody was there, including Mr. Lee she should be meeting.

“Flowers?” a bouquet of flowers along with a unique voice she once heard came before her eyes. She turned her body.


Eunhyuk showed his teeth. “You have time now, Choi Mina-ssi?”

“No, I’ve someone to meet right now.” She answered quickly and left him.

“Mr. Lee, you mean? It’s me.”

Mina stopped and stared at him. Eunhyuk took his wallet off of his pants’ pocket and gave her his ID card. “Lee Hyukjae…” Mina read.

“See? Me. Nobody’s here except us, right?” He smiled widely. “So, have time now? You’re shift’s over, I tell?”

Mina sighed, “Well, yes, but make it quick, please, Lee Hyukjae-ssi.”

“Be my girl.”

Mina almost choked hearing the statement. “N-Ne??”

“I said, ‘Would you be my girl?’” Eunhyuk repeated.

“How can you say such thing? We don’t even know each other! Y-You, you never even text me!”

Eunhyuk ran his hand through his hair, “Well, telecommunication not really my style, actually… therefore I want to ask you in person like this. But eh, so you’re expecting me contact you? Whooa~” he hugged Mina suddenly. Mina’s cheeks blushed, which now she knew it would always be it when she met him.

“Then,” Eunhyuk spoke again, he put his free hand on Mina’s shoulder. “I’m asking you once again—now with flowers, actually—are you gonna be my girl, Choi Mina?”

Mina thought for a while… but then she took the flowers and ran away, laughing. Eunhyuk giggled, then laughed too. He chased after Mina and got her. He kissed her on the lips smoothly.

They kissed, passionately. They stayed in the same room everytime they went on vacation. Eunhyuk always invite Mina over to his apartment everytime other members left. Six month has been passed, and their relationship was getting deeper, until that day.

“I’m pregnant.”

Eunhyuk stepped on the brake pedal suddenly, “Y-You what?”

“Pregnant. And we’ll—“

“We’ll keep the baby.”

“—abort the baby.” Mina said, together with Eunhyuk saying to keep the baby. She looked him in the eyes.

“What? I’m doing what I should do!” he shouted.

“This baby and I WILL NOT screw your job.” Mina insisted.

“What do you mean with ‘this baby and I’?? Didn’t I have any opinions on this? I AM its father for the God’s sake!”

“I AM its mother! Do you think it’s easier for me to let it go??” Tears slowly fallen from Mina’s eyes. She drowned her body in the car seat, cried silently. “But I let it go… It’s a mistake, a lesson that we shouldn’t do things we did again. We’ll abort it, won’t we? And promise we’ll never do it again…”

They finally agreed to let the baby go in term that they wouldn’t do the same again. After the healing time from the surgery was over and she may return home, Mina asked Eunhyuk to take her to their baby’s ‘grave’ behind the hospital building. It was Mina who asked the hospital staff to make a small heap of soil just to memorize their little daughter-to-be.

“It was a girl.” Said Mina while kept looking at the baby’s little ‘grave’. Tears started to flow on her cheeks. “Uri akareul, mianhae (my child, I’m sorry)… Mianhae, mianhae, mianhae, mianhae, mianhae, mianhae…” she didn’t stop say sorry until Eunhyuk put his palm on her lips. He hugged her from behind, cried silently.

“We’ll definitely start a new life, we won’t let her go for nothing… We sure will, Jaemi-ya…” Eunhyuk whispered, calling a name he made for his daughter, Jaemi, which stood for Hyukjae and Mina.


Today was paycheck giving day! Every Super Junior member smiled happily because today was also a holiday so they could spend their money right away. One by one, they left the dorm to do each of them’s activity. Eunhyuk still focused on his e-banking with his laptop, sending some money to his parents.

Again, there was a strange voice in his mind telling him to make sure of his relationship and Mina to his parents. Unsurely, he picked up the house’s phone and dialed his parents’ number.

“Yeoboseyo (Hello)?” his mother answered.

“Hyukjae-eyo, eomma (It’s Hyukjae, mom).” He said. “Eomma, how are you? Today I received my paycheck so I just send you some, please check it.”

“Aah, gumapta, Hyukjae-ya… No need to check, mideoyo (I believe you).” His mother smiled. “I’m fine… How about you? Want to talk to your appa?”

Eunhyuk thought hard. Should he talk to him? “Aniyo, maybe next time.” He then decided. Eunhyuk inhaled the air deeply, “Eomma, have you and appa made decision about… me and Mina?”

Smile lost from Eunhyuk’s mother’s face, “We’ve talked about this, Hyukjae-ya.” she answered strictly.

“But eomma, eomma, I’m serious about her… I’ve never been this serious since I grew up, right? Please? Of course we don’t want to be married this year, or maybe next year, marriage is just still far away, eomma. We just need your acceptance…”

Eunhyuk’s father heard his wife on the phone with his son, he then asked his wife to give the phone to him. Eunhyuk who didn’t know anything kept his explanation.

“Eomma, actually… there’s something I want to tell you…” Eunhyuk took a breath for a while. “5 months ago, Mina was… carrying my baby… She—“

“Mina was pregnant??” his father’s voice suddenly burst. Eunhyuk shocked, since when his father was there??

Eunhyuk tried to answer, stuttering. “Y-Yes, we were… ‘that far’, b-but that’s because we’re serious of this relationship, appa… That’s why we need—“

“What happened to the baby?” he interrupted. Eunhyuk choked.


“Lee Hyukjae, what. Happened. To. The. Baby?” he spelled.

“It was a… girl… W-We… aborted it.”

“That little sl*t!!” his father yelled. “Fruit never dropped far from its tree.”

Eunhyuk’s temper went high suddenly, “Not again, appa! Han-ssi’s a good person, circumstances forces her do the job, and Mina ISN’T sl*t at all!”

“Say whatever you want, we won’t bless you with that girl!!”

BRAKK~ Eunhyuk throw the cordless phone to the other corner of the room. He knelt and messed his hair. Things have gotten worse…Eottohkaji (What to do)?

But he then left the dorm to a restaurant and order lots of food to be eaten at Mina’s house. He decided that place to boost his mood. Mina and her mother always warmed him… warmer than his own family now.

“Mina-ya, I’m on my way to pick you up, have you done with your work?” Eunhyuk called Mina after the restaurant’s waiter finished help him put all the take-away foods in his car.

“Yes, just text me if you’re here.” Mina answered.

Eunhyuk close the lid of his flip cellphone and straightly went to Mina’s workplace. It was a TV station where they first met.

Eunhyuk turned his car and entered Mina’s workplace.

“Waiting?” Eunhyuk opened his car window and teased the standing Mina who before was busy keeping herself warm in front of her office.

Mina smiled, “Well, not anymore.” She said while entered Eunhyuk’s car.

“Why are you waiting outside? You told me to text you when I arrive, I thought you’ll be waiting inside. Look at you, it’s cold, isn’t it?” Eunhyuk opened his warm vest and gave it to Mina before he started the car. Mina smiled on his boyfriend’s attention. Ever since they promised not to do something ‘risky’ again, Eunhyuk always kept the distance, which made his attention felt a bit ‘awkward’. She imagined how would that scene be 6 months ago, maybe instead of just handed his vest, he would probably start a ‘hot scene’ to warm them both.

Thankful, she moved forward and kissed his corner lips.

Eunhyuk tried to keep cool, he kept looking at the road. “I’m driving, Mina-ya. And don’t start, you don’t have any idea how badly I want you right now.”

Mina moved back, fully understood. She also didn’t want to break their promise, her promise. She personally believed now that true love waits. She then took a look around, tried to find a topic to chat. There, she saw piles of food boxes on the passengers’ seat behind her. “What’s that, oppa?” she asked.

Eunhyuk looked behind for a second, “Oh, foods. Today’s paycheck giving day, I want to treat you and eomoni. Mind?” he smiled.

Mina replied his smile, “No, of course. But… don’t you think those are too much for just three of us?”

“Nope, not at all.” He grinned. “We would start our 3rd concert soon so I’ll need lots of energy, and you and eomoni, got to eat more with me.”

Mina shook her head frightened, she was dieting and Eunhyuk knew it too. Eunhyuk laughed loudly. His girl concerned about her appearance, she had manners and high pride, all because she was once a princess. Eunhyuk also knew it recently that when she was in Junior High, her father’s work collapsed and it caused him a heart attack. He then passed away, leaving Mina and her mother with debts. Therefore they had to run and lived in the slum area with Han-ssi, Mina’s mother, forced to be a hostess to pay Mina’s school fee. Mina also had to let her dream of college away, and decided to be an office-girl to help her mother.

“Whoa, eomma hasn’t home, oppa.” Mina said after turned on the lights and looked to the empty room in her one-room house. Actually, it was literally empty. They didn’t even have a TV, because they thought it was unnecessary since them always at work, therefore at first Mina didn’t recognize Super Junior. What she knew was that they must be celebrities since they were invited to her workplace.

“Should we wait?” Eunhyuk asked.

“Umm… What about you picked her up at her work?” she looked at a post-it paper on electronic room heater Eunhyuk gave her mother not long ago, a signature sign from debt collectors to mark things they would collect if a person failed to fulfill the debt. Did she and her mother finally get caught after all this years? Mina even afraid to think about that possibility.

“Ah, and would you buy some soda water, several kind of fruits, lime syrup, and ice cubes with eomma before you back here? I want to make your favorite fruit punch, because I think drinks you bought aren’t enough for this much food… Will you?” she asked later, cutely. But actually, she knew that debt collectors must been here today and she was sure they will back soon, so she got to put Eunhyuk and her mother away from this mess.

“Of course, but won’t you go together?”

Mina shook her head, “I’ll prepare the food so when you and eomma come, everything’s set.” She said with a smile.

“You sure? You’ll be alone, is it okay? I have a bad feeling, though.” Eunhyuk made sure of her.

“No, oppa. I live here for years, I’m used to it.” She sent him back to his car and waved when it far away. “Fiuuh~ I hope they don’t chase eomma to her work.” She said to herself.

She was back in her house, started preparing the foods. But then, what she had thought happened, some debt collectors with muscular body entered her house and started collecting every valuable thing they found at Mina’s house, ignoring the host’s presence.

Mina defended, but they were much stronger than her. She was thrown to the other side of room, blood flowed from her nose. But she managed to stand again.

“You can’t bring my stuffs! I promise I’ll pay, I promise I’ll pay!!” she screamed, trying to take back her precious room heater from one debt collector.

“For long you’ve been hiding until we found you, so SHUT UP!! Otherwise, we won’t hesitate to shut you up by ourselves!!” the one carrying her table kicked her stomach powerfully. She fell down holding her aching stomach, but she crept and held the end of one debt collector’s trousers.

“Sirheo (I don’t want to)! Put back my stuffs, please… I promise I’ll pay…” she begged and cried. The debt collectors didn’t mind her and went away with her stuffs. The one Mina was holding on, kicked her again to let go.

Mina cried while still held her aching stomach. She didn’t know whether it was because his stomach was so hurt or because they had took all her belongings, or maybe both. One thing she knew that these tears had her happy part too, her happiness because at least, she had put her mother and the guy she really loved out of this mess…

She coughed, and she could feel blood coming out from her throat through her mouth. Mina wiped that blood and also the blood that came from her nose and torn lips, and managed to sit. She leaned on the wall, looking at the ceiling. It can’t be my time, she thought, they didn’t do anything to me except kicking and throwing. Those won’t kill me. Those won’t kill me.


Eunhyuk didn’t show his bad mood again on today’s performance of No Other, but instead, tears flowed from his eyes when he did his part,

“How lucky that I’m the person who will try his hard to protect you, where else to look for?”

Because in fact, he wasn’t even able protecting her… Mina-ya…

“We’re sorry, we’ve done our best, but her internal organs are highly damaged that she couldn’t make it… We’re terribly sorry.” The doctor said after coming out from the operating room.

Eunhyuk couldn’t feel his legs, he fell and knelt on the floor. Was this the way God support his parents? By taking his beloved one?

“This isn’t fair, this isn’t fair…!!” he screamed and cried. Mina’s mother embraced him, she couldn’t even speak a word because of shock and just cried silently.

It was nearly his rap-part time when he saw a glimpse of Mina holding a baby girl among the audiences. She smiled and the baby laughed. Eunhyuk couldn’t believe his eyes at first, but suddenly, a smile also formed on his face. He straightly wiped his tears. Then Mina is now happy Jaemi, he thought, and they must have come to support me

“Jaemi-ya, Mina-ya, please listen well.” He whispered before doing his rap-part. He was now able to do it with a smile,

“Even those girls that appears on TV shows are sparkling, you’re always be the one in my eyes”




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9 responses to “[ENG] THE ONE IN MY EYES

  1. oepieck

    December 12, 2010 at 5:39 am

    aha… keren banget onnie!!!
    Aku meleleh bacanya.
    Ini sad ending tapi kok gak kayak sad ending ya? Jarang-jarang lho onnie. Aku suka,
    Eunhyuk di sini meskipun udah gitu”an tapi karakter yang keluar gentleman. Keren!

    Lola Onnie Hwaiting!!^^

    • lolita309

      December 12, 2010 at 8:39 am

      Sad ending tapi ga kayak sad ending gmn saeng maksudnya?? Huaaa gagal yah diriku bikin sad ending.. Hukshuks T.T
      Hehe, btw gomawo terus2an ah sama saeng yg satu ini, uda support aku terus. Jeongmal gomapseumnida, saranghaneun saengie!^^

      • oepieck

        December 12, 2010 at 6:34 pm

        Onnie gak gagal kok, beneran ini sad ending. Tapi ada happiness yang tertinggal –> jadi pelengkap yang bagus menurutku.

        Sama-sama onnie! ^^ (big hug for you!)

      • lolita309

        December 12, 2010 at 6:50 pm

        Mudah2an smua orang mikir gitu deh, kisses and hugs buat kamu juga :*

  2. babyhae

    December 27, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    annyeong author,,,sengaja mampir sini pengen baca ff….
    buat ff ini,,,seperti biasa, kalimatnya simpel. suka banget…kupikir sad ending, tapi kalimat2 akhirnya bikin sad ending jadi gak begitu menyedihkan. Baca ini jadi merasa, jadi kalo semuanya yang terlihat sedih itu pasti gak bakal merana banget,,,suka banget. well, at least that’s what I’ve got from this nice ff. cry? definitely….but at last, I, somehow smiled and feel so touched…

    • lolita309

      December 27, 2010 at 7:30 pm

      hehe, gomawo sayang, komen kamu bagus banget deh.. aku jadi ikut terharu, bener ga sih aku bisa bikin ff yang segitunya? masi ga nyangka :’)

      dasi hanbeon gomawo^^

      • babyhae

        December 27, 2010 at 7:40 pm


        iya bener kok…itu lho pas Hyuk senyum di belakang pas liat bayangan Mina gendong Jaemi…dan akhirnya dia merasa kalo mereka udah bahagia dan dukung dia. astaga, bagian itu yang bener-bener aku dapet feelnya. kalimat itu cukup bikin aku mengubah pandanganku. thank you so much^^

      • lolita309

        December 28, 2010 at 9:49 am

        you’re very welcome dear… :’)

        baca yang lain juga ya hehe

  3. babyhae

    December 28, 2010 at 6:44 pm


    pasti dong


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