11 Nov


(Bahasa Version Part 1; Bahasa Version Part 2 [END])

Written by Lolita Choi aka Park Yora

Starring: Choi Siwon


Niga animyeon andwae, neo eobsi nan andwae~

Siwon’s cellphone was ringing. I poked his muscular arm, “Jagi~ wake up…”

“Eng…?” he was still in trance.

“Wake up… your cellphone’s ringing.” I said again, still sleepy too. I pulled our blanket, willing to continue my sleep.

He took his cellphone on the lamp table, talked for a while, and then I could feel his rushing not long after.

I turned to his side, canceling my sleep. “Where are you going?” I asked.

He put on his trousers while answered, “Urgent case, a murder.”

“Murder?” I could feel the goosebumps on my arms.

“Yeah, they need more people to join the special team to investigate, and they chose me.”

“But this should be your day off.” I complained.

“Very sorry.” He kissed the loose tee I wear on the shoulder, while his hands were buttoning his upper shirt. “This’ll help me promote. Please understand, jagi-ya.” he whispered on my ear.

He was now trying buttoning his shirt’s wrists when I reflex, helped him out. He smiled, thought that I already understand. I got up and stood on the bed, tidying his shirt from the proper height—he’s tall, I’m telling you—make sure that looked perfect. Edit, everything already looked perfect on him. I put both my hands on his shoulders, exhaled my breath. SHYU~

“Kayo (Go).” I said.

“You’re chill?” he made sure.

I nodded, “ I can just take some chill pills if not.”

He grinned, “Saranghanda, miin-ah (I love you, pretty).”

“Nado, nado (Me too, me too).” template answer. He pressed his lips on mine, and went.

I stared at the empty room and sighed. HAAH~ we were totally an ‘ironic-socialists’ couple, a police officer and doctor-to be. Yeah, my fiancé, that guy who just left, his name was Choi Siwon. He was a fresh graduate from Seoul Police Academy and now working at investigation division on Seoul City Police Department. While myself, my name was Park Yora, a final semester student of Korea University Medical School.

Still couldn’t get it why I called us ‘ironic-socialists’? Well, think about this. As a police officer, his job was to save the world—okay, exaggerating. For now maybe just save the city—from criminalities. He dedicated his life to bring peace to this city. While me, when I became I doctor, my job was to take care of people’s health, healing patients, dedicated my life to save people.

YAHH~ We dedicated our lives to social life, while we ourselves never had a time for each other. Ironic. This, I was still a student. I wonder how more messed this could be when I officially a doctor.
BRAKK~ Suddenly the door opened, it was Siwon’s house-mate, Kim Jongwoon aka Yesung.

“I saw Siwon’s rushing when I was washing my motorbike, what’s up?” he took some steps closer and sat beside me on the bed.

“Sudden case.” I answered.

“That early in the morning?”

I nodded. He stared at me with a sympathetic-look. I pissed that off and got up.

“Where are you going?” he asked.

“Home?” I answered. Wasn’t it obvious? “He left, then why should I’m here? I’ll just finish my final assignment while Siwon’s not around.”

“I’ll drop you home, then. I’m about to go to work, though. Ahh~ you should have been with me, Yora-ya. A traffic officer won’t have to leave a girl all in a sudden like this.” he teased.

“Out!” I threw a cushion to him, joking. He laughed loudly and ran away, we promised to meet outside the house after I took my bath.


The day after, I was about to unlock Siwon and Yesung’s house when I realized that it wasn’t locked. Oh, yes, Siwon gave me two duplicate keys for each the house and his room, to give me accesses to his personal life. But now what I concerned was that, had one of them home already? But it was still noon, or… policemen’s house couldn’t also off from robbery?

I prayed as I walked in, and I saw her. I saw a pretty girl there on the sofa, crying on his chest. Siwon’s chest. My fiancé’s chest.

Siwon seemed to be shock of my appearance. I smiled bitterly to him, then turned my body around. I definitely went home.

“Jagi, jagi, wait!” he called. I kept my walk. “Yora-ya, please.” He caught my hand.

“What?” I asked. “What?! Evidence checked, Mr. Policeman. You’ve been caught red-handed!” I shouted, using terms from his work as an investigator.

He hugged me tight. I gave all my strength to let go, but of course he was way too strong. “You misinterpret it! Come, I’ll explain everything.”

Then it happened that this girl—her name was Jo Dambi—was an important witness to Siwon’s case he joined yesterday. They had to protect her since her life was in danger of the same murderer, and Siwon was one out of three staffs appointed to be her protectors. Today was Siwon’s turn and a save residence for her from the police department would still be ready 3 hours later, so they asked Siwon to take her to his home first so that she could rest for a while because she had not sleep since yesterday.

“Witness protection then, eh?” I whispered to him while stepped on his toe intentionally. “But you shouldn’t have hugged her, should you?”
I smiled at the girl who sat in front of us. Siwon moaned in pain with a low voice.

“I didn’t hug her.” He answered, also in whisper. “She was crying in front of me, did you expect me to just stand still?”

“I don’t care.” I’d whispered for the last time before stood up from the sofa, stepping on his toe even more intentionally. He groaned. I ignored him and smiled to the girl, “Have you eaten, Dambi-ssi? I’m about to cook right now. Is there any particular food you want?”

I couldn’t take my eyes off of her when we were eating together. Whoa~ she was just very pretty in every side. She had manners and very girlie, too. More looked like my fiancé is doing a ‘Princess Protection’ than a ‘Witness Protection’. Moreover, this ‘princess’ was absolutely a very typical girl of Siwon. *danger alarm ringing*

“Ah, how old are you, Dambi-ssi?” I couldn’t stand to ask.
She took a look at Siwon first before answering, maybe wondering why was this eonni so talkative? “18.” she answered. “And eonni, what is your relation to Siwon oppa?” she asked.

Siwon oppa?? I glared to Siwon. He choked.

“Ehm.” Siwon cleared his throat. “Fiancé.” He answered. I raised my hand, showing her the ring on my finger.

She nodded slowly. I could tell obviously that this girl had a crush on my boy.


“It’s been 3 months, Choi Siwon. Haven’t your ‘special team’ arrest the murderer?” I gave him a cold shoulder that night. I was tired sharing him with another girl. How could an outsider get two days a week with him while to his own fiancé, just meeting him was already a problem?

He put his hands around my waist and kissed my back, “We’re near, jagi. It’s been hard lately I know, for you, for me, and for my team. We just found out that our target is fully weapon. He nearly shot Dambi-ssi yesterday, my friend said. But that means he is actually around us, just a matter of time until we could arrest him. Just please wait a little more, jagi-ya.” he kissed my back again.

I could feel his warm lips touching my shoulder after that, then neck, then ear, again and again. I turned around and faced him. He pulled my body closer to his.

“But I swear, I couldn’t take it longer, Siwon-ah. She likes you, you know that too, doesn’t you? I couldn’t focus on anything because of it. You know? A halmeoni (grandmother) nearly die because I gave her a trigger shot to increase her blood pressure, because I thought I heard her complaining her low blood pressure whereas in reality she’s having the high one!”

“Hmmpphh, HAHAHA~” Siwon laughed uncontrollably. I patted his head, feeling mad. He stopped his laughter, but no long after, he already started it again.

“Omo~ I’m serious!” I pinched his waist more and more. He laughed even more. And people said laughter’s contagious? It was true. Hopeless that he would stop laughing, my laughter was finally burst too. He kissed my lips passionately and I kissed him back, more and more and more.

He crawled to set his body on top of mine without ever let our lips separated. Now our kiss has turned to a passionate french. We were totally sweating although he already turned his AC on. It was fun, so much fun, but of course we would never do more. Siwon and his religiosity. And me and my religiosity, that was why we were totally an item.

Tomorrow morning, I woke up find out that he’d gone. Good, now he didn’t even have to tell me when he was about to go, eh? I looked at the alarm clock on the lamp table, the pairing one to the clock I have in my bedroom, it was still 5.30. HAAH~ I forgot today was his turn protecting that girl. He must have been gone because he couldn’t wait to spend his day with her.

Then okay, fine. I undressed and tossed Siwon’s shirt I wore last night to the hamper then changed to my own clothes. As an intern doctor, I could have been busier than him if I want to.

“Park, book the OR 6 for 3PM.”

“Park, go to the clinic and help dr. Kang.”

“Yora-ya, could you take care my patient for a while?”

“dr. Park, what medication should we take?”

“Doctor, you can’t let my wife die!”

AAARGH~!! I stood up and faced that man’s wife. “Sir, please, your wife only sprained her ankle while shopping! She windows-shopped too long, that was why her leg hurt. She’ll cure in no time, no one could die just because of this.” I answered and left after had gave her a proper medication.

I stretched my body out when I was outside the clinic. HAAAH~ Being an intern doctor was indeed busier, but actually everybody was just always ordering us everything. See those lines up there? The first and second belong to my resident doctor, dr. Shin. A resident doctor was assigned to lead some interns, teach them, and give those orders. That was why the performance of your interns reflected your ability as a resident. The third line went to my fellow intern, Shinae. Looked like her resident gave her another order that she should have leave her patient with me. Next, that was absolutely a nurse’s line. Ohh~ how I love to be called ‘dr. Park’. But unless you’re no longer intern, no one would ever call you ‘Doctor’ except nurses and patients. Poor interns’ fate. Fiuuh~

“Park, come on help us. Patients for emergency unit, the ambulance will come in a minute. Come, come.” dr. Shin tapped my shoulder as he ran to the EU. I quickly took the sterilized cloth and the disposable gloves, then ran too.

“Lee Donghae, 24, shot wound on the right shoulder, keep losing blood from the scene.” The paramedic said when pulled down the roller bed from the ambulance.

I nodded and pushed the bed together with my fellow interns to the EU while I saw dr. Shin took care of the other patient.

“Choi Siwon, 23, bad shot wound on the stomach, with the bullet still in. Unconscious for about 10 minutes—“

I couldn’t hear more of it because the movement of my patient’s roller bed kept moved me. What I knew that I couldn’t take my eyes off of that patient dr. Shin taken care of…


I never let go of his hand ever since the surgery was over. Two days ago, after asked my other fellow interns to take care of the patient we should have been taken care together without me, I proposed to switch patient to dr. Shin. I explained him everything and he understood, he also allowed me to be the assistant surgeon for Siwon’s surgery. The surgery was a successful, but I didn’t know why his consciousness still hasn’t back…

“Eonni mianhae…”

I heard a soft sound of a girl saying her sorry. I turned my face and I found Jo Dambi. Then she was totally fine while my fiancé had to be like this, huh?? Anger was ready to be exploded from me, but suddenly I felt a weak grasp on my fingers. Siwon finally regained consciousness.

“Jagi-ya!” I called him and straightly checked all his health signs, a standard treatment for came-round patients. I put my stethoscope on my ears and checked his heart beat also, it was normal. I carefully hugged him, tears flowed from my eyes because of happiness. He wiped those and smiled. I smiled too, knowing that he would never ever let me cry.

“Let us call your doctor, okay?” I whispered to him. He nodded weakly, and I pressed the intercom to call dr. Shin. While I waited him, I just realized that Dambi had gone.

“How’s he doing, Park?” dr. Shin asked me as he entered Siwon’s room with dr. Yoon, attendant doctor specialized in internal organs who operated Siwon.

I welcomed them and showed the monitor showing his signs of blood pressure, heart beat, etc. dr. Shin nodded and asked the nurse to call Siwon’s family who went home just this morning to take a little rest.

“Oh, Siwonnie!” His mother rushed into the room and hugged him carefully. Then his father showed up too followed by Siwon’s only little sister, Jiwon.

“Eonni!” Jiwon’s whispery voice greeted me. I greeted her back and Siwon’s parents also. His father tapped my shoulder warmly, they already thought me as their own daughter.

“Park, please.” dr. Shin gave his gesture. I nodded.

“Umm… Choi Siwon, age 23, had a bullet nested in the stomach, injured the above gastric and caused bad internal bleeding at first. Treatment: surgery, which a success; bullet’s out, bleeding stopped—“ I stopped here and chuckled because I really couldn’t resist the funny feeling I felt explaining my own fiancé’s condition to his family I have known for years and soon to be my family-in-law.

However dr. Shin straightly glared at me, so I cleared my throat and continued. I could see Siwon and his family held their laughter. “—ehm, and… everyday treatment, for the outer wound and the surgery mark. We’ll check his condition each day and if everything’s normal, he may go home in three days. dr. Yoon?” I refer to our internal organs specialist.

dr. Yoon nodded, “Nothing serious on the operation, if there are any questions you can ask dr. Park and dr. Shin, but if you’re hesitate because they’re too young, just find me.”

I secretly giggled on her statement then stole a look at dr. Shin. Yes, attendants’ level is above residents, and they usually aged already so patients’ family seemed to trust them more with the residents couldn’t do anything about it. And oh yeah, an intern actually could be called ‘Doctor’ by upper levels, but just in front of patients and their family.

dr. Yoon, dr. Shin, and nurses was ready to leave the room, but I kept beside Siwon until a voice of dr. Shin hit my ears, “Since he awake already, please continue working, Park.”

Siwon and his family finally couldn’t stand their laughter and laughed. I blushed, he must want to take revenge of dr. Yoon’s statement before by humiliated me. I asked for Siwon’s parents’ permission first before followed the others with heavy steps. I didn’t want to leave him~! HELP!


“So the murderer finally under-arrested?” I asked while spoon-fed him in the morning.

“Yep. Thank God, so that me and Donghae didn’t injured for nothing, right?” he answered, I nodded. “Ahh~ finally everything’s over.” He said.

I shook my head. He gave me a ‘waeyo?’ look. “She still likes you.” I said.

“Well, can do nothing, can’t we? By the way, has Yesung visited me?”

“He asked me to contact him when you awake, so I just contacted him yesterday. He said he’ll come today afternoon.” I answered. But… “Ah! Yesung!” I suddenly remembered something.


“You know Yesung always loves pretty, feminine girl, doesn’t he?” I spoke quickly, very happy of this brilliant idea I have.

“Yeah, like you.” Siwon interrupted. I faced him. So, deep in his heart he’s still jealous of him, isn’t he? I thought.

“Well, like me, yeah, whatever.” I commented. “So… I decided to introduce him to Dambi-ssi! What do you think?”

Siwon gave no response… but then he showed me his evil smile. “VERY VERY good idea!” he shouted. We did the high five, and I smiled happily. Kekeke~

In the afternoon,

“W-Where do you guys take me?” Yesung protested as Siwon pushed him walk. Behind them, I pushed Siwon’s wheelchair with a big smile.

“We will introduce you to a very, very, very typical girl of you!” Siwon promoted.

“Way prettier than me, way girlier than me!” I added. Wait, was ‘girlier’ even a word? Whatever~

Siwon turned his head to me, “But for me, you’re the prettiest and the girliest, jagi~” he gave me a full-of-love look. I gave him a you’re-so-cute pinch on his cheek. Yesung patted our head, mad to the max. Siwon and I giggled.

“Tada~ we’re here.” I showed them the trauma room where Dambi nursed for her psychological trauma caused by witnessing a murder and two guys shot. I opened the door.

And we froze. WOW~ What a hot kissing scene we saw. I couldn’t even close my mouth.

“Whoa~ Donghae’s a fast runner, I can tell…” Siwon whispered, praising the guy. Oh yeah, now I recognized him, he was the one I should taken care of before I decided to take care Siwon instead. “He’s a new protector to Dambi-ssi, though. The day we got shot was his first day! Should I greet him?” Siwon said, trying to roll his wheelchair himself. I held him on.

“Babo~! Let’s back to your room.” I ordered after I had closed the trauma room’s door. “Yesung-ah? Yes?” I called Yesung with ‘Yes’.


Siwon and I could only show our teeth. We’re sorry Yesung~!^^



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  1. Iwang~

    January 26, 2011 at 5:28 pm

    yesung, kasihan sekali drimi nak..
    syok pas taw donghae ma dambi beradegan itu..
    jdi..bngung ma karakternya dambi..
    pas yg crta ma kyu..
    kayak anak remaja tak berdosa yang patut dikasihani,..trus pas disini..
    ng,.. jdi bingung..


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