11 Nov


(Bahasa Version)

Written by Lolita Choi aka Park Yora (@lolita309)

Starring: Park Jungsoo aka Super Junior Leeteuk

“We’re done here.” I said strictly to Park Jungsoo, my boyfriend—ah, ex-boyfriend now, to be exact.

He chuckled bitterly hearing my sentence, “Is that what you want? Then fine, we’re over.”

“Fine! Thank you for dropping me home, and goodbye.” I shouted, slamming my house’s door behind me. I saw a glimpse of my younger sis, Yora, and her fiancé together with my parents were looking at me from the living room before running to my own room. Maybe they were wondering why I didn’t invite Jungsoo over like I did everytime after we went out, plus the fact that I was slamming the door before.

At dinner time,

“Then you’re getting married?” I asked excitedly to my only sister and her handsome fiancé beside me. About my break-up? I forgot it already, I was kind of an easy-going type, to be sure of.

They nodded definitely, and I could see my parents smiled happily too from across the dining table. “Hey, what a good news! I’m happy for you guys!”

Yora nodded, smiling. “Yes, it’s a good news, isn’t it?” she took a little glance to her fiancé next to him. Choi Siwon, the fiancé, held her hand while replied her smile. Totally, envious couple to everyone who was looking. But they deserved each other, and I loved my sister so much I never jealous of her.

“By the way, how’s Teuki oppa, eonni? You were going out this afternoon, right? I’m so sad he didn’t greet me first before leaving.” My sis added with a disappointed look. Oh yeah, Leeteuk, or just Teuki to be simple, was my boyfriend’s—ex’s, once again. Aarrghh~ why did I always forget?—nickname I’d gave him when we were in a relationship, and my sis then followed me calling him so. Teuk meant special, which was why I chose this name, because he had been so special for me. Please noted, had been, not anymore.

I swallowed my water before calmly answered, “We’re over.”

“N-NE??” I could see every eye now on me, even my parents’.

“B-But why? You’ve been with him, like, forever…” Yora said slowly. Yeah, 9 years was indeed ‘like forever’. He had been a twelfth grade popular sunbae when a freshman me successfully had attracted his attention in our high school days. Poor Yora, I knew she really liked Teuki—no, it’s Jungsoo now, God, I really got to used to it—like her own brother she never had.

“Yes, we also thought you are getting married, Ryeoru-ya.” my mother supported.

“Yes, we were, eomma. But it’s just not anymore.” I still calmly answered.

“Sorry, saeng…” I refer to my little dongsaeng.

“Geuraeso (If that so),” my father, who wasn’t likely to talk during dinner, suddenly raised his voice. We straightly looked at him. “…I’m afraid your dongsaeng will have to retard her wedding too, Ryeoru-ya. It’s our tradition to let the older get married earlier…”


In the end, for two days my dearest sister decided not to come out of her room since my father had postponed her wedding, just for me. She refused to eat that my doctor-father had to infuse her, even when we’d asked Siwon to spoon-feed. Being compared to me, she indeed the soft-hearted one. It was so fragile like a crystal vase my mother was collected.

I stood in front of the opened Yora’s room, looking at her sleeping with Siwon caressing her long, wavy hair compassionately. My sister looked pale under her cheerful-colored blanket, and Siwon looked skinnier too, I think. Yeah of course, while my sister skipped her intern work at the hospital these two days, Siwon still had to do his police job in the day and visited her fiancé in the night before back home. I was very sorry to my dongsaeng and her dearest one that I could do nothing to improve this situation. I’d talked to my father, but it seemed useless, the tradition would never change.

Siwon finally realized my appearance. He got up from the chair and took his belongings after gently kissed Yora’s forehead.

“Siwon-ah, mianhae…” I told him when he was passing me to leave the room. He only smiled and tapped my shoulder softly. At the moment I swear I would do anything to return the happiness I took from Yora and Siwon.


The day after, I already found Yora eating breakfast together with my parents in the dining room. She still looked weak, but she looked at me and smiled, just like the usual Yora. I, hesitantly, took the place beside her.

“Eonni.” She greeted me sincerely. My angelic sister, how could I forget? Just like an angel, Yora was very kind she would never let anybody worry her for a long time.

“Hey.” I replied, awkwardly. “You’re working, saeng?”

Yora shook her head slowly, “Ani (Nope). I wish I were, but appa won’t let me. Haahh~ I’ll rot here if I don’t see the sunshine for one more day…”

I smiled to her, “Ya, mian for three days ago.”

She looked at me and shook her head again, faster. “Ani, ani. What could I say if that was what you and Teuki oppa had decided? Siwonnie said that we shouldn’t force you, and I found that he is right.” She answered frankly. Oh Choi Siwon, my God bless you!

“What I have concerned since yesterday is,” she continued. “What happened at you guys’ office now that you broke-up?” she refer to the event organizer company I built together with Teuki—Gosh, Jungsoo!—since 3 years ago.

“Ah, that…”



The first day of break-up,

“Ryeoru-ssi, what theme do you think we should come up for this concert event?” an employee asked me.

“Just ask Park Sajang-nim, he’s the ‘sajang-nim (president)’, anyways.” I answered with a glare to Jungsoo who was not far from me. That employee nodded and walked toward Jungsoo to ask the same question.

“That kind of thing, you should ask Ryeoru-ssi, she’s the leader of creative division.” He answered, quite loud in purpose. Argh, so disgusting.

“But Ryeoru-ssi told me to ask you, Park Sajang-nim…”

“Now you back and tell her, she is the one in charge of creative thinking like this picking-theme-thing, not me.”

That employee nodded again and back to me to tell the statement I actually could hear by myself. Now I could feel all of our employees were looking at us, they definitely hadn’t heard about our break-up.

“Tell him, as the president of the company, he should able to make decision too, not only depends on his creative leader.” I intentionally loud my voice too.

“So you think I am unable to make decision, huh?” he already respond without my employee needed to tell him my statement. Good then, now we found that his ears still worked properly.

“Yes, it has been proven for several times, right? Do not call yourself an event organizer if you couldn’t do the basic thing just as picking theme, Park Jungsoo-ssi.”

He shut his mouth. Hohoho, first day’s winner: Park Ryeoru!

Second day of break-up,

“Do not following me!” I ordered Jungsoo who was walking behind me.

“How can I’m not following you? We’ll have the same meeting, for the God’s sake.” He answered calmly. I patted my head, I was super stupid! “Get in.” he opened his car’s door for me.

“No, thanks. I’ll ride my own car.”

“Jeongmal (really)? Good then, but to warn you, our client now is a perfectionist. If we rode the same car, there were still many things we could discuss on the way.”

“No, really.” I kept my pride.

“Geureom geureohji (Then, let it be).” He said before got in his own car.

I rode my car in front of his freely because the traffic was very smooth. And because of it too, I arrived at our meeting point before him. I already waited at the restaurant where we and our client were to meet when Jungsoo dialed my phone.

“Ryeoru-ya, I got traffic jam, maybe I’ll come a bit late, can you handle him alone for a moment?”

“Ne, geokjeong hajima (don’t worry).” I answered confidently.

But my confidence apparently only last for about 2 minutes after I talked with our client. Jinjja… he was very detailed, everything I said seemed to just not satisfy him. He even compared me to Jungsoo, how could siblings like us be this different—most of our clients thought that we were siblings since we had the same family name, I was too tired denying to every client, so I finally just let that be. I wasn’t really good at speaking, indeed, that was why I chose Fine Art when I was in college. Huaa~ where the hell was Jungsoo now??

“Yeoboseyo (Hello)? Park Jungsoo, eodiya (where are you)? Come soon, jebal (please)~” pretending to go to the rest room, I finally called Jungsoo on the phone.

“Wae (Why)? Does he give you troubles? Still parking here, give me a minute.”

In an exact a minute, he entered the restaurant and straightly came to our client and shook his hand. They had a talk for sometime and slowly but sure, I could see smile started to form in our client’s face. Park Jungsoo’s lobbying skill was indeed envious.

“What can you do without me, Ryeoru-ya?” he said with an evil smile before we leave the restaurant.

I was speechless with an open mouth. Did he just underestimate me??

Second day’s winner: Park Jungsoo. Aaargghh~!

End of flashback

“…that is the situation in our office now.” I’d ended my story before started munching my pancake again. “Haaah~ hope I win today…”

Yora stared at me with a strange look, “You guys are spooky, eonni, jinjja (really)…”


“Yeoboseyo? Ne, oppa’s fine, how about you?”

I heard Jungsoo receiving a phone call in his working room. Oppa? He didn’t have any girl dongsaeng as long as I knew, then to whom was he talking to so affectionately and happily like that? Don’t say that…

“Ya, mianhae, oppan neoreul bogoshipeo, jinjja (Hey, I’m sorry, oppa do miss you). Oh, geureohkke (is that so)? You should take care of yourself better… Ne, oppa’ll definitely come visit you. What do you want oppa bring you? Hm? Eobseoyo (nothing)? Jinjja? Ne… of course. See you, annyeong.” Jungsoo closed his flip cellphone, smiling.

I closed my working room’s curtain quickly, afraid of he saw me peeking. ‘Bogoshipeo’? Positively, a new yeoja-chingu (girlfriend). Then he was able to forget me this fast?

What? I sounded jealous? Yeah, a bit, maybe… eh?? Ani, ani, I’M NOT JEALOUS!

“Why are you looking at me that way?” he asked suspiciously at the lunch break when I (unintentionally) looking at him. There were only the two of us now in the office while all of our 11 employees were having their lunch outside.

“Aniyo.” I answered, pretending to tidy our employees’ table.

“Since when I paid you to be a cleaning service?” he said right before leaving to his own room.

Once again, he made me speechless. Park Jungsoo, you’re really…


5.00 PM KST

“Ryeoru-ssi, annyeong!” my employees goodbye me from outside my opened working room.

“Ah ye, annyeong!” I replied them quickly before finishing my work again.

“Park Sajang-nim, annyeonghaseyo…”

“Ye, go home safely.” Jungsoo who was just exiting his room replied. He was always full of affection to anybody, even to his employees. I could hear his footsteps was getting nearer to my working room which just across his.

“Ryeoru-ya, have you done? I’ll ride you home.”

I stopped my work and looked at him happily confusedly, “Eng?”


“Thank you.” I said before got off of his car.

“Don’t be. It’s my destination too, though.” he said while got off of his car too. I stopped my activity, giving him a confused-look. “Oh, Yora called this morning. She’s sick, right? She asked me to visit her. Why do you think I was willing to give you a ride?”

Then his conversation I heard this morning was with my own sister… Fiuuh~ I did so relieve hearing that it wasn’t his new yeoja-chingu, I didn’t even care of his last annoying sentence. What? Okay, I admit, I DO still care about him. Satisfied?

“Oppa, oppa, oppa~” Yora quickly ran down the stairs after my housemaid told her Jungsoo was coming.

“Ya, don’t run, you might fall, Dongsaengie.” Jungsoo warned her affectionately. Just like Yora who really liked Jungsoo like her own brother, Jungsoo, the only child in his family, too loved Yora like his own little sister he always wanted to have.

“Oppareul bogoshipeo~ (I miss oppa~)” Yora hugged him tightly. Aigoo~ felt like I was watching a couple of separated sibling reunited.

“Oppa do bogoshipeo (Oppa miss you too).” Jungsoo smiled. “Here, a flower pot for you. It’s a mint tree, you haven’t have it, have you?” Info from me: Yora collected flower pots.

Yora shook her head happily, “Gomawo (thanks). I told you not to bring anything, oppa. Come on sit.” She brought Jungsoo to our living room.


I was going upstairs to get changed when I heard somebody was coming.

“Jagi-ya!” Yora’s voice. Then it was Siwon.

I went downstairs to have dinner when I realized that Jungsoo hadn’t home. Yora and my mother must had force him to have dinner here first.

“Noona.” Siwon greeted before forced me to sit beside Jungsoo. Something was fishy here.

Tonight’s dinner went noisily just like everytime Jungsoo joined us—and everytime King-of-Manner appa absent. I kind of missed this moment, and the trigger behind this situation too, of course. *stole a look to a guy with spectacles and super cute dimple beside me* Aaargh~ screw me and my pride!

“Oh, Siwon-ah, Yora-ya, when will you get married? It’s been years since your engagement.” Jungsoo, innocently, asked. Eomona~ sensitive question!
Silence. I pinched Jungsoo’s upper leg and shook my head when he looked at me, trying to say that he shouldn’t ask that.

“What?” Jungsoo didn’t seem to understand. Aish, this babo…

“Unfortunately, we can’t do it soon, Hyung.” Siwon’s deep voice finally answered.

Jungsoo frown his forehead. “Waeyo? Aahh~ I understand, about you guys insist on financing your own wedding, right? Then now listen, first: don’t be worried, you may have our organizing service for free, Saengideul-ah. Right, Ryeoru? And second, if it still hasn’t helped much, never hesitated to ask anything from me, okay?”

“Whoaa~ jeongmal? Anything for my wedding, oppa?” shouted Yora quickly.
Jungsoo nodded, “Jeongmalyo. Anything for your wedding.”

“Then marry Ryeoru eonni.”

Burshh~ a glass of water failed entering my throat.

“Yora!”I yelled. This kid was really… How could she order my ex to marry me as simple as that??

She ignored me, “Will you, oppa? Will you, will you, will you?” there, her deathly aegyo was out!

I threw a look to my silent mother across me and Jungsoo, beside Yora. Eomma-ya~ Please control your littlest daughter a bit~

“I will, don’t worry.”

HEHH??? Couldn’t believe my hearing, I slowly turned my face to Jungsoo.

He smiled.

“Yaay~ Success!^^” Yora and Siwon did the five. I could also see my mother smiling secretly on her seat.

“Why?” I whispered to him, didn’t want to screw my dearest family’s happiness.

“Um?” he responded while wiped his mouth gently.

“Why did you do that?” I repeated, still whispering.

“You don’t want it? You’ve someone else?”

“W-Well, no…”

“Joh-a (good, then). After all, it’s just 3 days ago we were so close to the marriage, right? I still love you.” He grasped my hand under the dining table. “Don’t you too?”

“Um.” I nodded shyly. “But, if Yora didn’t ask you then, are you still going to marry me?”

He patted my head lovingly, “Of course, babo-ya. You’ve chained my heart since 9 years ago.”

“Chukhahamnida, chukhahamnida~” now I could hear Yora singing the congratulatory song. Aish, this dongsaeng… How could everybody not love her?

“Ah, by the way, Hyung, Noona,” Siwon called. “…what exactly broke you up three days ago?”

“Yeah, I want to know too!” Yora shouted.

“Ah, that’s…”

“Teuki oppa insists to do western style for our wedding, while I really want to use the traditional one.” I answered quickly.

“Ehh??” Yora, Siwon, and my mother stared at us strangely.

“Wae? I really want to wear hanbok on my special day…”

“That thing, I told you we could do both…” Teuki cut.

“That’s why, I said that you couldn’t decide things, oppa. Can you consistent a bit?” I argued.

“But by doing my way, both your and my wish will be accomplished, babo~”

“If you were to satisfy a person, fully satisfied his/her! If not, stand for your right! Are you namja or yeoja?”


“Then my wedding was retarded just because of that?” Yora interrupted. “Maybe you guys better broke up.” she left her chair, shaking his head.

“Totally agreed.” My mother followed her.

Siwon, being more polite, asked for our permission to left with his facial expression.

Both Teuki and I exchanged look, “YA~! Don’t say that!”



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