29 Nov


(Part 1; Bahasa Version)

Written by Lolita Choi (@lolita309)

Starring: Lee Sungmin, Lee Hyukjae, Lee Donghae


2nd born: LEE HYUKJAE

The day after, all of us were gathered in a full-formation at the breakfast time. My father just got home from the hospital, but he still spared his time to eat together with us and said his sorry to his nephews about their loss. We ate in silence, as I told you everytime my father was around—though Teuki oppa was there too, until one by one, people started to finish their dish and willing to do their own activities.

I ate my breakfast in slow motion since today was my day off unless somebody called me to help at the hospital. I thought I was left by all the people, until I finally realized that there was still a guy sitting on the chair across my seat, Eunhyuk. But was he really Eunhyuk? He didn’t look as energetic as yesterday, or was it Sungmin? Or Donghae? Aniyo, they didn’t even look alike, I wouldn’t messed up in recognizing them eventhough we were just met a day.

“Eunhyukie… oppa?” I called. He raised his head. “You’re not going like the others?”

He shook his head, “Ani, nowhere to go. I’m a useless loser, Yora-ya.” he forced a smile.

Eng? How come a person could turn 180 degrees in a night?

“Up until now, I still don’t know what I want to do in this life, what my dream is. Unlike Sungmin and Donghae who already work their dreams, I just stay the place, pretending to always happy but deep inside I’m broke.” We already moved to his room when he told me his story.

“But you go to college, right?”

“Um-hum.” He nodded. “Performing Arts graduated. Up until there, everything suited my interest enough. I really love dancing, but you know, to find a job with just having your dance ability is difficult, even useless in Japan. Together with my friends, we used to be street dancers, but then I quitted because I realized that just being one won’t ever earn you a living.”

“Dancing?” I raised my eyebrows of surprised. He got up from his seat and showed me some popping and break-dancing moves earnestly. After that, he straightly back to his chair, facing me while leaned his chin on the top of the chair’s back.

I was speechless at first, but, “Eomomo~ Oppa, that was sooo good! How come you are—pardon me—jobless? Don’t your college supposed to direct their students to many, like, dance companies for example?”

He sighed, “They do, Yora. In fact I have lots of friends who’ve work and success as dancers at some huge dance companies, both in Japan and Korea as well. I know I might sound too idealistic for only a fresh graduated artist, but I like dancing so much that I want to explore every dance moves I can do, create as many original dances as I could with those moves. MY DREAM is to make a big dance studio of my own, which known for its originality, which would let and encourage its members to express themselves, create as many dances as they could, no boundaries, a dance studio in which you’ll know that basically, everyone could be a choreographer among each others—Oh gosh!” he shouted while put his palm in front of his lips, like surprised of what he’d said himself.

I smiled, I knew he would finally spit it out unknowingly, “You actually really know what your dream is, oppa. It’s just you’re too hesitate to shout it out, because you always thought that it is too greedy of you to have that dream. No, oppa. Everybody has the right to dream, and for yours, just by looked to your dance before, I really am sure you can pursue it.”

He nodded brightly at my words, but not long, he bent his face again. “Still a problem, Yora-ya.”

“Capital? No worries.” I read his mind and grinned. I ran to my room which just on the end of the corridor and quickly back with my cellphone.

“What will you do with the phone?” Eunhyuk asked confusedly.

I looked at him after locked my phone, “Oh, this? I’ve done with this. Appa and TeukTeuki oppa have agreed to be your investors—”

“Yora~” he whined. Looked like he didn’t really like my rudeness for asking for my father and brother-in-law’s money without his permission.

“Aigoo, oppa-nim, that’s why you should listen to my words until those ends. Geokjeongma, those investments aren’t for free—eventhough they were okay too if those were for free, but I know you would be like this so I asked them what could you do in exchange for those. Geuraeseo,” I paused a while, breathing. “Geuraeseo, appa required you and Sungminnie oppa and Donghae oppa to call him and eomma as ‘appa’ and ‘eomma’, starting today, until forever. And Teuki oppa required you to help in his event organizing company, starting tomorrow, until your studio done.” I smiled. “Now tell the amount, I’ve promised to text them soon. Ppalli.”

His mouth opened because of shocked, but suddenly he hugged me tight, “Jeongmal gomawo, uri dongsaengie, jeongmal gomawo!” he then grabbed my hands, and… what was it? Ballet? Four Seasons?? *Four Seasons is a number on performing ballet*

“Y-You know ballet too, oppa?” I shocked. I’d quit ballet already a long time, but his moves made me remember this cheerful ballet number again!

He grinned proudly, “I am very confident opening a dance studio not because I have no reason, Dongsaeng-ah.”

I stared at him while still dancing. Even so, a very manly guy like you… and ballet, oppa? -.-“



Last born: LEE DONGHAE


Sorry, really couldn’t help it. Because, because, because… ah, just see it,

“Donghae oppa, do you really not remember Dambi-ssi? Six month ago, the girl you protected. You guys were close, right? I saw you kissing her in the hospital, and that wasn’t only me, there was Siwon too, and my friend—“

“Siwon? You mean Choi Siwon? You know him?”

“More than just ‘know’.” I answered shortly. “Aaargh~ do not forward the topic!”

I pouted. He only shrugged his shoulders, “Kissing? Molla… Hmm, Dambi, Dambi… I remember Damwon, and Danhee… and Sinbi. Or maybe Solbi? Or Wonbi? Wait, what’s her surname?”

I glared. How many girls has he kissed in the last six months actually?? “Jo.” I answered, a bit annoyed.

“Jo? Uhm… Jo Dambi, Jo Dambi… Aish, Yora, how could I still remember the name of the girl I was kissing six month ago?? Maybe that was just a hospital-fling, anyways… I bet she was a patient too that time, right?” he answered easily.

Hospital-fling?? “BARAM (player)!!!” I shouted and threw the sofa cushion toward his face before quickly ran upstairs to my room, leaving him alone in our living room.

That was two weeks ago, just three days after my new brothers moved in to my house, when I suddenly got the chance to have a relax conversation alone with him. But his really playboy-ish answer really annoyed me as a girl (and feminist) to the max that even until this time I still couldn’t get along well with him like I did with his brothers. What I didn’t know was that in fact, my mother actually noticed my cold treatment to this youngest of the Lee triplets.

“Yora-ya, darling, you’re free again today?” my mother asked.

“Um-hum.” I answered. “Our intern test should begin soon, so the hospital lately gives us lots of free days to study, especially my hospital since it affiliates with my campus.”

My mother took a seat on the edge of my bed, “I see that you never treat one of your brother well, Yora… What’s up?”

“Brother?” I crossed my legs on the bed and faced my mother even more properly. “Which brother, eomma? As long as I remember, last night we even played cards noisily together that appa scolded us.”

“With Sungmin and Hyukjae, but once Donghae home and join over, you straightly pulled yourself out, right?”

I was surprised on her words, was she starting to notice my awkwardness with Donghae oppa? “I… I was sleepy, eomma.”

“I saw you avoiding him not just last night, Yora. Why are you treating Donghae different? Aigoo, maybe it’s the right time for you guys to start get along properly. Listen, eomma will be going to a meeting with other wives of the DWA (Doctors and Wives Association) now, and maybe will home late at night. Donghae’s off too today, so ask him to chat. I want to see you guys be sweet to each other like a real siblings by tomorrow. Arasseo?” she said and left after gave me a sweet kiss on my forehead.

I messed my hair of anger. Be sweet to that Baram?? ANDWAE!!

Nae maeumeun geudaereul deudjyo~

I picked my ringing phone, Ryeoru eonni. “Ne, eon?”

“Yora-ya, can you come here?” she whispery asked. “Ukh, I got a bad flu… Teuki oppa couldn’t leave his work at the office—it actually me prohibited him—because we are having a big tender… It’s lonesome ukh-ukh,” she coughing, “…at house, dear, so will—“

“I’ll definitely come eon.” I cut her sentence, smirking. Now I got an excuse to stay away from my cousin. Could this be anymore perfect? Hohoho~

“Eodiga? (Where are you going?)” Donghae asked as soon as he saw me passed the stairs with my favorite summer dress, ready to go.

“Take care of eonni, she’s sick.” I answered. He just opened his mouth to reply when I added, “Sorry, oppa, but I need to go myself so would you just stay so there still be someone watches the house? Joisonghaeyo.” I bowed.

“Ani, Yora-ya.” he held my elbow. “But eomma left with Geunsuk ahjussi,” he referred to our driver, “we still got noona’s car left, I just back from dropping Hyukie office with it, but I heard you couldn’t drive, so…?”

Oh, crap. And I hated public transportations, including taxi. Eonni gonna kill me if I canceled my visit.

“Drop me by eonni’s house, oppa, haejuseyo (please).”

“Eonni? Eon…” I opened the door in my sister’s house easily. Always-so-careless eonni, didn’t she realize it was dangerous to not lock your door when you were alone?

“Noona?” Donghae straightly walked toward the nearest room he could find. As long as I remember, I asked him to just ‘drop me by’, why was he still here?

“Noona!” I heard his surprised voice so I quickly ran to the master bedroom, where I found Donghae carrying my unconscious sister then put her on the bed.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know, she already lying unconsciously on the floor when I found her. Eottokhaji?”

I checked her pulse through her wrist, and exhaled a breath of reliefness. “It’s fine, she’s gonna be fine. Her flu just make her hard to breath, so could you turn off the AC and open the window instead, oppa? She needs fresh air, I’ll go make some warm foods so when she awoke, she could straightly eat.”

He nodded. I smiled then quickly went to the kitchen.

“I was so panic when I found her, you know?” Donghae already showed up in the kitchen and helped me reach the soup bowl in the cabinet.

“Waeyo?” I asked while pouring the soup I just made cautiously into the bowl.

“I knew one girl only for the most of my life: my late mom. And my mom wasn’t as tough as our eomma, I don’t know whether you knew it or not but she was very fragile she was easily ill just because of small things.” He opened the fridge based on my instruction to take every fresh ingredient he could find in it (which wasn’t much too, this house’s fridge’s contents really reflected its owners: instant).

“Eversince, I can’t even say ‘no’ nor reject girls because I thought all girls are as fragile as my mom. I want take care all of them to the point I didn’t realize that this habit can also hurt them. But what could I say? This rooting in me, you may call me Baram, or Ee Baram (Korean pronounciation of ‘Lee Baram’/’this player’) like my fellow officers do, but I really never intended to be one! I just do what I think is right, and I think treating every girl nicely is right… Right?”

“Mollasseoyo…” I answered while still stirring the porridge for the last time. “But, ‘Ee Baram’? Good name, your friends really are smart. And yeah, now I slightly understand about your position, just ‘slightly’.” I arranged the soup bowl and the hot porridge on a tray, also didn’t forget to put a glass of water and antibiotic. But Donghae straightly took the tray right when I was trying to.

“Let me.” He said.

I looked at him, “Oh, okay.” Was my only response before I led the way.

“Eonni… Wake up, eat first.” I whispered to her ear.

“Yora…” She said weakly, “what happened?”

“You fainted, now eat and took the medicine I gave you, okay?” And without I realized, Donghae already help my sister to sit. I, again, looked at him. He really likes taking care of girls, doesn’t he?

“Donghae-ya…” My sister called him. He smiled.

I spoon-fed her patiently, “Is it to hot, Sis?” I asked. She shook her head. “It’ll help you release the heat of your body, look, you’re already sweating.” I said while trying to reach the tissue. Again, Donghae surpassed me.

But now I smiled while looking at him wiping my sister’s sweat. His affection really wasn’t a fake, it felt so sincere.

“Enough…” My sister said. I stop feeding her.

“Still have the power for bathing, Eonni? Or should I help wash your body here? We should get rid of the sweat so you won’t catch a worse cold.”

“I think I can…” She answered.

“Then I’ll have the water heated.” Donghae said quickly then ran to the bathroom.

Now my sister already sleeping again after took a bath and the medicine. Donghae and I sat on the sofa while waiting for our brother-in-law, we both sighed.

I chuckled, “Tired?”

“Yeah, a bit.” He answered.

“Gomawoyo.” I said. “Uri eonnireul butakhanda gomawoyo (Thank you for taking care of my eonni).”

“Cheonmaneyo.” He smiled. “She’s ‘OUR eonni’, though.”

I giggled, “Hehe, now I fully understand why those girls always stick on you. You must take a very good care of them.”

“And don’t forget about my looks.”

I laughed while took a glance of him. Okay he was right. “Okay, my charming oppa.”

He laughed too, “Do not avoid me again, yaksokhaji (promise)?”

“As long as ‘Ee Baram’ promises to behave, I feel sorry for your girls, you know?”

“Geureom geureohjyo.” He took my little finger for a pinky swear. We smiled to each other, and maybe I fell asleep after that because when I awake, I already found myself in my own bedroom.

But I smiled, he really was good in taking care of girls.


LAST IMPRESSION: Ee oppadeul (Lee oppas/these oppas) really don’t look like triplets in every side neither it looks nor behavior (I even almost forget that they are one). Each of them has his own uniqueness and it’s good. One thing I am sure of is that the Lee triplets will definitely paint more colors to the Parks’ life. Gidaehaeyo (I’ll anticipate it)! 🙂



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  1. wiehj

    December 4, 2010 at 12:04 am

    Waaa,yora misunderstanding am hae nii..untung akhirna dy taw klu hae ‎​gã bner2 bniat jdi playboy..hahhahaa
    Niii,ud ending bwt crta lee triplets yah thor??kasi crta cintaa lee triplets jugaa dun yah..jjebal~ ‎​​(^.^)♡нeнeнe~° ;p

    • lolita309

      December 6, 2010 at 10:10 am

      sippo sayaaang, pastinya itu mah, ini emang cuma perkenalan aja ko^^

      gomawo yaa uda baca+komen 🙂

  2. Miika.Blue

    December 4, 2010 at 5:13 pm

    hey there!

    i love your “the series” :))
    please continue about kyu’s story~ i ❤ it !!

    • lolita309

      December 6, 2010 at 10:11 am

      hey too there!

      huaaa, thanks! definitely, i’ll continue it, just look forward to it^^

  3. Iwang~

    January 26, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    jdi taw apa yg dirasain ama seorang playboy..
    walaupun ga smua playboy berniat baik kyak bang donghae..


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